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About Lelit Espresso Coffee Machines

Lelit is an Italian-based company that produces semi-automatic espresso coffee machines for homes and restaurants. Like many other Italian companies, it is run by a single family. This is what gives it its exceptional loyalty and respect for the Italian coffee tradition. Lelit maintains extremely high standards for their design and service by paying attention to every little detail. The company’s coffee machines combine the traditional elements of Italian espresso coffee machines with the latest advancements in modern technology.

Lelit Coffee Machine Features

Lelit coffee machines give you the freedom to create. Every true coffee lover knows that to make the perfect espresso, you have to change a lot of settings that many manufacturers don’t let the user touch. Not Lelit. With Lelit espresso machines, you can change everything: water temperature, water volume, water pressure, and even the coarseness of the beans in coffee machines with grinders that are integrated. When you’re looking for a balance of flavours and a thick espresso consistency, you’ll be able to change all the settings, giving your coffee the characteristics you need to unleash the full flavour potential of the beans you have. Each Lelit machine has a steam wand to whip up silky, fluffy milk for lattes or cappuccinos. Once you’ve mastered the skills at home, you’ll feel like a barista and your coffee will have the whole family queuing up to try it. Lelit will surprise you not only with the quality of the coffee you brew, but also with the robustness of the machine’s construction. It is the robustness that makes you trust this manufacturer’s machines, and it is the softness of the parts that need to be held in the hand (portafilter, tamper) that makes you fall in love with this machine all over again. Of course, neither the quality of the coffee nor the quality of the machine would mean anything if the machine was difficult to maintain and took more time to clean up after itself than the preparation of the coffee. Fortunately, the Lelit is extremely easy to maintain and its surface, although glossy, wipes off effortlessly.

Espresso brewed with the Lelit Coffee Machine

No one in the world knows better than you what kind of espresso you like, so being able to adjust everything to suit you and brew a café-quality espresso at home is a real liberation for every coffee lover. Start by choosing the coarseness of your coffee in the integrated grinder or the freestanding Lelit coffee grinder, find the right grind, press your own coffee in the portafilter and stop when you think the amount of water is just right. When making an espresso, the water pressure should be kept at around 9 bar and the recommended espresso run time is 20-25 seconds. Thick froth that gradually dissolves into rich coffee will betray that you have succeeded perfectly. You can also use specifically tailored espresso coffee beans or even ESE Pads to get the best taste out of your espresso brew.

Popular Lelit Models

The Lelit 50s, VIP, and Professional Series represent the epitome of Lelit’s espresso machine craftsmanship. Each line, distinct in its character, melds tradition with modernity, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and coffee perfection. Following we will have a closer look at each series individually.

50s Series

Step into the world of Lelit’s 50s machine series, where vintage elegance melds harmoniously with cutting-edge innovation, creating an enchanting coffee experience. The Lelit Anna, Glenda, Diana, and Annita models effortlessly exemplify this captivating blend. The Lelit Anna, with its classic aesthetic and steadfast performance, provides an authentic espresso experience in a sleek and understated package. Glenda, the refined and adaptable coffee machine, harmonizes style and utility, featuring precise temperature control and a potent steam wand, enabling you to master a diverse array of coffee concoctions. Diana, the pinnacle of the 50s series, boasts a dual boiler systexm that allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming, delivering the perfect espresso and creamy milk froth in every cup. It’s a coffee machine with a milk frother for this purpose. The addition of Annita to this charming collection further elevates the lineup with its striking design and user-friendly features, making it a delightful choice for coffee aficionados. Together, these timeless models transport you to a bygone era while offering the conveniences of today, crafting a coffee journey that transcends the boundaries of time.

Lelit VIP Series

Delve into the exquisite world of Lelit espresso machines, where sophistication and innovation converge to create a truly remarkable coffee experience. The Grace, Victoria, Kate, and Elizabeth models are the embodiments of this enchanting fusion. The Lelit Grace captivates with its sleek design and impressive performance, providing coffee aficionados with the perfect canvas for their espresso artistry. The Victoria, a harmonious blend of form and function, features precise temperature control and a user-friendly interface, enabling you to effortlessly craft an array of coffee beverages with finesse. The Kate, a versatile and compact coffee machine, combines an efficient grinder and brewer into one stylish package, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a streamlined coffee experience. Some, however, prefer having a stand-alone espresso coffee grinder. Last but not least, the regal Elizabeth, with its dual boiler system and PID control, delivers an unparalleled level of precision and consistency, ensuring that each cup of coffee is nothing short of perfection. Together, these exceptional models epitomize the essence of Lelit coffee machines—coffee makers designed to ignite your passion and elevate your coffee journey to new heights.

Lelit Professional Series

Embark on a journey of unparalleled coffee mastery with Lelit’s professional coffee machine line, where the pinnacle of performance meets the desires of the most discerning coffee drinkers and efficiency-driven thinkers. The Giulietta, Lelit Mara X, and Lelit Bianca models exemplify the artistry and innovation that Lelit is renowned for. The Giulietta, a powerhouse of espresso excellence, is designed to cater to the high demands of bustling coffee establishments, providing barista-quality beverages at an impressive pace. The Mara, a sleek and sophisticated model, skillfully combines elegance with performance, featuring a heat exchanger system that ensures consistency and quality in every cup. The Bianca, a true coffee virtuoso, offers an unparalleled level of customization, with its dual boiler, PID control, and built-in flow control paddle, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your espresso extraction. Together, these extraordinary models encapsulate the essence of Lelit’s professional espresso coffee machine line, providing coffee connoisseurs and ambitious thinkers alike with the tools they need to elevate their coffee experience to the realm of the extraordinary.

Lelit Coffee Machine Cleaning

 In addition there are Lelit descalers that can help keep the machine running smoothly. With these machines, you’ll feel like everything is in your hands, so when you buy a Lelit, you’ll be the smith of your coffee.


In conclusion, Lelit’s espresso machine series—the 50s, VIP, and Professional—demonstrate not just the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship, but also its understanding and appreciation for the many facets of the coffee experience. Each series caters to different tastes and needs, yet all adhere to the same standard of excellence, which involves a seamless blend of tradition, modernity, and relentless innovation. This commitment to quality transcends every component of their machines, making every coffee brewed a testament to Lelit’s dedication. From nostalgic design to advanced brewing capabilities and robust professional equipment, Lelit is genuinely where perfection brews, and every sip is a delightful journey.