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Philips coffee machines


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Philips Coffee Machines

Philips is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam and specialising in the manufacture of household appliances, medical equipment and lighting solutions. It was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik — however, Anton, Gerard’s younger brother, soon took the company’s wheel and helped the small family business develop into what is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics.

In 1965, Philips entered the coffee arena. Half a century later, in 2015, Euromonitor International awarded Philips the title of the No. 1 Coffee Machine Brand in the whole of Western Europe. For a number of years now, the company has been constantly presenting coffee lovers with various innovations and ingenious brewing products, which, of course, result in coffee that’s growing more and more delicious. 

What sets Philips coffee machines apart from the rest are innovative technological solutions, simple operation, beautiful design and great value for money. These appliances are designed to satisfy the personal taste of every coffee lover. Philips offers filter coffee makers, SENSEO® pad coffee machines and bean-to-cup coffee machines, all of which are easy to operate and adapt to your individual needs. The wide range of Philips appliances in our assortment is guaranteed to hold something that will tick all of your boxes! 

Filter coffee machines

Just a few decades ago, filter coffee machines occupied the position of the world’s most popular household coffee-brewing appliances. There are lots of coffee drinkers who continue to prefer this simple, yet far from mediocre, brewing method nowadays. If you’re one of them, you’re sure to love the delicious, aromatic filter coffee prepared with the help of a Philips filter coffee machine

“Daily Collection” (HD7435/20, HD7459/20)

Even entry-level Philips filter coffee makers — which make up the company’s Daily Collection — are capable of brewing delicious coffee. This is, first of all, thanks to the Aroma Twister technology. It causes the inflowing coffee to circulate evenly through the jug, resulting in a perfectly consistent aroma — from the very first cup to the last one.

The filter coffee makers of Daily Collection are particularly lightweight and compact (depending on the model, the capacity of the glass jug varies from 0.6 l to 1.2 l), so even the smallest of kitchens is guaranteed to have enough space for an appliance of this kind. These coffee makers are also equipped with the drip-stop function, which means that you’ll be able to pour yourself a cup of coffee at any point in the brewing cycle, with no need for you to wait for it to be completed. There are more advantages too: a water level mark can be found on the jug, there’s a removable filter holder, the components of these coffee makers are dishwasher-safe and the appliances themselves are particularly simple and convenient to use. The auto shut-off function is just as useful — due to safety and power saving reasons, the coffee maker switches off on its own after 30 minutes of inactivity following a completed brewing cycle. 

Philips “HD7459/20”, which is also part of Daily Collection, boasts a couple of additional features. One of them is a programmable timer that enables you to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee each morning (all you’ll have to do the evening before is insert a paper filter into the coffee maker, pour in some ground coffee, then choose the desired quantity and timing). This model is also equipped with an LCD display.

“Grind & Brew” (HD7769/00)

Enjoy freshly ground coffee with Philips “Grind & Brew”! It’s a new-generation filter coffee maker, which, in addition to the features found in the entry-level models described above (Aroma Twister technology, drip-stop function, programmable timer, etc.), boasts something that’s rarely encountered in other coffee makers of this kind — a built-in grinder! Not only does it enable you to grind coffee beans just before brewing, but it also grinds them exactly as you like it thanks to 9 different grind levels. 

If that’s not enough, there’s also a double bean container: it’ll allow you to switch between two coffee varieties, which will definitely come in handy if the members of your family have different tastes or if you yourself like to vary things up a bit sometimes. In addition, a bean container lid with the Aroma seal preserves the aroma of your beans and keeps them as fresh and delicious as they were when the package was first opened.

The “Grind & Brew” model also lets you choose the strength of your coffee (from mild to intense), while programmable auto shut-off time means you can maintain the temperature of your coffee for however long you wish, be it 10 minutes or 2 hours.

“SENSEO®” pad coffee machines

In addition to letting you brew delicious coffee with extreme ease, pad coffee machines ensure perfect cleanliness. They also allow you to save some precious time and forget all about the need to measure out or grind your coffee. By the way, do you know that Philips is actually responsible for inventing this type of appliance? At the start of the 20th century, the company joined forces with Sara Lee and introduced the world to SENSEO® — the first pad coffee machine ever to appear on the market.

