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Have you felt the thirst for a real espresso? Are you on vacation in nature and you would you like a hot, fragrant drink? Handpresso is a solution that allows you to enjoy coffee where it would not be possible otherwise. This simple concept, innovative design and attractive appearance is a secret to the essence of Handpresso. The invention was discovered by a traveller who loves nature. Handpress officially started production in 2008 January in Milan. Since then, Handpresso has become the undisputed leader in portable espresso machines. “Espresso everywhere” slogan meets the basic idea behind this handheld coffee machine, and now more than 300,000 users use this coffee machine. Its original and stylish design has been recognized in France and has won 7 international design prizes throughout the world. This design is created to make the machine as small and practical as possible, but to still produce a professional flavored coffee. Inside this unit there is an integrated 16 bar water pressure. These cooking machines are available in two types: handheld and electric. Hand-held coffee-machines from Handpresso do not require electricity, they use a pump in their operation. For electric hand presses 12V currents are enough, which is why it is perfect for brewing coffee in the car, and in just 2 minutes, espresso coffee with a thick crema will be ready. Handpresso is a friendly experience of enjoying a professional cup of coffee wherever you are.