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About Portable Coffee Makers

It’s time to get your coffee on the go- for real! Portable coffee makers are fascinating in their design, functionality, and their ability to deliver quality coffee on the move, no matter where life takes you. Compact, lightweight, and requiring no electricity (except possibly for heating the water), these powerful little machines stand out for their ingenious use of brewing techniques and technologies in a streamlined, portable package. Today we’re looking in-depth at French Press, filter, and traditional compact coffee makers all combined in one handy little ultra-modern device.

Our portable coffee maker range

Whether you are an avid traveller or a camping enthusiast, a travel coffee brewer is your passport to gourmet coffee, wherever you are. These small coffee makers, often called camping or travel espresso makers, are designed to fit seamlessly into your backpack or carry-on luggage. And you will be surprised how wide the range of portable coffee makers available really is- you’re sure to find the right match!

AeroPress portable coffee maker

Meet the AeroPress coffee makers– the embodiment of versatility in coffee preparation. These ingenious devices blend the finest features of the French Press, filter method, and traditional coffee makers all in one powerful package. With AeroPress, you can brew up to 300 ml of coffee (depending on the model) in a few minutes, with different temperatures and grind sizes. Its compact and durable design ensures you have quality coffee wherever you go.

Cafflano Portable Coffee Maker

Cafflano coffee makers, including the Cafflano Kompresso and Cafflano Klassic, are an impressive fusion of innovation and convenience in the world of coffee brewing. The Cafflano Kompresso, immediately notable for its unique design, is a stand-out manual espresso maker, letting you enjoy espresso-quality coffee anywhere you want, even without electricity. In contrast, the Cafflano Klassic all-in-one portable coffee maker has a built-in grinder, allowing you to grind your coffee beans and brew a fresh cup on the go hassle-free. Both machines are fully portable, eliminating the need for bulky machinery or access to power sources. Additionally, these Cafflano portable coffee makers cater to diverse preferences, with the Kompresso delivering intense espresso shots and the Klassic providing the convenience of an integrated grinder. Cold-brew espresso is also an option, making it a versatile addition to your travel gear.

Handpresso portable espresso maker

Handpresso coffee makers were made for travel enthusiasts and everyday users alike. The Handpresso Auto Pump, available in manual and 12v/24v variants, uses patented technology and high-end materials to ensure the machine’s robustness and longevity. Especially notable is the battery-operated Handpresso machine, which offers USB charging and delivers up to four piping-hot espressos on the go. Compatible with both ground coffee and ESE pods, its compact design will go anywhere with you. So if you’ve ever craved a perfect cuppa while hiking or boating, this could be the perfect match.

Portable Espresso Maker That Heats Water

While most portable espresso makers require you to heat the water separately, some models come with built-in heating elements for extra convenience. The Handpresso Auto, for example, is a portable espresso maker that heats the water within the unit. Specifically designed for in-car use, it uses a vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter socket for power. This innovative device features a built-in heating element that not only heats the water to the ideal temperature for espresso brewing but also generates the necessary pressure for extraction. By simply adding water and pressing a button, you can enjoy a hot and freshly brewed espresso while on the go.

So if you like to travel with some home comforts, small coffee machines that can be plugged into an electrical outlet might be perfect for you. This way, you can enjoy delicious coffee from your hotel, in a camper, or anywhere you have access to electricity.

How to choose the best portable coffee maker?

When selecting a portable coffee maker, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost, dig into your brewing preferences and whether you prefer espresso-style shots or filter coffee. Look for models that match with your brewing style, whether they rely on manual pressure, electric heating, or other mechanisms. Portability is paramount, so choose a design that suits your travel needs, too, whether it’s for backpacking, car trips, or simply enjoying coffee on the go. Additionally, pay attention to durability, ease of use, and the machine’s cleaning requirements to ensure a seamless coffee experience no matter where you are. Ultimately, the perfect portable coffee maker for you is one that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle and coffee preferences, ensuring you can savour a quality cup of joe wherever you go.

Need Help Choosing a Portable Coffee Machine?

Selecting the right portable coffee maker can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Whether you’re an espresso purist, an experimental brewer, or someone who just wants the simplest solution they can find, there’s a tiny coffee maker out there for you!

If you’re still unsure about which portable coffee maker is right for you, our Coffee Friend consultants are always happy to advise and help you find the perfect device for your needs. Be sure to explore the wide variety of coffee makers in our range, too! Just as with a perfect cup of coffee, the choice of the right tool requires some thought, a bit of exploration, and the willingness to savour something new. Happy brewing!

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