“SENSEO® Original Plus” (CSA210/10, CSA210/50, CSA210/60)

This pad coffee machine model is a true classic, beloved by coffee lovers all over the globe and improved even further by Philips with the help of some innovative features. First of all, there’s the option of choosing coffee strength: a single button will let you select a stronger portion (of a smaller volume) or a milder portion (of a larger volume). There’s also the unique SENSEO® Coffee Boost technology, which allows the flavours hidden in the coffee pad unfurl to the fullest and gifts the lovers of this drink with a particularly rich, intense taste. Meanwhile, the Crema Plus feature makes the layer of crema covering your coffee even thinner and more subtle. 

As is usual with Philips SENSEO® models, the Original Plus machine is capable of brewing 1 or 2 servings at once — and it does that in less than a minute! The appliances of this series are also environmentally-friendly: compared to the older Original model, they consume 45% less energy (this is due to the automatic shut-off feature). Moreover, 28% of their plastic body is made from recycled plastic.

“SENSEO® Select” (CSA250/10)

The name of this new-generation SENSEO® pad coffee machine speaks for itself: it’ll indeed present you with a much larger selection of drinks than that available in older SENSEO® models. You’ll be able to choose from as many as 3 different beverages: enjoy subtle lungo, classic coffee that’s a little bit more intense, or rich, strong espresso. Using the convenient Memo function, you can save your choice with ease. 

Furthermore, thanks to an adjustable coffee spout, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your favourite coffee from your favourite cup, no matter how short or tall (as long as it’s under 14 cm). A removable drip tray ensures perfect cleanliness, while the fact that the appliance automatically notifies you about the need to descale it makes the maintenance of this machine easier than ever. 

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

With the touch of a single button, Philips bean-to-cup coffee machines will serve you a variety of coffee drinks, all brewed using freshly ground coffee beans, as well as fresh milk. The ceramic conical burrs that these appliances are equipped with are particularly durable: they’re capable of grinding beans required to brew as many as 20 000 servings! You can choose from 12 different grind levels: from extremely fine to extremely coarse. 

Aroma Extract: ideal coffee temperature and perfect aroma

The Aroma Extract feature is truly unique: this system guarantees the optimal brewing process, as well as the best result. Thanks to the Aroma Extract function, the ideal coffee temperature of 90–98 °C is maintained, while the flow of water is adjusted in a way that cannot but result in particularly delicious and aromatic coffee. 

My Coffee Choice: choose your desired coffee strength and portion size

Using the My Coffee Choice technology developed by Philips, you’ll be able to easily change the strength of your coffee each time, as well as choose the desired portion size. 

LatteGo: record-breaking milk frothing system 

The new milk frothing system called LatteGo lets everybody enjoy splendid milk-based coffee — yes, even those of you who are always in a hurry! It’s made up of only two components and contains no tubes at all, which is probably why it’s been officially recognised as the milk system that’s the easiest to maintain. On average, washing this system thoroughly under running water takes as little as 15 seconds!

Those who are always keen on saving some extra time while still ensuring perfect hygiene will be glad to know that the LatteGo milk frothing system is dishwasher-safe too.

AquaClean water filters: descale your coffee machine as rarely as every 5 000 cups 

It’s probably no news to you that the quality of your water has a huge impact on the flavour of the resulting coffee. Knowing this, Philips used its years of experience to develop and patent the AquaClean filter, which purifies water and prevents limescale deposits from forming inside your coffee machine. 

This isn’t even the best news though! If you use AquaClean filters and replace them regularly, you’ll be able to brew up to 5 000 portions without having to perform the descaling procedure. This means that your appliance will only need to be descaled once 8 filters have been replaced. You won’t even have to worry about the right timing: the automatic descaling program found in all Philips bean-to-cup coffee machines will let you know as soon as the time for descaling comes. 

Compact, intuitive, easy to maintain

All of the Philips bean-to-cup coffee machines (except for those belonging to the older “Series 5000”) are equipped with intuitive touch-sensitive displays. They’re also compact and characterised by flawless design. 

The main component of every coffee machine — its brewing unit — is easy to remove in Philips appliances and can be washed straight under a tap. To make it even more convenient, the steam wand, milk jug, milk container and all of its components, drip tray and coffee grounds tray are all dishwasher-safe.

Key bean-to-cup coffee machine series from “Philips”

“Series 2200”

The models of this series offer the choice of two different milk systems: you can go for the innovative LatteGo system or the classic milk frother. Depending on the milk system, you’ll be able to choose between 2 or 3 recipes. If your appliance is equipped with a milk frother, you’ll have a chance to enjoy rich espresso or traditional black coffee at the touch of a button, while the milk frother — or the steam wand — will allow you to easily froth some delicious milk foam for your favourite milk-based drinks. If you decide to go for the LatteGo system, however, it’ll enable you to brew espresso, black coffee or gorgeous cappuccino — all with a single touch!

