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Bosch coffee machines


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Bosch Coffee Machines

Bosch coffee machines are all about German diligence and renewable sustainability. The company’s success story started with Robert Bosch, who established the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in Stuttgart as far back as 1886. Even in the 19th century, the innovative approach and social responsibility of the company set it apart from the rest. It’s no surprise then that nowadays, this manufacturer of household appliances and provider of modern technologies is known all over the world. As a company, Bosch seeks to improve our quality of life with the help of their products, so innovations are always at the forefront of their minds. 

Bosch represents pure perfectionism. Not satisfied with the extremely diligent process involved in designing a new appliance, they keep on improving each of their products afterwards. The coffee machines produced by this manufacturer have all been designed with the utmost precision and extraordinary attention to detail, so they’re capable of more than you might expect. Coffee is brewed using the latest technologies: these technologies ensure that water is brought to a boil faster, coffee beans are ground flawlessly and the machine itself can be cleaned with ease. Bosch views coffee brewing as an art form, so innovations are crucial to the company.  Both coffee and art require a great deal of accuracy and meticulousness — the latest technologies help secure these qualities and make every step involved in the brewing process a whole lot easier. 

Our wide coffee machines assortment also includes various filter coffee makers and built-in bean-to-cup coffee machines produced by Bosch. Keep on reading to find out more about them! 

Bosch Filter Coffee Makers

Coffee Friend’s assortment boasts various models from the key Bosch filter coffee maker ranges — these are ComfortLineand its big sister, the famousStyline.  While the design and the possibilities offered by the two ranges differ, some features are shared between both types of models:

Aroma+. Pressing this button will make the flavour of your coffee more intense, enabling you to enjoy stronger or milder coffee whenever you wish.  

Removable water tank. When it comes to filling up an integrated water tank, it’s rarely convenient. Luckily, Bosch filter coffee makers are different: their water tanks can be removed quickly and easily, then filled straight from a tap.

DripStop function. Thanks to this feature, you can remove the jug from the coffee maker at any time and enjoy a sip or two of fragrant, delicious coffee without having to wait for the whole jug to fill up. No accidental dripping means no need to worry about cleaning your kitchen counter afterwards!

EasyDescale3. This handy descaling feature is made up of three separate elements: the water hardness setting, the signal notifying you about the need to run the descaling program and the descaling program itself. 

A few other features can only be found in the models belonging to the “Styline” coffee maker range: 

DualHeating system. Thanks to this system, stable water temperature perfect for brewing coffee is maintained (9296 °C), while the resulting coffee is kept at optimal 8085 °C. 

Aroma Sensor. This feature guarantees that even a small amount of coffee is brewed properly — it’s done by automatically adjusting the brewing duration. More details are provided on the LED display. 

Auto shut-off function. Another thing that makes Bosch filter coffee makers so easy and convenient to use is the auto shut-off function. After a certain period of time following coffee preparation (look for the exact number of minutes in the user manual of your chosen model), the coffee maker switches off all on its own.  

Steel thermos jug. Instead of a regular glass coffee jug, some coffee maker models from the Bosch “Styline” range boast a thermos jug equipped with a double steel wall and a lid that’s easy to pop open. Enjoy hot, fragrant coffee for longer!

Bosch Built-in Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

In our Bosch coffee machine assortment, you’ll find two models from the innovative Bosch build-in coffee machine range called “Serie 8”: these are the all-black CTL636EB6 and the black CTL636ES6 with stainless-steel details. Both models are equipped with a colour TFT screen, interactive navigation and other shared features, including the innovative Home Connect app that enables you to control your machine remotely straight from your smart device. The app provides the following benefits: 

Remote control. Select and configure the recipes using the app, then turn on and control your  coffee machine remotely. 

Coffee playlist. Select several different drinks at once and your coffee machine will brew them one after the other, in your chosen order. 

CoffeeWorld. In the app, you’ll find 17 additional coffee recipes from all over the world: from the Australian flat white to the Colombian cortado.  

Numerous coffee recipes and interesting facts. In addition to various coffee recipes, the app contains lots of useful information about coffee, such as different coffee bean varieties, harvesting methods and roasting techniques. You’ll find a digital user manual of your coffee machine here too. 

Other features found in the built-in bean-to-cup coffee machines produced by Bosch include:  

AromaDouble Shot. With the help of a double grinding and brewing process, an extra strong drink with no additional bitterness can be prepared.  

SilentCeram Drive. The high-quality ceramic grinder found in the built-in Bosch coffee machines is the company’s pride and joy: not only is it whisper-silent, but the material it’s made of is extremely durable as well. Thanks to the CoffeeSensor Pro feature, it even adapts to your chosen bean variety automatically. The grinder also boasts multi-step grind adjustment. 

SensoFlow system. This innovative heating system ensures consistent brewing temperature that’s suited perfectly for preparing coffee and so maximises aroma extraction. 

OneTouch DoubleCup. This feature enables you to brew one or two servings of your chosen drink with the touch of a single button. 

Even More Benefits

The built-in bean-to-cup coffee machines from the Bosch “Serie 8” range let you adjust the temperature of your drinks — you can choose from 3 different coffee temperatures and 4 hot water temperatures. If you want to improve the quality of your water by reducing the amount of limescale found in it, BRITA Intenza water filters will be a perfect fit.  

Another important characteristic of the built-in “Serie 8” appliances is the MyCoffee feature. Using it, you’ll be able to save up to 8 of your favourite coffee beverages with individual names and different coffee-to-milk ratios (look for the exact number of saveable recipes in the user manual of your chosen model). 

Just as pleasing is the fact that these built-in machines allow you to keep on drinking coffee from your favourite cup, regardless of its measurements: the adjustable coffee and milk dispensers are suited perfectly for all cups or glasses that are up to 15-cm-tall.  

If that’s not enough, the 2.4-litre water tank is easy to remove and fill up. By the way, the machine will notify you about a low water level — the same applies to a low level of beans in the bean container.

When it comes to preparing milk-based drinks, you can choose whether you’d like to use a special milk container, which is included in the set, or whether you’d rather go for a different jug or even a regular milk carton. 

Bosch has so much trust in its built-in machines that it provides a 15,000-cup guarantee, meaning that these appliances are designed to ensure consistently high drink quality all the way from cup number one to cup number 15,000 (brewed over the first 24 months of non-commercial use). 

Simple maintenance

Ensuring the cleanliness of your Bosch coffee machine will be a breeze too! This is, first of all, thanks to the removable brewing unit found in all built-in Bosch coffee machines — you can take the unit out and wash it under a tap. There’s also the automatic steam cleaning program called autoMilk Clean and performed after each preparation of a milk-based drink. The automatic rinsing program is run every time the machine is turned on or off. Moreover, the automatic Calc’n’Clean program notifies you about the need to replace the water filter, descale the appliance and clean your coffee machine. The milk frother, drip tray and grounds container are easy to remove and can be washed in a dishwasher. All of the above ensure maximum convenience and help you save some precious time: you can simply sit back and enjoy your coffee.

Bosch coffee machines and filter coffee makers are guaranteed to make your coffee brewing ritual a whole lot easier and much more gratifying. To find out more about each model, read the product description on our website. If making this decision on your own still seems like too difficult a task though, you’re always welcome to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants: they’d be happy to provide you with valuable advice and help you find the best coffee machine for you. 

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