Cafetieres (French presses)


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About French presses 

The French press, also referred to sometimes as the coffee press or the cafetière, is a classic brewing tool, encountered frequently all over the globe. Using a French press is very simple, really: all you have to do is pour hot water over the ground coffee, let it infuse a bit, and then press the grounds down after a few minutes. Still, there’s a bunch of coffee brewing dishes and coffee pots on offer nowadays, so you might very well wonder why some of the world’s best-known coffee aficionados are still choosing this straightforward brewing tool over all others. Let’s try and find out!

Alongside surprising ease of use, the French press boasts numerous other advantages, such as an attractive price (you can find French presses for as little as a dozen euros on the market nowadays), simple maintenance and universality. We could even go so far as to say that the French press is the most universal brewing tool out there: it enables coffee lovers to prepare some fragrant regular coffee, a delicious cold brew, a pot of tea or even some milk foam! 

This brewing tool also comes in handy when serving a larger group of people: using a cafetière, you can brew up to 8 servings of coffee at once. The key reason why French presses are regarded so highly by seasoned coffee connoisseurs is, however, the taste of the drinks brewed in them. Cafetière coffee is rich, full-bodied, oily and thick. So, if you’re still missing the fashionable French press in your kitchen, go ahead and get one! We’re convinced it’s an absolute necessity in any coffee-loving household. 

The Best French Press Coffee Maker for You: How to Choose the Right One?

Armed with years of experience, Coffee Friend’s experts know full well that picking the right product for you may be a challenge, regardless of whether you’re buying a coffee machine or some coffee beans. French presses are definitely no exception, so we’ll try and lay out some things that are worth paying attention to when making your decision.

Capacity. Just like with any other type of dish, what you need to consider first is the size and capacity of your future French press. Most French presses hold 350 ml, 700 ml or 1000 ml of coffee. So, when choosing the one for you, ask yourself whether you’re going to use this brewing tool for your daily cup of coffee only or whether you’d like to whip out your coffee press on special occasions too and treat your guests to some delicious brews. If your French press is intended for daily use, consider how much coffee you tend to make and consume at once. Keep in mind that drinking cafetière coffee that’s been standing around for some time isn’t recommended: the longer the contact between coffee and water, the stronger and more bitter the drink gets. For the optimal taste, let your coffee press rest for 4 minutes, then pour the drink into cups and enjoy at once. All in all, if your household consists of one or two coffee lovers, your best bet is choosing the smallest capacity available (350 ml), while larger French presses (with a capacity of 700 ml or 1000 ml) are better suited for bigger groups.

Material. Pay attention to the material that a particular French press is made of. You’ll find French presses made of glass, clay, steel or plastic. Choose based on your individual needs, the interior of your kitchen and, of course, the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a cafetière (the prices may vary from a dozen to close to a hundred euros). Each of these materials has its own advantages: 

Glass: elegance, transparency, environmentally friendly choice. 

Clay: natural material, unique look, environmentally friendly choice. 

Steel: durability, style, environmentally friendly choice. 

Plastic: convenience, attractive price. 

Exclusive French press deals. Here at Coffee Friend, you’ll always find a bunch of exclusive offers—and when it comes to French presses, they’re definitely no exception. Look through our current deals and explore our cafetière discounts

The most popular and best rated French presses. If you’ve considered your personal needs and looked through our coffee press offers, yet still can’t decide which French press would be the right for you, let our community of coffee lovers help you out! Use the sorting feature to see which French presses are currently the most popular or best rated

Some of the Best-Known French Press Manufacturers in Coffee Friend’s Range of Products

Our experts are always expanding Coffee Friend’s range of products. For over a decade now, we’ve been following the hottest coffee trends and introducing our customers to both well-known, well-trusted manufacturers and exciting newcomers. Coffee Friend’s shelves currently boast French presses produced by the following brands: 

Barista & Co. This brand was born and developed in the United Kingdom, on the south coast of England. The company cultivates a genuine passion for coffee and is proud to present products of the highest quality, created for those who want to enjoy extraordinary drinks in the comfort of their own home. The French presses from Barista & Co are stylish and practical. They come in a variety of capacities and colours, so you’re bound to find the one for you. 

Bialetti. Where there’s coffee, there’s Italians! Bialetti is a world-famous brewing tool company founded by Alfonso Bialetti, the man behind the legendary moka pot. While this brand is still associated, first and foremost, with its remarkable moka pots, its range of products includes other brewing tools too. The Bialetti coffee presses are definitely worth a closer look. 

