Hario V60. Coffee Brewing Guide

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Hario V60: small, elegant and universal coffee preparation tool.

Japanese company Hario is known for not following the latest trends, but creating them. Hario products won multiple awards for their unique design, and filter V60 is one of the most interesting Hario tools, constantly getting attention. At first, V60 came out in ceramic and glass form, however now you can find them in plastic or metal (copper) as well. Simple, yet smart design allows you to prepare exquisite tasting coffee without knowing much about it or having any special skills.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Couple of things that make Hario V60 a great coffee preparation tool:

  • Conical shape (60-degree angle) and spiral relief guarantees that water goes down directly into the center of the filter.
  • Coffee travels through a very narrow hole at the bottom, which helps extract valuable oils as well as make the coffee a bit thicker.
  • V60 filters are much thinner than others (used for other coffee preparation tools), helping to create a balance for quick preparation process. This micro-filtration determines pure and clean taste of your coffee.

This preparation method is quick, fun and not complicated. Using Hario V60, the whole coffee making process will take less than 3 minutes. One of the best things: your coffee goes directly into the cup (or any other dish that you want to use for serving or drinking coffee). This means your coffee will always be fresh, hot and taste much better than coffee that’s usually being kept for some time in a dish.

Even though preparing coffee with Hario is incredibly simple, practice will make you reach something close to perfection. It will take just a glimpse of an eye to remember essential details.

Getting ready

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

For a simple brewing process you will need:

  • A ceramic Hario V60 filter (or plastic / copper / glass—whatever you have
  • Paper filters (we used Hario Misarashi V60 01 paper filters)
  • Coffee beans or already ground coffee
  • A grinder
  • A kettle
  • A glass or cup or any other dish you’d like to be enjoying your coffee from

Step 1

Set up your kettle to boil.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Step 2

Grind your coffee beans in the most comfortable method. It’s advised to use medium ground coffee—too fine or coarse coffee will struggle letting water through the filter. Skip this step if you’re using already ground coffee.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Step 3

Place Hario V60 on your cup, glass or another dish that you’d like to use. Then open up the paper filter and place it inside Hario.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Step 4

Pour a little bit of hot water over the paper filter. This way you will save your coffee from paper-like aftertaste. Warm up your cup and keep the paper filter stable, holding tight to Hario walls.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

This water won’t be necessary for further use, so pour it out.

Step 5

Add ground coffee into the filter (we used three very full tea spoons to prepare a glass of drink).

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Step 6

Pour water over the coffee (using just a little bit of hot water). You want to lightly wet the coffee at first, then wait around 15 seconds before pouring the rest. This helps open up the most flavour out of your coffee beans. The coffee will bloom—go up a bit and start lightly bubbling. Best qualities will be extracted into your drink.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Step 7

Pour the rest of the water into the filter. There’s a known golden rule—take your time when pouring water, let it slowly touch every single coffee particle. There’s no rush. Use rotating motions to wet everything.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Step 8

Wait for the last drip of water to go through the filter with coffee into your glass. That’s all, your coffee is prepared.

Hario V60. The Coffee Mate

Hario V60 is sure to become a very handy, easy-to-use tool to prepare your morning cup of coffee. Hario  is usually appreciated for giving a rather inexpensive option of quick and easy as well as delicious coffee preparation. It’s a tool for those who want to control their coffee preparation process and result: from consistency and texture to the strength of their prepared drink.

This filter does not require additional preparation or special skills, so if you’re only starting your home-barista career and want to try a new preparation method, Hario V60 will be a great start.