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Bored of coffee grinds? Use these 6 brewing methods for better coffee

Contrary to the popular belief, if you want to drink good coffee at home, you don’t need to rob your piggy bank. There’s a middle ground – you can get significantly better results than pouring over coffee in a cup with these manual methods and special coffee makers.

Brighter aroma, more taste control and, of course, no grinds between your teeth, and all that for a small price. Sounds pretty good? Then I have 6 brewing methods for you:

French press

Probably the most popular and widely liked coffee maker of this list. The secret of this French fellow is pretty simple – easy and comfortable coffee maker for a small price. No additional filters are needed here. When using French Press hot water is poured over coffee, left to steep and after a few minutes, coffee grinds are pushed down, and then coffee is poured into a cup. Coffee brewed by French Press is intense and its aroma is distinctive. This method is perfect for bigger companies of coffee drinkers because you can prepare up to 8 cups at once. Best grinding level for this coffee – coarse.


It may not be as attractive as those fancy glass containers. And yes, it may look a bit like something stolen from chemistry class, but it doesn’t stop coffee lovers from adoring it. Aeropress’s distinctive feature – very simple and sturdy 3 part mechanism, which uses pressure to prepare a cup of coffee in just a few minutes virtually anywhere. This method fits perfectly for those who wish to spend as little time as possible or want to drink your coffee on the go, without having to compromise the quality. Because of its simple design Aeropress is especially easy to clean, too. The perfect grind level is left for your fantasy and taste. As is amount of coffee, water temperature and its ratio. It all combines into infinite number or different tastes, so Aeropress will surprise you with every cup.


Coffee made using Chemex has distinct aroma and clean taste because of its especially thick filter. At first it takes some time get the hang of even pour over, but afterwards this coffee maker demonstrates great results. At once you can prepare 3 or 4 cups of coffee, so its a good choice for a family of coffee lovers or bunch of friends. Chemex looks good enough to make it to New York modern art museum – I can assure you that someone has accidentally used it as a vase and got compliments for having a good taste. You can experiment with girding a little, but the best results are achieved somewhere from medium and fine grind.

Hario V60

This coffee maker, awarded for its design solutions, got its name because of the special, exactly 60 degrees cone. Paper filter is inserted to it, ground coffee is added and poured over with hot water, and then filtered out to your cup. This coffee is distinguished by stable and clean taste, acquired with the help of especially thin filter. Because coffee can be brewed directly into a cup, Hario V60 will be a perfect companion for those who enjoy drinking their coffee alone. Add super easy maintenance and you will get a real bachelor’s best friend. Additionally, it is one of the most flexible methods, allowing multiple customisations – you can experiment with water temperature, grinding level and coffee/water ratio. Recommended grinding level – from medium to fine.

Moka Pot

Moka Pot is the best choice for those who want to wake up from with that intense, espresso-like, kick. Undoubtedly the main Moka feature is its ritualism. Classic Moka coffee maker is put on the stove and by using steam pressure, water is pushed through ground coffee. Your coffee thirst will not be stopped even if the electricity goes out ;). Moka is the best for preparing small amounts of intense coffee – the closest to real espresso, only the pressure used here is lower. From all the coffee makers on this list, Moka Pot makes the strongest and fullest coffee.

Cold Brew

Who said that coffee has to be hot? Well, maybe I have mentioned it once or twice… but it doesn’t matter now! Cold Brew method means mixing ground coffee with cold water and leaving it to steep for long amounts of time – from 12 to 36 hours. It is later drank cold or warmed. Cold Brew method is perfect for those who have problems with digesting ordinary coffee or just want to refresh themselves on a hot day. Since there is no contact with hot water, the acidity is lower, so cold brew coffee is naturally sweeter. Best part? To brew this coffee, you don’t need any devices, just a simple container.

Yes, these methods may require little more effort than just pushing “espresso” button on a coffee machine. However, a few minutes of effort invested in it will bring you huge difference from simply poured over coffee, I promise!

Of course, you can find all these coffee makers in our assortment. Have a tasty exploration!