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About Nespresso Pods

Millions of coffee lovers nowadays rely on a relatively recent, yet absolutely genius, invention—the capsule coffee system. Growing in popularity every day, this coffee brewing method doesn’t require much: all you need are your chosen coffee pods, a capsule coffee machine and, of course, water (some capsule coffee machines are capable of frothing milk too). If you love good coffee, but are always in a hurry, you’ll probably find this brewing method to be a true lifesaver! Simply insert your chosen pod (with some freshly ground coffee hidden safely inside it) into a capsule machine and press a button. There’s no need to worry about cleaning used coffee grounds either: just throw out the used capsule instead.

There are numerous different capsule systems on offer these days, and the selection of coffee capsules themselves is even wider. Nespresso pod coffee machines continue to be amongst the most popular capsule appliances out there though. This should come as no surprise: after all, Nespresso is where it all started years ago! Inspired by the work of Luigi Bezzera, the inventor of the world’s first espresso machine, Nespresso came up with the ingenious idea of capsule coffee. In 1986, the company changed the world forever by introducing the first capsule coffee machine model called Nespresso “C-100”. Over the past three decades, Nespresso has influenced the everyday habits of millions of coffee lovers all over the globe and managed to grow into a world-famous brand, which now operates in 81 countries.

When talking about Nespresso machines and the coffee brewed by them, the people behind this capsule coffee system usually stress three key advantages: taste, speed and convenience. Nespresso pods contain hand-picked blends that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest connoisseurs. There’s one question you may be struggling to find an answer to though…

How to Choose the Right Nespresso Coffee Pods for You? 

Given how popular and well-established the Nespresso capsule system is, the particularly wide selection of Nespresso-compatible pods available shouldn’t seem weird at all. The task of choosing the right pods for you may hence seem a bit daunting—which is why we’ve listed some of the things that are definitely worth paying attention to:

Type of coffee used.

When browsing the numerous coffee pods for Nespresso machines that are currently on the market, it’s a good idea to first read through their ingredients. Most Nespresso pods contain freshly ground coffee only, with no extra ingredients at all. However, fans of additional flavours will find a selection of flavoured Nespresso pods in Coffee Friend’s range of products.

Coffee variety.

The realm of coffee is dominated by two key bean varieties: arabica and robusta. Arabica is characterised by numerous subspecies and different flavours. Compared to robusta, the taste of arabica beans is generally subtler, more delicate and marked by a greater number of fruity notes. Arabica also contains less caffeine. Robusta, on the other hand, is pleasantly bitter, has a fuller body and boasts a higher caffeine content. If you’re a fan of black coffee and particularly vivid flavours, Nespresso coffee pods with arabica are likely to be your best match. However, if you prefer a more balanced taste, with the natural fruitiness of arabica complemented by the characteristically bitter notes of robusta, we’d recommend giving Nespresso pods with arabica and robusta blends in them a try. Blends like that result in particularly intense, thick, delicious milk-based coffee drinks.

Coffee-growing region.

Coffee grown in different corners of the globe tends to acquire different features, and being aware of these differences may help you find the variety that’s suited best for your personal taste. For example, coffees from South or Central America are marked by classic notes of chocolate, nuts and caramel, so sworn fans of traditional coffee flavours should give Brazilian, Colombian or Mexican varieties a try. If you prefer fruity, refreshing brews, choose coffees from Africa: you’re likely to enjoy the notes of fruit and berries, as well as the light, tea-like body, characterising the varieties from Ethiopia or DR Congo. Looking for particularly deep, spicy flavours? Then coffee from Asia is definitely your best bet!

Roast level.

Roast level comes into the flavour equation as well. If you like your  coffee light and subtle, choose Nespresso pods filled with ground coffee of a light roast. To enjoy brews of a fuller body, marked by some bitterness and vivid flavours, try coffees of a medium dark or dark roast. Fans of balanced tastes and medium intensity should go for medium-roast coffee.


Most capsule packages or product listings include some kind of number or scale indicating the intensity of certain pods. Coffee intensity is usually measured in a pretty simple way: coffees marked from “1” to “4” are light and delicate; coffees marked from “5” to “7” are balanced and rich; and coffees marked from “8” to “10” boast a full body and a strong aroma.

Drink recipe.

Some Nespresso-compatible pods are designed specially for a certain recipe (or a couple of them), be it ristretto, espresso, lungo or americano. Along with the recipe the pods have been created for, the packaging of such capsules usually indicates the recommended serving size. Follow these recommendations to obtain the optimal flavour. Serving size isn’t all that matters in this case though: different recipes are suited best for different coffees, so the origin of coffee poured into the capsule, the exact blend used, the amount of coffee and the chosen grind level vary greatly too. Keep in mind that there are no milk-based Nespresso pods available: if you’re a sworn fan of drinks like cappuccino, latte and latte macchiato, look for a Nespresso machine with a milk frothing system or purchase a milk frother separately.

