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About Coffee Gift Sets & Tasting Sets

A single package of coffee beans (250 g) will provide you with around 20–25 servings of coffee. True coffee connoisseurs will most likely consume the whole package in as little as 4–5 days. Similarly, one package of coffee capsules can contain anywhere from 10 to 20 pieces — that, again, isn’t exactly a lot. As more and more customers share their disappointment at the speed with which they run out of delicious coffee all over again, we, Coffee Friends, have taken it upon ourselves to create various coffee sets and offer them to our clients. Now you can enjoy gorgeous coffee for longer while paying less — a special discount applies to all of our coffee sets!

Coffee sets made up of various coffees: for a variety of tastes. You’ll find a wide variety of coffee sets in the Coffee Friend’s coffee assortment, and some of them will include several different coffees. These coffees may belong to the same range (e.g. Caprisette or Parallel), they might be produced by the same manufacturer or roasted by the same roaster, or their manufacturers may differ as well. Sets like these allow you to buy more coffee at once and give various coffees a try, all while saving money (compared to the price you’d pay if you were to purchase each package separately).

Coffee sets made up of coffees of the same variety: keeping you from running out of coffee. Other sets contain coffee of the same variety. They can include 3 or even 8 packages of your favourite coffee (in the form of ground coffee, coffee capsules or coffee beans). Sets of this type are designed for those who know exactly what they like. If you’re one of such people, these sets will enable you to purchase more gorgeous coffee for a price that’s significantly lower.

Why Are Coffee Sets Worth It? 

If you’re used to buying coffee one package at a time, consider the following reasons why purchasing a coffee set might just be worth a try.

Keeping you from running out of coffee unexpectedly. If you’ve ever gotten up in the morning only to find out that you’ve run out of coffee, you know full well just how annoying that can be. It can affect the rest of your day, making you feel like everything’s been refusing to go according to plan from the very start. Purchasing a larger quantity of coffee at once can save you from this fate though!

While it may seem at first glance that 250 g of coffee beans is a decent amount, it’ll only let you brew as little as 25 servings (that is, if you’re brewing coffee in a coffee machine and prefer your drinks medium strong, which means around 10 g of coffee per serving). Just think about it: if there are two coffee drinkers in your household and each of them tends to consume 3 cups of coffee a day, you’ll be out of beans again in as little as 4 days! This is why buying more coffee at once is most definitely worth it.

Save money by buying ore at once. One of the key reasons why coffee sets are such a great investment is their affordable price. Compared to the sum you’d end up paying when buying coffee one package at a time, purchasing a coffee set instead may help you save up to 40%! Add this to the fact that coffee sets can prevent you from running out of coffee unexpectedly, and you might just find yourself to be out of reasons why purchasing a coffee set ISN’T worth it.

A thoughtful gift. Every coffee lover would be delighted to get some delicious coffee as a gift. There are some beautifully packaged sets in the Coffee Friend’s assortment, such as our tasting box . If you end up choosing a different coffee set, you can still purchase our luxurious gift bag and put the set in it. This is sure to make for a splendid, delicious gift. Moreover, buying more coffee at once will allow you to keep a few packages for yourself and then give the rest to your family members, neighbours or friends who love pleasant surprises. Sharing is caring after all, right?

Coffee Sets: Are You Concerned About the Freshness of Your Coffee?

Some people are wary of coffee sets simply because they’re afraid that their coffee won’t stay fresh for long enough, losing its aroma and flavour before these features can be enjoyed. The truth is, unlike the majority of food products, coffee doesn’t actually expire. All you’ll find on the packaging of your coffee is the recommended best-before date or the roasting date along with the recommendation to consume the coffee in the next 12–16 months after it’s been roasted. You can still safely drink it after this period, but most of its aromas and flavours will have already evaporated by then. Once the coffee’s been opened, you should consume it as soon as possible, but as long as your coffee is kept sealed in its original packaging, it’ll be protected from the effects of sunlight, humidity and air — which means that it’ll stay fresh. All in all, you can definitely go ahead and buy several packages at once without worrying about your coffee possibly going stale!

How to Store Coffee in Order to Keep It Fresh for Longer?

Despite what’s been said above, if you’ve already opened your coffee or if you tend to have a couple of packages opened at once, you should still try and store it in a way that will help the coffee stay fresh for longer. To do that, keep your coffee sealed, away from direct sunlight, humidity and air. Store it in a dry, cool place. If you want to go even further, purchasing a special vacuum coffee container is an excellent idea — it’ll preserve the aroma and flavour of your coffee for as long as possible.

How to Choose the Right Coffee for You? 

If you’re buying a larger quantity of coffee at once, you probably want to make sure that you’ll truly enjoy its flavour. When choosing the right coffee for you, you should consider the following:

The type of coffee. If you’re looking for subtle flavours, pick 100% arabica blends. If you’re a fan of intense taste, go for arabica and robusta blends. If you’re in search of truly exceptional, gourmet experiences, you should definitely give single-origin coffee a try. And, of course, if you’re a true coffee connoisseur, choose single-origin coffee that’s marked as Specialty and discover the best that the world of coffee has to offer.

The coffee-growing region. If you tend to enjoy traditional coffee flavours (i.e. notes of chocolate, nuts and cacao), South American or Asian varieties are very likely to be best suited to your taste. Lovers of fruity, berryish, exotic notes won’t be disappointed by coffees originating from Africa and Central America. Their flavour is particularly vivid and they’re often reminiscent of wine or tea rather than coffee.

The processing method. If you’ve decided to purchase some single-origin coffee, don’t forget to consider its processing method: dry-processed coffee is sweeter and juicier, while the washed method endows the beans with fruitiness, vividness and a certain purity of taste.

The roast level. The darker the roast of the beans, the closer their flavour gets to the classic Italian-style coffee, which is marked by intensity and bitterness. The lighter the roast, the more fruity, berryish notes the coffee is endowed with.

The tasting notes. Choosing coffee based on the dominant tasting notes and the flavour description is probably the easiest way to make your decision. Which combination sounds more enticing to you at the moment: chocolate, cocoa and caramel, or blueberries, blackcurrants and vanilla?

The recommended brewing method. The way in which some beans are roasted makes them suitable for a variety of brewing methods — if that’s the case for your coffee, there may be no recommended brewing method indicated on its packaging or in its description. However, if this recommendation is there, you should definitely keep it in mind. This is how that particular coffee should be brewed in order to unveil all of its best qualities. If there’s a word Espresso on the packaging of your coffee, this means that it’s designed to be brewed in an espresso machine.

If you’re still unsure which coffee set is the right one for you, the Coffee Friend’s consultants will be happy to provide you with valuable advice and help you choose a set that’s suited perfectly to your individual taste and your favourite brewing method.

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