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Siemens coffee machines


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About Siemens coffee machines

As a company, Siemens always strives for perfection it is now one of the world’s largest producers of electronics, as well as an extremely well-known provider of electronics-related services. The beginning of the company’s success story dates all the way back to 1847 when the German electrical engineer Werner von Siemens invented a new kind of telegraph: it utilised a needle to point to the sequence of letters instead of using Morse code. It’s interesting to note that the company was involved in the building of airplanes during World War I and only started manufacturing household appliances years later, in 1945.

Decades of hard work have eventually crystallised into what is now the company’s key set of values: they include promotion of healthy lifestyle, diligence and creative energy-related solutions. These are all reflected in the quality of Siemens appliances: the company’s products have received numerous awards over the years, while various tests performed on them have proven the manufacturer’s excellence time and time again. Add German innovativeness to all of the above and what you’ll get are irreplaceable electronic companions that are constantly updated to make your daily house chores as simple as possible. 

Siemens Philosophy: How to Extract the Best Each Coffee Bean Has to Offer

The goal of Siemens is to ensure that the coffee machines produced by them are capable of revealing the very best qualities hidden in each coffee bean, regardless of whether it’s pre-ground or not. This is made possible by years of experience, careful scientific research and constant development of new technologies. After all, coffee is not just a drink — when brewed right, it’s pure pleasure!

Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines are durable, reliable, high-quality appliances created by seasoned German engineers. What sets them apart from the machines produced by other manufacturers is silent operation (this is all thanks to ceramic grinders), convenience, simple maintenance and exceptionally elegant design.

Our assortment of Siemens machines includes both built-in and countertop bean-to-cup appliances equipped with numerous different features, the most important of which we’re now going to discuss. 

iAroma System: Enjoy the Perfect Flavour

Inside Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines, there’s a unique coffee brewing system designed to unveil every tasting note hidden in your coffee — it’s called iAroma. This system combines different elements that ultimately result in the ideal flavour. The ceramic grinder grinds the beans gently and uniformly, preserving their unique characteristics. The intelligent SensoFlow heating system ensures the optimal, ideally consistent brewing temperature. The 15-bar brewing pressure results in an aromatic, delightfully dense drink, while the high-quality brewing unit is easy to remove for cleaning. 

aromaDouble Shot: No Added Bitterness

This feature lets you enjoy extra strong coffee with no added bitterness. The drink is prepared using a double process: double grinding and double brewing produce the ideal taste. It’s all done automatically to ensure that there are no unpleasant bitter notes in the prepared coffee. 

coffeeSensor System: The Right Amount of Coffee

Different bean varieties have different characteristics, such as oil or moisture content and size. The intelligent coffeeSensor system adjusts the grinding duration automatically based on the variety of your coffee beans and, as a result, guarantees the right amount of coffee that’s just as strong as you like it every single time. 

oneTouch DoubleCup: Two Servings With a Single Touch

Whether it’s rich espresso, creamy cappuccino or delightful latte macchiato, the oneTouch DoubleCup function will allow you to brew two servings of any drink simultaneously at the touch of a button. This is particularly convenient when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with your significant other or have a coffee break with your office colleague.

individualCup Volume: Drinks Just the Way You Like Them

The individualCup Volume feature enables you to adjust the coffee-to-milk ratio in your drink so that your favourite beverage is brewed just the way you like it.

autoMilk Clean: Ensure Perfect Hygiene

Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines boast a convenient milk system with an integrated tube that you can put straight into a milk carton. The automatic rinsing program called autoMilk Clean rinses the milk system thoroughly after each preparation of a milk-based drink. 

Home Connect App for Remote Operation

Control your coffee machine remotely using a smartphone or a tablet and discover the unique possibilities of the Home Connect app! For example, the coffeeWorld feature presents you with recipes from all over the globe: it’ll turn you into a fantastic host who can present his or her guests with a myriad of different coffee drinks. 

Built-in coffee machines 

Built-in Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines “IQ.700”

A built-in bean-to-cup coffee machine produced by Siemens will make you feel like the owner of your personal home café! An appliance like that is bound to go perfectly with other Siemens kitchen appliances and become the pride and joy of any coffee-loving family. 

Below we discuss the built-in Siemens machines of the “IQ.700” series that are currently on the market — they’re characterised by different designs, colours and features.

Built-in Coffee Machine Siemens “CT636LEW1”

Adorned with beautiful black and steel details, the exceptional design of this white coffee machine has received the prestigious iF Product Design award. The oneTouch DoubleCup function is one of its key features. Thanks to it, you can brew any black coffee or milk-based drink with the touch of a button and even produce two servings simultaneously if you wish! In addition, the myCoffee feature lets you save as many as 8 personal recipes with unique names and different coffee-to-milk ratios. 

The aromaDouble Shot function enables you to enjoy extra strong coffee with no added bitterness, while the ceramic grinder ensures silent operation, adapts to your chosen bean variety and grinds the ideal amount of coffee every time thanks to the coffeeSensor system. Last but certainly not least, the autoMilk Clean program guarantees simple maintenance by cleaning the appliance’s milk system with the help of steam and helping you achieve perfect hygiene with close to no effort.