Nespresso decaf pods.

Those who avoid caffeinated products for whatever reason, be it health concerns or increased sensitivity, will definitely love decaf capsules. All decaf Nespresso pods found on Coffee Friend’s shelves contain coffee that’s been decaffeinated using natural, safe methods, with no dangerous chemical solvents in sight. While some of these pods are filled with decaf coffee only, others boast various extra ingredients (like these energy capsules from Verum, for example).

Organic Nespresso coffee capsules.

More and more attention is being paid nowadays to sustainable farming methods. Those who like organic produce might want to take a look at our selection of organic Nespresso pods: the coffee in them originates from organic farms and has been grown without any fertilisers and with special care being taken to preserve the surrounding environment.

Nespresso pods with the Fair Trade label.

Encountered more and more frequently on various products, this label means that the companies involved in exporting this particular coffee are part of the fair trade movement, which seeks to fight worker exploitation, base trading activities on transparency, and hence improve the lives of people working in developing countries. In accordance with the principles of fair trade, coffee farmers are paid a decent living wage and their human rights are ensured. We’re proud to see our range of Nespresso-compatible Fair Trade pods expanding each year.

Nespresso capsules with the Rainforest Alliance label.

The Rainforest Alliance label is also focused on sustainable consumption. The special logo with a green frog on it (the presence of frogs signifies a healthy ecosystem) means that the farm in question meets strict certification standards, which require farmers to maintain the balance between nature, social life and economic needs. The owners of Rainforest Alliance-certified farms must also preserve biodiversity, conserve natural resources and pay their employees a fair wage. You’re welcome to look through the Nespresso-compatible Rainforest Alliance pods in our range of products.

The best Nespresso pods with excellent discounts.

Those on the lookout for cheap Nespresso pods should explore Coffee Friend’s Nespresso capsule offers. If you come from a whole family of capsule coffee fans, or if you’re always worried about running out of your favourite pods, you might like the idea of Nespresso coffee sets too. Our capsule sets are here to help you save!

Choose from the most popular or best-rated pods.

Still struggling to choose the pods for you? Let our community of coffee lovers help you out! You can look through the most popular Nespresso pods, as well as our best-rated Nespresso capsules.

Accessories and Extras

To improve your capsule coffee ritual even further, you can look through some accessories and extras available here at Coffee Friend:

Nespresso capsule holders.

Our modern, elegant holders will find their place in any kitchen. In addition to adorning your coffee corner, they’ll help you save some much-needed space and make brewing coffee even more convenient. You’ll find Nespresso capsule holders of various shapes and sizes in our range of products.

Coffee syrups.

Make your favourite drinks even tastier by flavouring them with your chosen syrup! Coffee Friend offers syrups produced by two different brands and suited for both coffee and various other beverages: choose from the natural Sweetbird syrups from Britain (with no artificial colours, additives or GMOs!) or the exquisite syrups from Toschi, an Italian company that’s been operating since 1945.

Nespresso-Compatible Pod Brands

We’re constantly expanding our range of Nespresso-compatible capsules and adding new flavours to it. You’ll find both world-famous brands and exciting newcomers in our shops. Let us introduce you to our Nespresso pod manufacturers:

Coffee Friend: the Caprisette line of blends is Coffee Friend’s pride and joy! Inspired by years of experience, it’s conquered the hearts of thousands of coffee lovers. These blends of various different flavours are perfect for a delicious everyday cuppa. In addition to coffee beans and ground coffee, you can now purchase Caprisette coffee capsules for Nespresso machines too.

Charles Liegeois is our trusted partner and one of Belgium’s largest coffee roasters. The company has a variety of coffee pods on offer.  Take a look at their Nespresso capsules available in our product range.

Barzini is a Rainforest Alliance-certified brand from the Netherlands, selling high-quality Italian coffee beans and capsules. Barzini‘s coffee pods are compatible with the Nespresso capsule system.

Mokito was established in Milan over a century ago and has since grown to be synonymous with coffee of the highest quality. Currently in its fourth generation, this family of roasters is working to ensure that age-old brewing traditions are upheld, yet still coupled with innovative technologies. Our range includes Mokito coffee capsules suited for Nespresso machines.

Verum has been created by true coffee enthusiasts bent on producing decaf coffee capsules with a variety of added superfoods and vitamins. Try the Verum beauty capsules or energy pods, both suited for Nespresso appliances.

To Conclude…

Hopefully, you’re now equipped with valuable information that will help you pick the right Nespresso capsules for you. If any of your questions have been left unanswered though (whether related to Nespresso pods or any other type of coffee), don’t hesitate to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants by dropping us an e-mail, giving us a call or paying a visit to one of our physical stores.

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