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About Bosch Coffee Machines

Bosch coffee machines are all about German diligence and renewable sustainability. These appliances have all been designed with the utmost precision and extraordinary attention to detail, so they’re capable of more than you might expect. Let’s delve into a closer examination of the features these models offer.

Wide selection of Bosch coffee machines

Every Bosch coffee machine brews drinks using the latest technologies, which ensure that water will be brought to a boil faster, coffee beans will be ground flawlessly and the machine itself will be cleaned with ease. Our range of Bosch coffee machines includes various filter coffee makers and built-in appliances. Keep on reading to find out more about them!

Bosch filter coffee machines

If you’re a fan of high-quality, well-balanced black coffee, then Bosch filter coffee machines are definitely the right kind of appliance for you. We offer two different models: Bosch ComfortLine and Bosch Styline. Let’s explore their features.

Aroma+ and DripStop

All Bosch filter coffee machines let users make the flavour of their coffee stronger or milder with the help of the Aroma+ function. Thanks to the DripStop feature, you can remove the pot from your Bosch coffee maker at any time and enjoy fragrant, delicious coffee without having to wait for the whole jug to fill up. No accidental drips or splashes!

Easy maintenance and descaling

Bosch filter coffee machines boast easy-to-remove water tanks that can be filled straight from the tap. Moreover, there’s a handy descaling feature called EasyDescale3. It’s made up of three separate components: the water hardness setting, the signal notifying you about the need to run the descaling program, and the descaling program itself.

Convenience and control

Bosch Styline has a few more features to offer. The DualHeating system guarantees the optimal water temperature and maintains heat. The Aroma Sensor feature automatically adjusts the brewing duration. Another thing that makes every Bosch Styline coffee machine easy and convenient to use is the auto shut-off function. After a certain period of time following the last brewing cycle, the coffee maker switches off all on its own. 

Thermal jug

Bosch Styline boasts a filter coffee machine thermal jug equipped with a double steel wall and a lid that’s easy to pop open. From now on, you can enjoy hot, fragrant coffee for much longer!

Fully automated Bosch built-in coffee machines

In our selection of Bosch built-in coffee machines, you’ll find two models from Bosch Series 8. The completely black Bosch CTL636EB6, and the black Bosch CTL636ES6 model with stainless-steel details. These two appliances differ in colour only: all other features and specifications are identical.

Smart brewing

Both of these built-in Bosch coffee machines come with a colour TFT screen, interactive navigation, and numerous features. Additionally, they include the innovative Home Connect app, allowing users to operate the machines remotely. In the app, you can select and configure recipes, choose several different drinks at once, discover additional beverages and find lots of useful information.

AromaDouble Shot and two servings at once

Moreover, Bosch bean-to-cup coffee machines boast the AromaDouble Shot feature. Thanks to it, you can prepare strong drinks with no additional bitterness. There’s also the innovative SensoFlow heating system, which ensures a consistent brewing temperature that’s suited perfectly for preparing coffee, and maximises flavour extraction as a result. If that’s not enough, we’ve got one more benefit for you! These built-in Bosch coffee machines can brew two servings of your chosen drink with the touch of a single button! It’s particularly convenient when you need to prepare a larger quantity of coffee at once.

Silent and durable

Bosch’s built-in coffee machines with a grinder are the company’s pride and joy. Not only are they whisper-silent, but the material the grinders are made of makes them extremely durable as well. Thanks to the CoffeeSensor Pro feature, the grinder even adapts to your chosen bean variety all on its own. In addition, users can also enjoy the benefits of stepless grind adjustment.

Bosch coffee machine cleaning

Ensuring the cleanliness of your Bosch coffee machine is guaranteed to be a breeze! This is, first of all, thanks to the removable brewing unit found in all built-in Bosch coffee machines. You can simply take the unit out and wash it under a tap. 

There is also an automatic steam cleaning program called autoMilk Clean. This system is activated after each serving of a milk-based drink. Similarly, the automatic rinsing program is performed every time the machine is turned on or off. 

The automatic Calc’n’Clean program is bound to come in handy too! It notifies you when to replace the water filter, descale the appliance, and clean your Bosch coffee machine. Moreover, you can easily remove and wash the milk frother, drip tray, and grounds container in a dishwasher. All of the above combine to ensure maximum convenience and help you save some precious time. You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious brew!

Professional help in choosing a coffee machine

Bosch built-in coffee machines and filter coffee makers are guaranteed to make your brewing ritual a whole lot easier and much more satisfying. Explore each model in detail by reading the product descriptions on our website. If making this decision on your own still seems like too difficult of a task though, you’re always welcome to reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants. They’d be happy to provide you with valuable advice and help you find the right coffee machine model for your home.

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