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About Rocket Espresso Coffee Machines

Rocket Espresso machines are made in the tradition of Fatto a Mano, which is Italian for “made by hand”. Behind the company’s name is a small team of craftsmen from Milan who work tirelessly to produce domestic and commercial espresso machines with care and attention to detail. Luckily, many machines from this company are suitable for both commercial establishments and home baristas. So, if you’re interested in the nuances of the brewing process, these coffee machines might just be right for you.

Domestic Rocket Espresso models

The industrial-style, surprisingly compact Rocket Espresso coffee machines look extremely stylish and can turn into an eye-catching kitchen accent. In our range of products, you’ll find several different Rocket Espresso machine models designed specially for home use.

Rocket Espresso “APPARTAMENTO” espresso machine

The Rocket Espresso “Appartamento” coffee machine, designed specifically for small spaces. In addition, it is extremely stylish and compact, making it one of the most popular models in the brand’s domestic range. Rocket engineers managed to optimise the chassis and the layout of the machine’s internal elements without sacrificing the premium quality and impressive features you’ve grown to expect from Rocket Espresso. This ensures that even in its smaller form, the “Appartamento” continues to deliver a rich coffee experience without compromising on performance or style.

Rocket Espresso “R CINQUANTOTTO” (R58) espresso machine

The Rocket Espresso “R Cinquantotto” features technologies adopted directly from professional Rocket coffee machines. It features separate PID-controlled boilers, ensuring thermal stability and flawless taste. The rotary pump—an important feature of professional coffee machines—guarantees silent operation. In addition, users can choose between using an internal water tank or connecting the coffee machine directly to the main water supply. 

When it comes to espresso brewed to perfection, the right duration of extraction is absolutely crucial. Thanks to the built-in timer found in this model, you can keep track of your extraction with ease. The Rocket Espresso “R Cinquantotto” coffee machine is operated via a touch-sensitive controller that must be connected to the appliance separately. Additionally, this model features an automatic on/off function, ensuring your coffee machine is always ready when you need it. The panel can be easily removed to retain the classic aesthetics Rocket Espresso is known for.

Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato and Giotto “CRONOMETRO R”

Features borrowed straight from the manufacturer’s commercial range endow the “Cronometro R” model with premium quality usually seen in bulky coffee machines of a professional kind. With its digital timer, PID temperature control, insulated boilers and 9-mm boiler end plates, Rocket Espresso “Cronometro R” guarantees stability and excellent temperature control. Thanks to the rotary pump, silent operation and reliable performance are also ensured. You can choose between using the internal water tank or plumbing your coffee machine in.

Rocket Espresso coffee machines really stand out thanks to their functions, quality and style. They’re perfect for a true espresso connoisseur or an ambitious home barista intent on becoming one. However, if these machines seem too professional for your taste, or if you’re looking for something smaller or marked by a different look, we invite you to explore our range of espresso machines made by a bunch of other brands. Here you’ll find many different espresso machine models, all boasting different designs, features, sizes and even colours.

Commercial Rocket Espresso machines

Although the majority of our range consists of Rocket Espresso machines designed specially for home use, you’ll be able to find a few models suited for commercial purposes on our e-shop too. These machines, designed for professional settings like bars, cafés, and restaurants, deliver impressive performance and can brew substantial amounts of coffee quickly.

Rocket Espresso “Sotto Banco”

Rocket Espresso “Sotto Banco” is a stylish under-counter espresso machine featuring sleek raised groups extending from the counter, with both the service boiler and auxiliary equipment located under the counter. This Rocket Espresso machine includes key features such as a 9-litre service boiler, the new dry steam system technology, a colour display with digital pressure gauges controllable via a push button panel. Moreover, you can operate this machine with any device equipped with “Wi-Fi” and a web browser.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a more traditional commercial option, take a look at our entire range of coffee machines for cafés. Here you’ll find both large, highly professional espresso machines and compact options for smaller cafés.

Rocket Espresso machines: for small cafés or sworn fans of home-brewed espresso

Rocket Espresso offers a wide range of coffee machines. Some models are suited great for home use, while others are designed specially for commercial purposes. However, Rocket Espresso offers a third kind of model too. Several of the company’s espresso machines can either satisfy the pickiest home baristas or be used in small cafés.

Rocket Espresso “R NINE ONE” espresso machine

The Rocket Espresso “R Nine One” model is designed for use at home or in a small café. It boasts all the latest technologies found in commercial coffee machines produced by Rocket. In addition to lending your chosen space a stylish look, it’s guaranteed to serve you with the perfect cup of coffee every single time.

Thanks to the fully saturated brewing group and digital PID temperature control, thermal stability is an absolute guarantee. There is also an innovative pressure profiling system. It allows users to have complete control over the brewing process by choosing from 5 preset programs. Of course, you can always choose to manually operate the lever when making coffee.

The built-in volumetric pump with permanent magnets ensures precision and silent operation. The option of using the built-in water tank or plumbing your “R Nine One” in is also bound to come in handy.

Rocket Espresso “EPICA” coffee machine

With its vintage body panelling and manual lever, the semi-automatic coffee machine Rocket Espresso “Epica” combines the finest traditions and the latest technologies with flawless operation. The model boasts a fully saturated group, pump pressure adjusted with the help of a manual lever, as well as a boiler with a capacity of 3.6 litres. In addition, you can connect this coffee machine directly to the mains water supply or use it with the built-in water tank.

What the Rocket Espresso “Epica” coffee machine offers is unparalleled accuracy and the chance for you to be in charge of every step of the brewing process. It’s been created with true professionals in mind—those who value both style and functionality. So, perhaps it’s created just for you?

Cleaning Rocket Espresso machines

A well-maintained, clean coffee machine is one of the essential prerequisites for enjoying delicious, high-quality coffee every day. Luckily, cleaning a Rocket Espresso machine is actually very simple. All you need to do is just remember to perform certain procedures regularly.

It’s best to rinse the brew group every time before and after you prepare a serving of espresso. All you have to do is run some water through the appliance without putting the portafilter on. Don’t forget to empty used coffee grounds from the portafilter as well. The longer they stay inside the portafilter, the harder it is to get them out. There are a couple of things to remember for those who use a steam wand too. Before frothing milk, release a little steam onto a cloth. Once finished frothing, wipe the wand with a damp cloth and dispense a small amount of steam once more.

That’s what the daily maintenance of an espresso machine includes. However, depending on how often you prepare coffee, you’ll have to perform a more thorough cleaning procedure from time to time.

At least once a month, it’s recommended to clean the brew group (with the help of the backflush procedure). Additionally, thoroughly rinse the portafilter and the mesh of the brew group, and scrub the holes in the steam wand.

For detailed instructions on how to perform these cleaning procedures, read the article “How to Clean an Espresso Machine?“.

Professional help when choosing a coffee machine

Rocket Espresso brings the highest of qualities straight to your home. If you’re a true home barista, or if you can’t stop dreaming about becoming one, these coffee machines are definitely right for you. And if you’re still struggling to choose though, you can always turn to Coffee Friend’s consultants. They’ll help you settle on the model that’s suited best for you.

If you’d like to take a look at other manufacturers or explore different types of appliances, visit our general category of coffee machines. There you can select the filters with the brands you like the most, choose the features you need or the coffee recipes you prefer. This way, selecting a model that meets all your expectations will be easier.

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