“Series 5000”

In this series, you’ll find models equipped with 3 different milk frothing systems: choose between LatteGo, an integrated milk frothing container and the classic steam wand. Depending on the model, you’ll be able to prepare anywhere from 2 to 6 different recipes (espresso, black coffee, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato and café au lait). The Series 5000 coffee machines are also characterised by unique design and particularly stylish accents. 

“Series 3200”

There are 2 different milk frothing systems found in the models of this series: it’s either LatteGo or the classic milk frother. These appliances will enable you to brew up to 5 delicious beverages with the touch of a single button (espresso, black coffee, americano, cappuccino and latte macchiato).

It goes without saying that these models boast all of the features and advantages typical of other Philips bean-to-cup coffee machines, including the Aroma Extract and My Coffee Choice technologies, an intuitive display, a removable brewing unit and a durable ceramic grinder with as many as 12 grind levels.

“Series 4300”

The Series 4300 models are equipped with either the LatteGo system or the classic milk frother. Those who prefer black coffee drinks and decide to pick the milk frother for this very reason will be pleasantly surprised too: at the touch of a button, the models without the LatteGo system can brew as many as 5 different beverages (americano, caffè crema, espresso, black coffee, ristretto). Going for a LatteGo model will provide you with 3 additional milk-based recipes brewed with a single touch too. 

The appliances of this series also boast 2 integrated user profiles, which allow two coffee drinkers to change and save the settings of their favourite recipes. This is particularly convenient for those households whose members have different tastes: there’s no need to keep on readjusting the coffee strength and portion size over and over again. Meanwhile, your guests can take advantage of the additional guest profile, allowing them to enjoy coffee just the way they like it without changing your preferred settings.

Last but not least, the Series 4300 coffee machines are equipped with large touch-sensitive buttons, which make operating these appliances even more convenient. 

“Series 5400 LatteGo”

This is the latest and definitely most advanced bean-to-cup coffee machine series from Philips. All of its models are equipped with the innovative LatteGo milk frothing system and capable of brewing as many as 12 different drinks: ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo, black coffee, caffè crema, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, café au lait, latte, flat white and even the so-called “travel mug” portion. 

Fans of strong coffee are bound to appreciate the new Extra Shot function, which adds a portion of ristretto to any of your chosen recipes. This makes the resulting drink stronger while allowing you to avoid extra bitterness.

You’ll find as many as 4 integrated user profiles in the models of this series — they’ll let you adjust and save the settings of your favourite recipes. Your guests, on the other hand, will be able to use the additional guest profile, allowing them to enjoy coffee just the way they like it without changing your preferred settings.

What sets the Series 5400 LatteGo models apart from the rest is elegant design and an extremely convenient, touch-sensitive LCD display with coloured recipe icons. The chrome-plated front panel of these machines makes observing the brewing process a real pleasure. There’s an additional, lovely detail too: while the coffee is being brewed, the brewing area is illuminated with LED lights. This may come in handy when you’re preparing a cup of coffee early on in the morning, while it’s still quite dark outside.

You can find more information about each Philips coffee machine on our website, in the product description. However, if choosing the right model all by yourself still seems a tad too difficult, you’re always welcome to contact the Coffee Friend’s consultants, who will be happy to provide you with advice and help you pick the best coffee-brewing appliance for your home! 

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Is it worth choosing a machine with a ceramic grinder?

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What is so special about the Latte go milk system?

Latte go is an innovative and extremely easy to maintain milk system. This, explicitly by Philips brand designed milk system uniqueness is the high-speed mixing of milk and air in a rounded milk container. Due to this principle of frothing, the production of milk foam does not require a complicated milk frother mechanism. Since machines with the Latte go system do not have milk frothers - cleaning the milk system is one of the easiest ways there is. It is enough to rinse the milk container under running water.

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What is the difference between Philips coffee machines?

Phillips filter coffee makers are used for making coffee with coffee pads. These coffee machines take up little space, are easy to use and maintain. Also, the coffee will be light and quite soft (mild taste). Meanwhile, for those who want to drink freshly ground bean coffee and have the opportunity to adjust the strength of coffee and choose from several possible types, we recommend purchasing a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Another key difference between Phillips coffee machines is different milk systems. The simplest bean-to-cup coffee machines will have a manual steam frother, so to make milk coffee you will need to improve your milk frothing skills. However, for coffee machines with an integrated automatic milk system, a press of a button will be enough to make a delicious cappuccino.

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When is it worth choosing a Philips coffee machine?

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