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Lelit coffee machines


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About Lelit coffee machines

Lelit is an Italy-based company manufacturing semi-automatic coffee machines that are designed to be used both at home and professionally. As with most Italian companies, the distinctiveness of Lelit lies in the fact that it is managed by a single family. This is what endows this business with an exceptional loyalty to and respect for Italian coffee traditions. When it comes to design and customer service, Lelit adheres to particularly high standards, paying special attention to the smallest of details. In its appliances, the company expertly combines traditional elements characteristic of Italian coffee machines with the latest, most modern technologies. 

The ideology of Lelit

In designing and manufacturing semi-automatic coffee machines, Lelit follows these 6 criteria: 

  • A coffee machine must be comprised of components that are absolutely necessary — all of  them must be functional.
  • The layout of the machine’s internal components must be systematic, ensuring functionality and hidden from the user’s view.
  • Rather than chasing fleeting fashions, the company designs machines that are timeless.
  • The experience gained while creating restaurant-style coffee machines must be transferred to the design of domestic coffee-brewing appliances.
  • Just like the coffee prepared with the help of a Lelit coffee machine, the appliance itself must be made by hand. 
  • Italian heart, European soul. 

Coffee prepared with your own hands

Lelit coffee machines allow you to free your creative instincts. Every true coffee lover knows that in order to prepare the perfect espresso, a myriad of settings must be adjusted yet the majority of manufacturers refuse to give the user control over these crucial details. This is where Lelit differs. The machines produced by this manufacturer let you control everything: water temperature, the amount of water, water pressure and, in machines with an integrated grinder, even the grind level. While searching for that perfect balance of flavours and the ideally thick espresso consistency, you’ll be able to adjust multiple parameters, hence endowing the drink with the qualities that are needed for your coffee beans to fully reveal their flavour potential. Every Lelit machine is equipped with a steam wand that will help you froth silky-smooth milk foam for your latte or cappuccino drinks. Once you hone your skills, you’ll feel like a true home barista and your loved ones will be ready to queue for hours to get a sip of the coffee prepared by you. Just as surprising as the quality of the brewed coffee is the sturdiness of the machines produced by Lelit. It’s this sturdiness that allows the users to trust these appliances completely, while the smoothness of the components that have to be held in hand when preparing coffee (such as the portafilter and tamper) makes them fall in love with their coffee machine over and over again. Needless to say, the quality of both coffee and coffee machines would mean nothing if these appliances were difficult to maintain and if cleaning up after yourself would take longer than preparing coffee. Luckily, the maintenance of Lelit machines couldn’t be simpler and their surface, despite its glossiness, can be cleaned with ease. With these machines, you’re in full control — buying a Lelit appliance will allow you to be the “captain” of your own cup of coffee. 

Espresso brewed with the help of a Lelit coffee machine

When it comes to the kind of espresso you like, nobody can prepare it better than you can, so the opportunity to adjust every feature to your personal taste and prepare restaurant-quality espresso at home is a true revelation to every fan of coffee. Begin by choosing the grind level in the integrated grinder or the free-standing Lelit coffee grinder, then, once you’ve discovered the right grind, tamp the coffee in the portafilter, start dispensing water and stop it once the desired amount has been reached. During the brewing of espresso, water pressure of around 9 bar must be maintained, while the recommended dispensing duration should be about 2025 seconds. Thick foam that slowly dissolves in a cup of rich coffee is a sign that everything has been done exactly right. 

Milk-based coffee drinks

Once you get used to the milk-frothing steam wand, you’ll turn into a true master of milk-based coffee beverage preparation. To obtain milk foam that is perfectly silky, make sure to always use cold milk. Fill half of a metal jug with it, immerse the steam wand in the milk and turn the steam knob as far as you can. Holding the wand holes on the surface of the milk, start preparing milk foam. After a while, push the steam wand deeper and hold it at an angle that forces the milk to begin turning in a whirlwind motion — doing so will allow you to mix the foam with liquid milk, which will ultimately result in warm milk that is as fluffy as a cloud and perfectly suited for the preparation of both latte and cappuccino. These milk-based coffee drinks are espresso-based, and the main difference between them lies in the amount of foam. Latte requires less milk foam, while cappuccino contains more of it. 

