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About Bosch Built-in Coffee Machines

The design of the fully automated Bosch built-in coffee machines allows them to seamlessly integrate into the cabinets of any kitchen, making these appliances a stylish addition to your home. Moreover, these German coffee machines are a popular choice not only due to their appearance, but also due to excellent performance and impressive longevity.

Key features of a Bosch Series 8 coffee machine

Bosch coffee machines are known for their high quality, reliable performance and durable components. In our range, you’ll find several built-in models from Series 8. However, the only difference between them lies in their colour. So let’s take a closer look at the functions they offer.

Wide selection of drinks and other handy features

Bosch built-in coffee machines will let you discover a variety of recipes: black coffee, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, espresso, latte macchiato, ristretto and caffè latte. In the app, you’ll find 17 additional drinks. That’s not all the app can offer though. It contains lots of useful information about coffee, such as different coffee bean varieties, harvesting methods and roasting techniques. You’ll find a digital user manual of your Bosch Series 8 coffee machine in the app too. 

Another important feature of Bosch built-in coffee machines, now available in the range (Bosch CTL636ES6; CTL636EB6; CTL7181B0; CTL836EC6), is the MyCoffee feature. It lets users save up to 8 of their favourite beverages with individual names and different coffee-to-milk ratios. When it comes to preparing milk-based drinks, you can choose whether you’d like to use a special milk container, which is included in the set, or whether you’d rather go for a different jug or even a regular milk carton. As a general rule, coffee machines with a milk frother are suited perfectly for larger families, or groups of friends or colleagues with different needs and tastes.

Remote control of Bosch built-in coffee machine

A Home Connect coffee machine enables you to select and configure the available recipes using the app, as well as turn on and operate your appliance remotely. Moreover, the Coffee Playlist feature lets you select several different drinks at once and have your Bosch Bean to Cup integrated coffee machine brew them one after the other, in your chosen order. 

Advanced functions

Bosch built-in coffee machines will provide you with an exceptional coffee experience. For example, you can flexibly adjust the temperature of your drinks. Choose from 3 different coffee temperatures and 4 hot water temperatures using the SensoFlow system. If you’re a fan of strong drinks, yet you don’t like bitter tasting notes, use the AromaDouble Shot feature to split the grinding and brewing into two cycles. Furthermore, the OneTouch DoubleCup feature found in Bosch Series 8 coffee machines enables you to brew two servings of your chosen drink at the touch of a button. 

Durable grinder

Coffee machines with a grinder are valued highly by coffee enthusiasts who enjoy freshly ground coffee, yet like convenience too. A built-in coffee machine from Bosch guarantees both silent grinding and impressive durability. Thanks to the CoffeeSensor Pro feature, the grinder even adapts to your chosen bean variety automatically! The grinder also boasts the benefits of a stepless grind adjustment system.

User-friendly device

A Bosch integrated coffee machine will let you drink coffee from your favourite cup, regardless of its measurements. The adjustable coffee and milk dispensers are suited for all cups or glasses that are up to 15-cm-tall. It’s also worth mentioning the 2.4-litre water tank that’s easy to remove and fill up. Furthermore, both Bosch Series 8 coffee machines notify you about a low water level or coffee beans running out. 

Need help choosing a built-in coffee machine?

Fully automated built-in coffee machines are a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for delicious coffee, high performance, ease of use and durability all rolled into a single appliance. If you still have questions, however, go ahead and ask Coffee Friend’s consultants for some help. They’ll take your personal needs into account and help you find a coffee machine of your desired size, capacity and design!