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Which coffee machine is the best?

There is no single answer to this question. When choosing a coffee machine, statistics can help - people buy this purchase for about 5-7 years. Why is this fact important? Because for such a period it is important to purchase a reliable and, most importantly, a model that meets all the needs. In addition, every client has different wishes and expectations, so we say frankly - what works the best for your colleagues or neighbours, will not always be the best option for you and your family. We always recommend telling the shop-assistant openly about your expectations. To make it easier to understand and name your wishes, consider: What kind of coffee do you like the best - black, espresso or do you always choose one of the milk coffee drinks? There are brands whose technologies are designed to make the perfect espresso drink. There is also a possibility to choose from different milk systems that are customized for different needs. How much space do you plan to allocate for the coffee machine in your home? It may seem like a detail, but in some cases, when customers choose the coffee machine that meets their expectations the best, they have to face the dilemma of fitting it in the intended niche. What do you expect from your new coffee machine? If you have already researched a specific model online or used one at a friend's house, mention it to the shop-assistant. If this is not your first coffee machine, then we have no doubt that you already know what features are important to you, to what the attention should be paid. The latest technology, very quiet operation, exceptionally simple maintenance - everything is possible!

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Which coffee machine makes the most delicious coffee?

The coffee machine won't make tasteless coffee taste better. Therefore, the taste of coffee depends largely on what you put in the coffee machine. But unfortunately, a coffee machine can very simply “ruin” good coffee. How? If it is not adjusted properly (grinding coarseness is set incorrectly, the wrong temperature is selected) or if it is dirty inside (clogged coffee system with old coffee residue, mold in the coffee maker), even the most delicious coffee may become tasteless. Why then do the prices of coffee machines differ so much when the taste of the coffee produced can be the same? When you buy a coffee machine, you pay for the variety of drinks available, the ability to adjust and program various settings, ease of operation, ease of maintenance, design, finish, and brand prestige.

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What are the types of coffee machines?

Coffee machines can be classified according to their type as follows: 1. Bean-to-cup coffee machines. Makes coffee from whole beans at the touch of a button. Depending on the milk system available, you can also make coffee drinks with milk. They can be divided into domestic, office and vending coffee machines. 2. Espresso coffee machines. Also known as semi-automatic machines that make it possible to become your own barista. You can grind beans freshly in desired coarseness using a separate or integrated (if equipped) grinder, tamp ground coffee in the portafilter handle, insert the handle into the machine, pressa button and prepare one or two portions of coffee. You can froth the milk with a steam wand manually. These machines can be further divided into domestic and professional types. 3. Pod coffee machines. Makes coffee from coffee capsules. Feature: Each capsule system uses only capsules adapted for that capsule system. 4. Coffee makers. Filter or moka type coffee makers that make coffee from pre-ground coffee beans. 5. Percolators. Appliances used to prepare large quantities of filter coffee, which are extremely popular in the field of Horeca. 6. Various coffee brewing tools. Increasingly popular variety of brewing tools to experiment with a variety of coffee flavours. Chemex, Aeropress, V60, French Press ...

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About Coffee Machines

The coffee machine market has significantly expanded in the last decades, introducing a wide array of appliances tailored to fit diverse preferences, lifestyles, and brewing skills. Our assortment includes everything from manual coffee makers, offering complete control over the brewing process, to fully automatic models that make coffee preparation effortless with just the press of a button. Certain brands have established themselves as the producers of the best coffee machines in specific niches, focusing exclusively on a particular type of machine to meet varying expectations and requirements. In our online store, we provide a detailed overview of the main types of coffee machines, making it easier than ever to choose the perfect machine.

Now, let’s examine the range of coffee machine types available in our online store. Below, we showcase the main categories:

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

For those looking to entrust the entire coffee preparation process to automated technology, bean-to-cup coffee machines represent an ideal solution. These coffee machines benefit from ongoing technological advancements, enhancing ease of maintenance, operation, and efficient resource use. They feature intelligent systems that automatically adjust brewing parameters for optimal results, including precise temperature and consistency control for milk, and ingredient sequencing for authentic recipe preparation. Some bean to cup models possess a touch screen. The latest models also support remote operation via smartphones, allowing users to customize recipes, and monitor cleaning schedules, coffee temperature, and other critical settings, making the coffee-making process both simpler and more personalized. You can also find various design options to choose from which range from classic retro coffee machines all the way to stylish looking modern coffee machines.