Restaurant-quality coffee

It’s no secret that Italians are the ones we have to thank for the current popularity of espresso culture. Honouring Italy’s mission, Lelit provides everybody with the opportunity to keep developing the culture of true coffee right in the comfort of their homes. Any Lelit machine will enable you to prepare espresso, black coffee, americano, latte or cappuccino. Nonetheless, what’s the most impressive is not the quantity of available recipes, but rather their exceptional quality. The coffee machines belonging to the Lelit home line employ technologies that have already been put to the test in restaurant-style models, so home-brewed coffee prepared with the help of these appliances is just as delicious as the one that you’re used to enjoying in a restaurant — if not a tiny bit tastier!

Timeless design

Creating a beautiful coffee machine isn’t much of a challenge for a company that is known for noticing every detail — but this isn’t enough. Those who choose Lelit can not only be certain that their coffee machine will suit every interior, but they can also rest assured knowing that it’ll stay in fashion as long as it’s being used. This doesn’t happen all by itself, of course a huge team of Italian designers labours over every Lelit appliance. Along with the design team, the technology development department makes decisions as well, ensuring that each and every design detail is meaningful and has a certain function to perform. This labour results in Lelit coffee machines that are as timelessly beautiful as they are functional. 

Lelit and ecology

For this company, sustainability is more than just a buzzword — it’s their ultimate goal. All Lelit factories use energy obtained from renewable sources. When picking its transport partners, the company applies particularly strict criteria and aims for the partners to be located as close to the Lelit headquarters as possible. This allows the business to burn less fuel. Moreover, many processes and documents are digitised in this company, resulting in the use of paper being cut down to a minimum. Finally, Lelit uses recyclable materials when manufacturing its products, which means that, once the long service life of your coffee machine is over, the components of the appliance will be reborn again in a different form. It’s safe to say that Lelit not only continues to push the envelope when it comes to its own sustainability standards, but it also sets an example for other companies that can then follow suit. 

The Lelit 50s line 

This coffee machine series is inspired by the spirit of the 1950s. It was then that the quintessential symbols of Italian design were created, two of them being Fiat 500 and the Vespa scooter. In keeping with today’s fashions, the Lelit 50s line is characterised by a particularly large number of stainless-steel components, minimalist design and, of course, functionality, which serves as proof of Italian perfectionism.  All models of this series have been named after famous women — actresses or well-known movie characters. 


The first in line, the Anna coffee machine is extremely compact and equipped only with the most vital functions. If you decide to go for this appliance, you won’t feel lost amongst numerous settings and levers, yet you’ll still be able to prepare any drink, from espresso to cappuccino, like a true, skilled barista. Those who want to experience everything that this coffee machine has to offer must purchase a separate coffee grinder alongside it. 


Anita is an improved version of the Anna model, equipped with an integrated grinder — which is why you’ll find additional buttons related to the adjustment of the grind level on this appliance. They’ll definitely come in handy when seeking to brew the perfect espresso! Just like Anna, the compact Anita has a powerful steam wand that will enable you to froth smooth milk foam for a cup of delicious latte or cappuccino. 


The biggest advantage of Glenda model is a large water boiler that will allow you to prepare multiple cups of coffee in a row. Moreover, the machine is equipped with an integrated mechanism that ensures stable water temperature even as the water level decreases. Thanks to the large boiler capacity, you won’t have to fill up the water tank even after preparing several espresso portions one after the other! 


The Diana model is designed for households that are divided into lovers of espresso and fans of milk-based drinks. There are two boilers inside this machine — one for coffee and one for steam — so if you want to prepare espresso and froth milk foam at the same time, the intensity of the steam won’t be affected by the brewing. Due to the integrated additional hot water spout, the Diana model will be appreciated by lovers of tea as well. You’ll be able to brew some tea without having to wait for the kettle to boil!

