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About Coffee Pods, Pads and Capsules 

Vacuum-sealed capsules filled with freshly ground coffee are nothing short of a lifesaver for those of us who are always on the run, yet still want to enjoy delicious, high-quality drinks. It’s one of the simplest, quickest ways to brew a cuppa: simply put a coffee capsule into a capsule machine, press a button and enjoy a wonderfully fragrant brew! It’s no surprise then that capsules are one of the most popular methods of preparing coffee nowadays.

Not only is this brewing method excellent at saving time, but it’s also exceptionally clean and convenient. There’s no need to clean used coffee grounds off the walls of your cup or brewing appliance: all waste stays in the capsule. No daily maintenance is required for a capsule coffee machine either, as all you have to do is fill it up with water and throw out the capsules that have been used already. You can spend less time standing in front of the machine and more time doing what you love!

Capsules enable coffee lovers to enjoy a variety of drinks too, be it creamy espresso, fragrant black coffee, delicious milk-based recipes or even indulgent cocoa or hot chocolate. Given the number of aromas and flavours available, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find something that’s just right for you.

The Best Coffee Capsules for You: How to Choose the Right Ones?

The realm of capsule coffee is populated by numerous different brewing systems, brands and types of capsules. Choosing the right capsules may be quite tricky, so let’s discuss some of the things that are definitely worth paying attention to when embarking on this task.

Which capsule system are you using?

Depending on the system you use, you’ll need a certain kind of capsule. This is because different capsule machines are equipped with different systems—so, when it comes to this brewing method, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. Two systems are encountered the most frequently nowadays: Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Nespresso.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machines boast a playful design and a variety of capsules suited for numerous different recipes. Dolce Gusto pods enable you to enjoy pretty much any drink you can think of, from classic espresso and regular black coffee to cappuccino, caramel latte macchiato and even hot chocolate or cocoa.

Nespresso coffee machines are an excellent choice for sworn fans of espresso and black coffee. Lovers of milk-based drinks haven’t been forgotten either: there are models with milk systems for them to choose from. Nespresso capsules are trending all over the world, so more and more manufacturers are now including them in their range of products.

Coffee Friend offers a bunch of capsules suited for either one of these systems. Make sure to always read through the information provided on the packaging of your coffee capsules when buying some so as to avoid purchasing ones that can’t actually be used in a capsule machine you own!

Black, flavoured, or milk-based?

The ingredients of some capsules may differ from those found in others. While most are filled with freshly ground coffee only, others have been flavoured to endow the prepared brew with additional taste. Fans of milk-based drinks are bound to enjoy coffee capsules with milk powder. Keep in mind though that while some capsules contain a blend of ground coffee and powdered milk, others provide lovers of capsule coffee with two separate capsules. If you purchase the latter, you’ll have to brew your coffee in two steps, preparing the coffee and then adding the milk from the second capsule afterwards.

Arabica or robusta?

Just as important when choosing capsules that are ideal for your palate is the variety of the coffee in them. Two varieties are dominating the modern coffee world: arabica and robusta. Arabica is characterised by a variety of subspecies and flavours that generally tend to be more delicate, vivid, subtler and fruitier than those of robusta. This particular variety also contains less caffeine. Robusta, on the other hand, is pleasantly bitter, boasts a full body and contains twice as much caffeine as arabica does. All in all, fans of black coffee and striking tastes would do well to go for arabica coffee capsules, while those looking for particularly well-balanced flavours, where the natural fruitiness of arabica would be complemented by the bitter notes typical of robusta, are bound to enjoy arabica and robusta blends. The latter boast an intense flavour, thicker consistency, and, as such, go particularly well with milk.

Espresso, americano, cappuccino…?

You’ll find the exact recipe that a certain product has been designed for indicated on the packaging of most coffee capsules. The amount of water needed to create the optimal taste is usually specified too. It doesn’t all rest on serving size, however: the kind of coffee found inside the capsule makes a big difference as well.

Depending on the recipe the capsules have been created for, they’re likely to contain different coffee varieties, beans of a different origin and varying amounts of coffee. For example, espresso capsules are generally filled with coffee that’s been finely ground—this helps create the required bitterness and a full body. Other recipes are suited better for coarse grinds: these include regular black coffee and lungo.

What kind of coffee do you like?

It seems like it was only yesterday that capsule coffee was subject to no special expectations. However, as coffee culture continued to spread across the globe and high-quality specialty coffees kept on growing in popularity, all brewing methods were soon expected to catch up, capsules included. To recognise quality coffees, look for those with maximum traceability and lots of detailed information provided on the packaging. Knowing the exact region your coffee has originated from can even give you an idea of how it’s going to taste! Coffees from South or Central America boast classic notes of chocolate, nuts and caramel, so if you’re a fan of traditional flavours, try capsules with Brazilian, Colombian or Mexican varieties in them. Lovers of fruity, refreshing brews will love coffees from Africa. The fruity, berryish notes, exquisite aromas and light, tea-like body of beans from Ethiopia or DR Congo cannot but leave a lasting impression. To treat yourself to darker, deeper notes of spices, look for coffees from southeast Asia. Capsules with Indonesian coffees in them will delight you with earthy, rich flavours, unexpected hints and unique aromas.

