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About Tea Sets

Coffee Friend has many friends indeed: from old and loyal ones to those that open up new, as-yet-undiscovered flavour experiences to our clients. One of such friends is tea—or, in this case, a whole set of it! A tea set provides you with an excellent opportunity to start off a long-lasting friendship: you’re more than likely to find something you’ll stay loyal to for years amongst the teas included. Our tea assortment boasts numerous different manufacturers and tea varieties, so if you’re struggling to choose one, a tea set is a great solution! Whether you view tea as a daily habit or a sacred ritual, a tea set is sure to contain a variety, tea type or flavour that’s suited perfectly to the routine and needs of every tea fan. However, if you’re reading this, you may still be faced with a simple, yet important, question… 

Why Is Purchasing a Tea Set Worth It?

We’re more than ready to answer this for you! There are three key reasons indicated by those who end up going for a tea set instead of a single tea package. If you’re still on the lookout for your favourite tea, you’ll find this to be an excellent opportunity to give different varieties a try and discover the one you like best. If you’re someone who loves variety, you’ll certainly enjoy treating yourself to contrasting aromas and flavours each day. If you’re searching for an excellent gift, trust us: a tea set offers a unique chance to delight that special someone with new flavours, aromas and fragrances. Let’s explore each of these reasons a bit further. 

Opportunity to Explore the Range of Products from a Certain Manufacturer 

When it comes to selecting the manufacturers that are included in our assortment, Coffee Friend always does this with extreme care. We’re looking for something that would intrigue, surprise and delight our beloved tea fans. While some of them might be encountering a certain manufacturer for the first time in their lives, others may find it familiar and well-liked already.  You can find teas from Chalo, Roqberry, Dammann Frères, Babingtons, Good and Proper, Stick Tea and other manufacturers in our assortment. It’s only natural that, if you’re unfamiliar with a certain manufacturer and the teas produced by it, you’ll find it hard to choose a single product—or you might be afraid of buying a larger package and then finding out you don’t enjoy the taste. This is precisely why most tea companies offer tea sets with numerous varieties and flavours in them. It lets tea lovers explore the assortment, assess its quality and perhaps discover a few varieties that they’ll continue to choose in the future. 

Variety of Flavours

Are you open to new experiences and always searching for intriguing flavour adventures? Tea sets will provide you with the maximum number of tastes in the shortest possible time, letting you simply relax and brew cup after cup of different tea. Even if you tend to go for the same variety time and time again, tea sets can still help you expand your horizons and even discover new favourites. A tea set is also a great choice for those who have turned variety into their daily routine: we’re talking about people who, for example, start off their day with a cup of strong black tea, sip green tea in the afternoon, then treat themselves to a herbal or fruit infusion in the evening. Not to mention big families or a bunch of co-workers, who are more than likely to have different tastes as well! Nor should fans of white tea, those who enjoy sipping on a cup of matcha during their afternoon break or lovers of flavoured tea blends be left behind. This is when tea sets come in handy: they’re capable of leaving numerous tea lovers perfectly satisfied. 

Perfect Gift for Fans of Tea

Tea can be an excellent gift. However, choosing the right variety may be a bit of a challenge. What if you get it wrong and the person ends up not liking it? To make sure you get it right, go for a tea set! They generally combine both a bunch of different tea varieties and numerous tea types. By the way, tea sets are often packaged so beautifully that it doesn’t even matter that much what’s inside them: the package itself can be viewed as a gift, whether you plan on giving it to somebody else or simply cheering yourself up. So, if you want to brighten the day of your tea-loving colleague or friend, looking through the tea sets in our assortment is definitely worth it! To make the gift even more delicious, consider pairing the set with something sweet: a syrup, a berry purée or a bar of fine chocolate.

Tea Sets: What Should You Pay Attention to? 

That’s another question that can naturally arise if you’re thinking of buying a tea set. You may also wonder what you should expect when purchasing one. To make it a bit easier on you, we’ve distinguished three main criteria that are definitely worth considering.