Lelit VIP coffee machine series

This is the newest line created by Lelit. It’s designed for those who want to rejoice in the perfection of these coffee machines not only when making coffee, but also when simply looking at them, taking in the elegant forms that adorn the surrounding interior. To make these appliances even more attractive, their body is made from ground stainless steel. Like all other Lelit lines, this one is characterised by extreme attention to detail, so the elegance and functionality of the series are bound to impress. The coffee machines have been named after princesses or queens. 


Grace is the entry-level machine in the VIP series. Despite its position as the first in line, it’s equipped with everything that could be expected from a Lelit VIP appliance. Compact and elegant, it’s powerful enough to brew espresso that is perfectly balanced, while the steam wand of this coffee machine enables you to froth silky-smooth milk foam. Just like other VIP models, this one has two screens, which display water temperature and pressure during coffee preparation. 


Victoria is a compact, yet extremely powerful, machine designed for the fans of proper espresso. Its small body contains a boiler that is large enough for the preparation of several espresso portions in a row, as well as for the frothing of milk for a cup of cappuccino with no breaks in between! The model is also equipped with a 58-mm brew group that is usually encountered in professional, commercial-use coffee machines, so your home-brewed coffee is guaranteed to be just as good as the one you’d drink in a café.  


Kate model is just as powerful as the Victoria model discussed above but what makes it different is an integrated grinder. It’ll allow you to grind your coffee beans freshly each time and select the grind level that is best suited for the preparation of the perfect espresso. 


This Elizabeth model is right in between domestic and restaurant-style coffee machines. Its sturdy construction and two boilers will enable you to prepare multiple cups of coffee in a row without having to wait for the water to heat up, while the compact size of Elizabeth means that you’ll find a suitable place for it even if your kitchen isn’t particularly spacious. The minimalist style will suit every interior and will stay in fashion throughout the long service life of this durable model.

The Lelit Pro series

Designed for those who appreciate coffee of the highest quality and want to become true home baristas, this coffee machine line includes both restaurant-style appliances and machines that are perfect for using at home. They’re made from materials that are capable of withstanding high frequency of use, while the experienced design team has ensured that even the most durable of them still looks stylish and timelessly elegant. 


The Mara machine is proof that good things can come in small packages. With the help of this machine, you’ll be able to brew coffee with extreme precision both at home and in a small café. The integrated barometers will allow you to track pressure and so aid you in your pursuit of the best possible results. While brewing coffee in this model, you’ll feel like a true professional, able to adjust every setting to your exact liking. 


Bianca is a standard-breaking machine that redefines the process of coffee preparation. The integrated pressure-profiling mechanism will enable you to select the desired water pressure for the best possible flavour and perfect balance. Thanks to this lever, coffee lovers can dampen the ground coffee using low pressure, hence ensuring that, once the brewing starts in earnest, water is distributed evenly across the whole coffee portion. This machine is suited perfectly both for restaurants and household use. The attractive design is bound to delight you even when the machine is off. Even those who don’t drink coffee will be tempted to brew a cup with this coffee machine Bianca shows just how exciting, intriguing and interesting coffee preparation can really be. 


The Giulietta machine is bound to become the main accent of any café! It’s equipped with two brew groups and is designed to serve long queues of customers  which, given the quality and balanced flavour of the coffee prepared in this appliance, are simply bound to form. Using this coffee machine, you’ll be able to program the dampening of ground coffee discussed above regardless of portion size, so whatever the variety and amount of the coffee, the final result will be equally great every single time. The model is equipped with a 10-litre boiler — once the appliance is connected to the water supply, the boiler fills up automatically, meaning that your clients won’t have to wait for you to refill the tank and heat water up again. It’s a great choice for a bar or a café that seeks to serve coffee of the highest standard.

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