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About Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial coffee machines are the workhorses of the coffee industry, designed to meet the demands of cafes, restaurants, offices, and other high-traffic settings. These robust and versatile machines are built to consistently deliver high-quality coffee, whether it’s a perfectly brewed espresso, a rich cappuccino, or a steaming cup of drip coffee. With various types and sizes available, commercial coffee making machines cater to a wide range of needs, from small boutique coffee shops to bustling corporate offices.

Which Commercial Coffee Machine to Choose?

Based on their principle of operation, professional coffee machines are further divided into two distinct categories. These are semi-automatic commercial espresso machines and fully automatic commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines. The first ones require the skills and continuous efforts of a professional barista, while the second ones can do just as well without the barista’s help.

Semi-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machines

Devices of this type are considered professional coffee machines for cafes and restaurants designed to be manned by trained baristas. If high-quality coffee is a key menu item in your venue, you’ll definitely need a commercial barista coffee machine. Consider these criteria when choosing:

Your Business Size

Ask yourself how many servings your semi-automatic industrial coffee machine is likely to serve during the busiest time of the day. Then choose the boiler size, as well as the number of groups and steam wands, based on your answer.

Every time we extract hot water from a barista commercial coffee machine, it gets substituted with cold water, which the heating element must subsequently warm to reach the desired temperature. For instance, if you choose a 1-group commercial espresso coffee machine with a smaller boiler, it will need more time to heat the incoming cold water to the desired temperature. Hence, it will be most suitable for serving low volumes of coffee (about 100-150 cups per day). So, when looking for a small commercial coffee machine with 1 to 2 groups, you can choose from models by Ascaso, La Marzocco, Rocket Espresso, Elektra, and Rancilio.

However, if your intention is to cater to a substantial number of customers, ranging from 150 to well over 400 cups of coffee per day, opt for a commercial espresso machine equipped with multiple groups. This choice enables your baristas to concurrently prepare a significant quantity of coffee. For instance, with a 3-group machine, you can prepare up to 6 coffees simultaneously, reducing the preparation time to just a few minutes. Commercial espresso machines with three or more groups are currently available in our range under the La Marzocco brand.

Option of Plumbing the Machine in

Running a business is very time-consuming, so you need to save every moment. If you want to plumb your barista commercial coffee machine in and forget all about having to fill the water tank up day in and day out, choose a model that can be connected straight to the mains water supply. Models offering this feature include the La Marzocco GS3, Rancilio models ranging from CLASSE 5 to CLASSE 11, as well as the Rancilio Leva, Elektra Verve, Ascaso Baby T Plus and Sanremo Café Racer Naked coffee machines.


The next step is to identify the approximate sum you’re able or willing to spend on a new commercial espresso coffee machine. This will point you towards the direction of either mid-range or premium models. They are characterized by particularly convenient operation (display and programming options), a wide range of functions allowing you to control every step of the brewing process (i.e., pre-infusion, brewing pressure, water temperature and so on), as well as automated maintenance programs. Premium professional coffee machines are usually distinguished by luxurious design solutions too, of course, which turns appliances of this kind into eye-catching interior accents or even key points of attraction.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a more affordable commercial espresso machine, Ascaso and Elektra machines can offer them. Meanwhile, La Marzocco starts from £4500, but you can find there from 1 to 4 group coffee machines. On the other hand, Rocket Espresso models start at £4700 and can go up to £19600 for a highly sophisticated 3-group espresso machine.

Commercial Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Professional coffee machines for offices, often found also in hotels, gas stations, fast food spots, self-service areas, are designed to serve lots of delicious coffee quickly and conveniently at the touch of a button. So, what is the best commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine and what should you pay attention to when deciding on the one for your business? We’ve listed the main criteria below:


Just like in the case of semi-automatic commercial espresso machines, the first question to ask yourself is how many cups of coffee you expect to brew daily. Pick a commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine based on its productivity. You’ll find the recommended number of daily servings indicated in the machine’s description or amongst its technical specifications.