Navigating the realm of automatic machines, our selection reveals a broad range of options to choose from. De’longhi coffee machines stand out as a notable and varied manufacturer to go for. It shares a notable feature with Siemens coffee machines: the incorporation of an external milk tank, along with a comprehensive array of modern functionalities. There are of course other coffee machine brands catering different needs. One of the most popular bean to cup brands not mentioned here is Jura. They offer customization options such as adjustable grind size, coffee-to-water ratios and three temperature settings, tailoring each cup to personal preference.

Built-in coffee machines

If you’re starting fresh in a new home or you are rebuilding your kitchen, integrating a built-in coffee machine into your interior could be a game-changer.  These appliances not only offer a wide range of customizable coffee options, from rich espressos to creamy lattes, but also allow for personalized adjustments in strength and temperature. Maintenance is straightforward, ensuring easy and quick care whenever your coffee machine prompts you to descale or rinse. Some built-in models like Bosch built-in coffee machines feature intelligent programming capabilities, enabling you to schedule brews and save your favourite recipes for consistent, barista-quality coffee at the touch of a button. You can find these features in most built-in models, including integrated coffee machines from Siemens.

Coffee machine types by function

When selecting a coffee machine, enthusiasts often prioritize specific functions over the machine’s general type, tailoring their choice to their unique needs. Key features vary widely, including the availability of a milk frother, an integrated grinder, or even a timer which is to be found in a joy resolve coffee machine. These considerations reflect the diverse requirements and preferences among users, from those seeking the convenience of an all-in-one solution to others who value precision and customization. Below, we address these questions, offering detailed insights into each function to help you find the perfect coffee maker that meets your coffee-preparation criteria.

Coffee machines with milk frother

For latte enthusiasts, the key feature in a new coffee machine is undoubtedly the milk frother. Coffee machines with a milk frother not only brew hot coffee but also feature a steam wand to foam milk to the perfect temperature, aligning with the warmth of your drink. This feature caters to those who prefer their coffee with a lighter taste, offering convenience through integrated milk systems and tanks for seamless beverage preparation. Siemens coffee machines are exemplary when it comes serving milk based coffee drinks with an integrated milk tank, conversely a Melitta coffee machine has an external milk tank.

Coffee machines with grinder

In the realm of coffee machines, the presence of a grinder is crucial, as the quality of espresso largely depends on the bean’s grind. Coffee machines with a grinder that is integrated address this need, ensuring the beans are ground to the ideal fineness for optimal flavour extraction. Integrated grinders are a common fixture in bean-to-cup models, though they’re sometimes also found in select filter and espresso machines, broadening the options for those prioritizing fresh, finely ground beans in their coffee-making process. Sage coffee machines are a good example of espresso machines with integrated grinders.

Espresso coffee machines

Espresso culture has seen a remarkable evolution, with espresso coffee machines playing a pivotal role in simplifying the art of espresso preparation. These machines have been redesigned to suit home environments, offering compact and energy-efficient designs, some even featuring built-in grinders. Semi-automatic coffee machines demand a certain level of engagement to fine-tune grinder settings, water quantity, and temperature, as well as to master milk frothing techniques. This journey towards mastering coffee’s complexities can culminate in the ability to produce cafĂ©-quality espresso at home. For coffee enthusiasts who desire complete control over their brewing process, a semi-automatic coffee machine represents the ideal choice. It ensures the essential 9-bar pressure required for authentic espresso

In the world of espresso machines, certain brands stand out for their unique offerings. Rocket Espresso distinguishes themselves by providing unparalleled manual control, perfect for those who love to fine-tune their espresso. Bezzera, known for blending tradition with innovation, offers machines that appeal to both history enthusiasts and modern technology users. Lelit coffee machines excel in advanced milk frothing capabilities, ensuring perfect milk texture and temperature for every cup. There are many more brands in the espresso machine range that have their unique features. We even have our own branded machine – the Chiato coffee machine, ideal for beginners.

