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Philips coffee machines

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Philips is a Dutch company created by Sir Gerard and Father Frederick Philips in 1891. They began to specialize in the coffee field only from 1965, creating a unique Boil and Brew system. This system primarily boils water to an optimal temperature of 93 °C, thus filling the coffee beverage with real coffee aromas. In 2015 Euromonitor International awarded Philips as No. 1 coffee machine brand in western Europe. The Dutch company Philips over the last 120 years has always been pleasing customers with the innovations and new products brought to the market. The main goal is to develop innovation in health, lifestyle and development, improving people’s lives. Philips coffee machines are distinguished by its innovative solutions, simple management, perfect design and, of course, exceptionally good coffee. Philips coffee makers are designed to fit and satisfy every individual taste. Because it has a CoffeSwitch feature that switches between two modes: for strong espresso or filter coffee. Philips offers fully automatic coffee machines that are easy to control and adapt to the preparation of coffee according to your needs. And if you like to get into coffee brewing more, choose semi-automatic coffee machines. The coffee grinding and brewing methods are adapted, so that you can enjoy coffee with your colleagues or family members. In a wide range of products you will surely find the Philips coffee machine that suits you and yours.