Fellow. Based in San Francisco, this product design company seeks to create items that would enable coffee lovers to enjoy their daily cuppa even more than they already do. The brand is known mainly for its excellent kettles, but it offers a variety of manual brewing tools as well. Take a look at their elegant, luxurious French press called Fellow “Clara Matte Black”

Hario. This Japanese company has been operating for the past 100 years. It started out as a manufacturer of heat-resistant glass and later on began adding various household articles, pet products and other items to its range. Alongside these, Hario has been producing premium coffee and tea brewing tools for the last half a century too. This brand is behind the legendary “V60” drippers. It has some French press coffee makers on offer too: one of them is the gorgeous “Cafe Press Slim”, which also boasts the title of the most compact French press on our shelves at the moment. 

Melitta. This German company sells coffee, coffee grinders, automatic and manual brewing appliances, as well as various brewing accessories. It was founded by Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz, a businesswoman who had also, interestingly, invented paper coffee filters in 1908. What sets Melitta’s products apart from the rest is their German quality and durability—and that’s certainly true of its French presses too. The latter are used and loved by hundreds of Coffee Friend’s clients. 

Stelton. Looking for gorgeous design, Scandinavian minimalism, innovative solutions and flawless functionality? Look no further than this Danish brand! Constant cooperation with some of the world’s best-known designers and architects has brought this company to the forefront of the coffee market and earned it numerous important design awards. Stelton’s “Theo Black”—a coffee press moulded from black clay and boasting a wooden lid—is perhaps one of the most stylish, eye-catching French press models in Coffee Friend’s range of products. The other two Stelton cafetières, “EM Black” and “EM White”, also cannot help but attract attention.

What Else Is Needed for a Cup Delicious Cafetière Coffee?

Well, have you already picked several favourites? We sure hope you have! To brew truly delicious coffee in your new French press though, you may require a few extras too. The final flavour of your coffee rests on a variety of factors. Not all of them can be bought: you’ll also need information as to how to use the chosen accessories properly. You can find out more in our blog post French Press: The Most Popular and Universal of Brewing Tools. Now let’s look at some of the items you may need to purchase: 

Delicious brews start from…. None other than high-quality coffee, of course! It’s definitely the key player in this game of flavours. While you can absolutely use pre-ground coffee, the finest results can only ever be obtained using freshly ground coffee beans. When making cafetière coffee, you’d do well to choose beans of a light or medium light roast. French presses are suited perfectly for specialty coffees: this brewing method is one of the best when it comes to unveiling the natural qualities of some of the world’s finest coffee varieties. 

One of the secrets to a yummy coffee press brew is the right ratio. Like all manual brewing tools, the French press requires the right coffee-to-water ratio. Your best bet is using a ratio of 1:12. For example, if you’re going to use 350 ml of water, you’ll need 30 g of ground coffee. To ensure maximum precision, we suggest purchasing coffee scales.  

Freshly ground beans produce the finest results. We’ve already mentioned it’s always a good idea to use freshly ground beans when brewing your coffee (French presses generally require a medium to coarse grind). What you’ll need then is a coffee grinder, which can be either manual or electric. If you need some guidance or help choosing the right grinder for you, head over here and read through our blog post.

For sworn fans of milk-based coffees. Lovers of milk-based drinks should think about how they’re going to froth their milk. You may purchase a milk frother for this purpose. We’ve mentioned already that you can whip up some delicious milk foam in your French press too—if you decide to give this a try, don’t forget to heat your milk beforehand. For more information on how to produce the perfect milk foam, read our blog post here.

Make your coffee taste even better. Want to make your drinks even yummier? Easy: simply serve them in a beautiful cup! Coffee Friend’s range includes numerous cups produced by some of the world’s best-known manufacturers. French presses brew regular black coffee, so we suggest looking through our black coffee cups first. Those of you who plan on inviting their friends or family members to a coffee tasting party might want to get some specialised tasting cups (also known as cupping bowls) in advance. Hario “Kasuya Model” and “Loveramics (Black)” are both excellent choices.

To Conclude…

We hope you’ve already discovered the best French press for you! If you’re still undecided though, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants: they’ll be more than happy to help you out. You can read up on other brewing methods too. Not only will this broaden your knowledge, but it might also introduce you to your favourite-brewing-tool-to-be—or a few of them even!

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