Built-in Coffee Machine Siemens “CT636LES6”

The colour of this built-in Siemens machine is different from its predecessor, the “CT636LEW1” model discussed above the elegant, black “CT636LES6” features beautiful steel details. However, the key difference between the two can’t be seen from the outside: it’s the integrated Home Connect app, which allows you to operate the newer model remotely using a smartphone or tablet.  

Don’t forget to explore the menu of the app too: there’s lots of useful information in there, including numerous coffee recipes from all over the world. 

Built-in Coffee Machine Siemens “CT836LEB6”

If you want to take your coffee brewing up a notch, consider purchasing the “CT836LEB6” model. In addition to all of the advantages found in the earlier two built-in models (including the Home Connect app), this one also boasts an exceptional sense of style: as part of the new “studioLine” range, this appliance is characterised by an elegant, dark look.

The extraordinary Siemens “studioLine” range is designed to enrich both your kitchen and your daily life. These appliances are ideal for people who always aim for something higher and are only ever satisfied with the very best. The unique design and innovative features found in “studioLine” products make them beautiful to look at and easy to use, while their remarkable efficiency means more free time for you to simply sit back and enjoy everyday pleasures. 

The design of the built-in “CT836LEB6” model has also received the prestigious iF Design award.

Countertop Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Whether it’s enjoyed in the early morning hours or late in the evening while chatting to your friends, every cup of coffee deserves to be special. The countertop bean-to-cup coffee machines produced by Siemens definitely do make every serving count: not only do these appliances adorn your kitchen and lend it a sense of German reliability, but, more importantly, they brew extraordinary coffee that’s just the way you like it.  

Most countertop bean-to-cup Siemens coffee machines belong to one of the following series: 

Siemens Coffee Machines: “EQ.5” Series

Two types of appliances can be found in this Siemens coffee machine series: there are the so-called “integrated” models, which are equipped with an integrated milk container, and the classic ones, which are characterised by the presence of a convenient milk tube. Both kinds boast numerous advantages typical of other Siemens coffee machines: the innovative iAroma system ensures smooth brewing process and ideal taste, the oneTouch function enables you to prepare any coffee drink at the touch of a button, while the front door lets the users maintain their appliances with ease by removing and cleaning the drip tray, grounds container and brewing unit. Moreover, all models of the “EQ.5” series are equipped with convenient, touch-sensitive colour displays, which make using these appliances a real pleasure.  

The classic “EQ.5” models are better suited for sworn fans of black coffee: compared to the integrated kind, these appliances offer a slightly narrower choice of drinks brewed with a single touch. It’s important to note though that both classic and integrated models are equally as easy to maintain thanks to the autoMilk Clean rinsing program. 

Siemens Coffee Machines: “EQ.6 Plus” Series

The bean-to-cup models of this unique Siemens coffee machine series are equipped with milk tubes (depending on the model, a compact, convenient, stylish steel milk jug may be included in the full set too). Most of the advantages characterising other Siemens machines can be found in these appliances too: the iAroma system is responsible for ideal flavour, the ceramic grinder ensures silent and uniform grinding, the touch-sensitive colour display with large recipe icons guarantees ease of use, the oneTouch DoubleCup function lets you brew two servings at once, while the autoMilk Clean program helps you keep the milk system spotless.

It’s also worth noting that the machines of the “EQ.6 Plus” series enable their users to save up to 4 personal recipes. Some models boast an illuminated cup area and a jug function, which lets you brew a larger amount of café crème with a single touch. 

Siemens Coffee Machines: “EQ.9 Plus” Series

Marked by innovative solutions and particularly advanced technologies, the Siemens “EQ.9 Plus” series includes the latest bean-to-cup coffee machines. All of them are equipped with integrated milk containers that can be cleaned with ease thanks to the autoMilk Clean program. Several other features we’ve already discussed earlier can be found in these appliances too, of course: these include oneTouch DoubleCup, aromaDouble Shot and the famous iAroma system. 

There are plenty of new additions to be discovered as well, such as the innovative superSilent technology and optimised sound insulation, which result in whisper-silent operation. The individualCoffee system lets you create up to 6 separate profiles and use them for saving different brewing settings. With the help of baristaMode, you can delve deep into the art of coffee brewing and adjust the five key coffee parameters all by yourself: these include coffee strength, volume, temperature, coffee-to-milk ratio and even brewing speed. 

The most advanced appliances of the “EQ.9 Plus” series boast the dualBean system, which consists of two separate bean containers, as well as two grinders, and ensures that different bean varieties are never mixed together. Most “EQ.9 Plus” models can be operated remotely straight from your smartphone or tablet with the help of the innovative Home Connect app, which, quite literally, lays the whole coffee world at your feet. The app also features the CoffeePlaylist option: simply list several different coffee drinks in the app and your coffee machine will brew all of them in your preferred order as soon as you command it to do so. All in all, we can safely state that the appliances of the “EQ.9 Plus” series represent everything a modern coffee connoisseur could ever dream of.  

If you’re still struggling to choose the best option for you from the wide selection of Siemens machines in the Coffee Friend’s assortment, you’re always welcome to contact our expert consultants! They’d be happy to answer all of your questions and help you make your decision. 


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