Roast profile is also worth paying attention to. For subtler, delicate flavours, choose capsules filled with ground coffee of a light roast. Fans of a fuller body, pleasant bitterness and intense taste should try medium-dark or dark roasts. Medium-roast coffee will provide coffee drinkers with a particularly balanced brew.

Special features.

There are some special features you might want to consider too. Let’s take decaf capsules as an example. Due to various health problems, physiological conditions or increased sensitivity, some people are forced to forgo products that contain caffeine. It doesn’t mean they have to forgo coffee though! There’s a variety of decaf capsules amongst our products. Caffeine has been removed from them using natural methods that don’t involve any dangerous chemical solvents, so feel free to enjoy decaffeinated capsules with complete peace of mind.

The way your chosen coffee has been grown is important too. Our range includes organic capsules filled with coffee that’s been grown responsibly, without the use of chemical fertilisers and with special attention paid to preserving the natural environment surrounding coffee farms.

You’ll find some coffees with the Fair Trade seal on them on the market too. Products like that are part of a worldwide movement fighting against worker exploitation and seeking to base trading activities on transparency. This helps improve the lives and raise the wages of people working in developing countries. The precepts of fair trade state that coffee farmers should be fairly compensated for their labour and guaranteed working conditions that are in keeping with their human rights.

When it comes to sustainable consumption, the Rainforest Alliance certification plays an important part in this mission too. The logo of the label features a green frog, which is used here as a symbol of a healthy ecosystem. Found on the packaging of a certain product, the label indicates that the item has been produced in accordance with strict certification standards focused on ensuring long-lasting harmony between nature, social life and economic pursuits. Farms that have been certified are responsible for promoting biodiversity, conserving natural resources and paying their workers a fair wage. Go ahead and explore the Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee capsules available in our shop.

Exclusive coffee capsule deals.

To enable everyone to enjoy their favourite coffee capsules day in and day out, Coffee Friend always has various discounts and exclusive deals on offer. Our coffee capsule offers will let you start each of your days off with delicious capsule coffee without breaking the bank in the process. Moreover, if you’re a member of a whole family of coffee capsule fans (or if you’re afraid of unexpectedly running out of delicious capsules), you might want to take a look at our capsule sets too. Coffee capsule sets are an excellent way to save!

The most popular and best rated capsules.

If you’re still struggling to choose the right capsules for you, put your trust in our community of coffee lovers: use the sorting feature to see which capsules are currently the most popular or best rated.

Some of the Best-Known Coffee Capsule Brands in Coffee Friend’s Range of Products

We’re always adding to our range of capsules and expanding our selection of flavours. You’ll find both well-established, world-famous brands and unique, innovative newcomers here at Coffee Friend. Let’s go ahead and get to know these coffee capsule manufacturers a little bit better:

Coffee Friend:

Caprisette—a range of Coffee Friend’s own blends that numerous coffee lovers have grown to love—is our pride and joy. It’s the result of many years of work and effort. These coffees of various different flavours are created for a delicious everyday cup. In addition to beans and ground coffee, we’re now offering Caprisette coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso too.

Charles Liégeois:

our trusted partners and one of the largest roasters in Belgium, Charles Liégeois offers a variety of capsules both for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto system and Nespresso machines. Enjoy delicious espressos and black coffees, or treat yourself to a milk-based drink.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto:

this brand is managed by Nestlé, one of the world’s largest food and drink manufacturers. The number of capsules it offers should come as no surprise then: you can enjoy anything from ristretto, espresso and lungo to cappuccino, flat white, hot chocolate and even cocoa. The brand’s specialty coffee selection deserves a separate mention: it’s designed for seasoned connoisseurs and offers coffees from Mexico and Colombia. There are lactose-free options too, with various plant-based milks to choose from: try coffee capsules with almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk.


now you can enjoy unique drinks that taste just as good as the ones you’d be served in your local café! Explore our range of Starbucks coffee capsules.


founded by true coffee aficionados, this brand complements delicious decaf capsules with superfoods and vitamins. Verum’s unique beauty and energy capsules (both compatible with Nespresso coffee machines) are absolutely worth a try.


this Dutch manufacturer produces exquisite Italian-style coffee beans and capsules, as well as boasts the Rainforest Alliance label. Barzini coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines.


Coffee Friend’s product range includes some unique capsule accessories. We have elegant holders on offer, which are guaranteed to adorn any kitchen. Not only do these coffee capsule holders look great, but they also help save some much needed space and let you store all of your capsules tidily and conveniently. Choose from holders of various sizes and shapes, suited for Dolce Gusto pods or Nespresso capsules.

To Conclude…

We hope we’ve managed to point you in the direction of your new favourite coffee capsules! If you’re still struggling to choose though, you’re always welcome to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants, who will gladly provide you with more advice.