For example, a coffee machine for small business can prepare approximately 20-30 cups per day. Models like Saeco Royal, Saeco Lirika, Dr. Coffee F10 and H2 are excellent choices for this purpose. For medium-sized businesses, the Saeco Aulika Evo and Dr. Coffee F11 coffee machines are more suitable, capable of preparing 70-100 cups of coffee per day. However, if your business is large and you consume between 150 to 300 cups of coffee per day, it’s worth considering a more powerful coffee machine option. In our range, the Phedra Evo coffee machine and the Dr. Coffee F3 automatic coffee machines currently offer this capability.

Coffee Drinks

Also, it’s crucial to decide if you primarily need black coffee drinks (perhaps your office is occupied exclusively by sworn fans of espresso?) or if you’ll also be serving milk-based beverages for your employees or clients. If serving only black coffee is your priority, you can consider acquiring an espresso machine or the Saeco Royal or Lirika bean-to-cup models. However, if milk-based beverages are also important to you, opt for a good commercial coffee machine with a milk frother. The rest of the commercial bean-to-cup models offer coffee with milk, so you just have to select the one that provides drink recipes that suit your needs.

Option of Plumbing the Machine in

Just like espresso commercial coffee makers, decide between using refillable containers or connecting to mains water and drainage systems. Some commercial automatic coffee machines come in two different versions, so be sure to check this in the product specifications before making a purchase. Currently, several Dr. Coffee and Saeco models in our range offer this option.

Coffee Grinders and Bean Containers

In our range, you can find a commercial coffee machine with grinder and even two bean containers. This provides flexibility in coffee bean selection when there are many enthusiasts of different bean roasting or coffee flavors. However, this feature is only available in a few machines, one of which is the Dr. Coffee F3 model. So, if this function is important to you, you can filter it using the filter at the top of the page.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance options in both semi-automatic and bean-to-cup commercial coffee machines include features like removable and dishwasher-safe components, automatic cleaning programs, and prompted maintenance alerts. It simplifies cleaning and upkeep, ensuring the appliances operate efficiently and maintain coffee quality. In our selection, you’ll find all the essential coffee machine cleaning products. So, don’t forget to use these specialized products and clean the coffee machine as recommended in its instructions. This will keep your coffee appliance running smoothly and your coffee unchanged flavor.

Nitro Coffee Machines

In fact, there’s another really interesting device in our range – the nitro coffee dispenser. This machine is the perfect addition to businesses seeking to elevate their coffee offerings, particularly in trendy cafes and upscale coffee shops. Nitro coffee machines infuse cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas, resulting in a smooth, creamy, and slightly effervescent coffee experience. In our range, we proudly offer Brood and Rocket Espresso nitro coffee dispensers, renowned for their craftsmanship and precision. These devices work by pressurizing cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas, usually stored in a canister, and then dispensing it through a special tap system. This creates a cascading effect and a velvety flavour that enhances the taste of the coffee. This makes it an attractive choice for companies seeking to offer a unique and memorable coffee experience.

Best Commercial Coffee Machine Brands 

When it comes to professional coffee machines, there exists a diverse landscape of reputable brands, each vying to meet the unique demands of businesses in the coffee industry. 

Coffee Friend’s assortment includes both affordable commercial espresso machine options such as Lelit, Ascaso, ECM and particularly lavish ones – Rancilio, La Marzocco, Sanremo. They vary from one another in terms of the number of groups, boiler capacity, material, and advanced functions. Of course, your customer is sure to enjoy delicious coffee in both options.

When considering an automatic coffee machine for business, you have the option to choose from brands like Saeco, JURA, Franke and Dr. Coffee. Each brand offers a variety of coffee recipes and features, including innovative milk systems, touch displays, and more.

If you’re curious about the commercial coffee machine price, our range of devices starts at £500. Additionally, we suggest using the filter option on our website, which enables you to search based on your budget preferences.

If you need help

Coffee Friend’s assortment boasts professional coffee machines available at a variety of prices. If you’re in search of the perfect coffee machine for business, our Coffee Friend’s consultants are here to assist you every step of the way. Moreover, our extensive range of coffee machines offers diverse options to explore. While a particular appliance might not be suitable for your business, you might discover the ideal fit for your home!

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