Tea Varieties

When choosing a tea set, consider the varieties included. Some sets are made up of numerous different varieties: black tea, green tea, white tea, red tea, oolong tea, herbal tea…  Others may contain various teas of the same variety. The latter are aimed, of course, at sworn fans of a certain tea or those who want to deepen their knowledge of one set of aromas. Whatever your needs are, paying attention to the varieties included will definitely help you choose the right tea set for you or somebody you care about. 

Type of Tea/Packaging Method 

To choose the right tea set, consider the packaging method. A bunch of things come into play when it comes to determining your preferred packaging method: habits, tradition, lack of free time or, on the contrary, an abundance of time that one can spend brewing the perfect cuppa… The main tea packaging types include loose leaf tea that’s suited well for brewing drinks in a teapot or using an infuser, as well as tea sachets, bags, sticks and instant tea, all of which are great when making tea straight in a cup with no additional tools. You can find out more about different tea packaging methods below: 

  • Loose leaf tea. When presented in this form, tea leaves are guaranteed to unveil their finest qualities. In addition to its impressive aromas, loose leaf tea is valued because of how environmentally friendly it is: all this type of tea is made up of are degradable leaves, with no additional materials used to store them. The quality of such tea is higher as well—this is thanks to a variety of fragrant oils hidden within the whole leaves, which preserve their flavours and aromas precisely because they’re left unground. Once water’s been poured over them, whole leaves are slow to release their features, resulting in a drink that’s more subtle and multi-layered. The surface area of whole leaves is larger than that of ground tea too, which means that the first type stays fresh for longer. By the way, lots of people wrongly assume that loose leaf tea tends to be more expensive. The very opposite is true, in fact! A few grams of tea is enough to obtain a wonderful taste. Moreover, high-quality leaves can be infused several times. 
  • Tea sachets. If you’re looking for a compromise between loose leaf tea and tea bags, try tea sachets! You might also want to give them a try if you’re searching for a more environmentally friendly option. Tea leaves found in sachets are either whole or coarsely ground. They also have enough space to unfold. Both of these features help ensure excellent taste and high quality of the resulting cuppa. Most tea manufacturers are now moving towards sustainable solutions, so their sachets are often 100% compostable. Convenience also deserves a mention, of course: all you have to do is put a sachet into your cup and pour water over it.
  • Tea bags. Some people claim that tea bags can never contain high-quality leaves: at best, what you’ll find inside them is high-quality tea dust. This may indeed be the case at times. However, no first-rate manufacturer would risk damaging its reputation by putting low-quality tea inside its bags—and all tea manufacturers found in our assortment are definitely first-rate! Just like in the case of sachets, sustainable solutions are now being applied to tea bags too, so it’s definitely worth reading through the information provided on the packaging of your chosen tea bags. Maximum convenience is also guaranteed: simply pour water over the bag and enjoy a delicious brew! 
  • Tea sticks. Tea sticks are infusers made of thin aluminum, with over 400 holes dotting their surface and tea leaves hidden inside them.  In addition to letting you brew tea quickly and easily, this packaging method is suited perfectly for those who find floating bags or sachets annoying, yet rarely feel like playing around with loose tea leaves either. Tea sticks are filled with whole leaves, so the resulting brew is bound to be rich and flavourful. 
  • Instant tea. Those who are looking for maximum comfort might want to give instant tea a try. Simply pour hot water over the powder, stir, sip and forget all about bags, sachets, sticks or messy tea leaves. It doesn’t get easier than that!

What’s Included in the Set?

It’s also important to pay attention to the contents of your chosen tea set. While most sets contain tea only, others might include various brewing accessories, such as infusers, cups or tea bag tidies. Additional items like these are guaranteed to make for an even more special gift!

If you’ve already set your sights on a certain tea set, we’re glad to hear it! If you still feel stuck though, no worries: simply reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants and they’ll be more than happy to provide you with some excellent advice.