Lever coffee machines

As you delve deeper into the craft of espresso preparation and seek mastery, you will undoubtedly encounter an array of coffee makers in our assortment that require hands-on control. For this, manual lever coffee machines were invented, operating on the foundational principles of traditional espresso machines and typically requiring a longer pre-heat time. Among these, the La Pavoni lever coffee machine stands out as a brand synonymous with quality lever machines. Another popular choice in this category is the Elektra coffee machine. If that’s not enough and you want a complete hands-on brewing experience, a Flair coffee machine might suit your needs. While lever machines are typically favoured by more experienced users, the abundance of online tutorials has made starting up these machines a straightforward process, even for beginners. 

Filter coffee machines

Filter coffee machines excel The bewing process in a in brewing nuanced, light-bodied coffee, contrasting the dense, intense profile of espresso. These devices allow for brewing in bulk, maintaining warmth on a hotplate for hours, streamlining coffee consumption for extended periods. The success of filter brewing hinges on selecting premium beans, as the method magnifies both the coffee’s merits and flaws. For the best extraction, opt for 100% Arabica beans with a medium roast to fully capture the beans’ intricate Flavors without overshadowing their natural qualities.

Ideal for connoisseurs seeking to unearth the subtle flavour notes of their coffee, filter coffee makers are a prize for those appreciating delicate brews. They also serve as an efficient solution in small office environments, offering ample brew without the downtime of individual preparation. One of the most popular brands of filter machines is Moccamaster.

Pod coffee machines

Another important category in the coffee machine spectrum are pod coffee machines. These innovative capsule machines utilize single-use capsules or pods, designed to deliver precise flavor and aroma extraction effortlessly. Catering to a variety of preferences, from robust espressos to creamy lattes. With features including optimal pressure extraction, automated descaling, and components that are a breeze to clean, they meet the demands of those in pursuit of high-quality coffee experiences without the complications of traditional brewing methods.

Dolce Gusto and Nespresso emerge as leading examples within the capsule system market, each with its unique appeal. Dolce Gusto coffee machines cater to a diverse range of tastes with its wide selection of beverage options, including milk-based drinks, offering everything from cappuccinos to flavored lattes. On the other hand, Nespresso is celebrated for its elegant design and effective high-pressure system, aimed at those who cherish a premium coffee experience. It provides a vast array of coffee varieties, from single-origin to blended espressos. For lovers of beverages with fresh milk, Nespresso also offers models equipped with integrated milk frothers, further enhancing the convenience and quality offered by coffee pod machines.

ESE coffee machines

Espresso preparation has been simplified with the help of ESE coffee machines which work in combination with pre-portioned, compressed pods. These versatile coffee machines, often semi-automatic, can handle both ESE pods and ground coffee, making them adaptable for various preferences. The ESE designation indicates specialized filters designed for pod use, streamlining the process without sacrificing taste. There are also ese coffee machines under the Smeg coffee machine range, capable of supporting ese pads, same with De’longhi Dedica coffee machines. These machines should be purchased by people who value convenience when preparing espresso.

Pad coffee machines

Pad coffee machines, employing coffee pads instead of compressed pods, deliver a distinctly lighter brew. Operating at a lower pressure than traditional espresso machines, they still achieve a beverage with a rich crema, elegantly bridging the gap between espresso and filter machine coffee. This method’s unique advantage lies in the environmental friendliness of the pads, which are durable enough for the brewing process yet rapidly biodegradable. Philips pad machines are at the forefront of this technology. The simplicity of maintenance is another hallmark, allowing users to enjoy their coffee with minimal downtime for cleaning. 

For those who value quick, hassle-free coffee brewing without compromising on quality, a pad coffee machine is the perfect kitchen companion. It’s ideal for anyone looking to explore different coffee flavors easily and efficiently.

Portable coffee machine

For those who enjoy camping or are frequently on the move, portable coffee makers offer a convenient solution for non-traditional coffee preparation. Compact and lightweight, these devices, such as the Handpresso and AeroPress, are designed for easy transport. The principle behind their operation is straightforward: hot water is poured over ground coffee contained in the maker’s inner chamber. Each portable coffee machine is equipped with a plunger that serves as a pressure lever, allowing the user to push the hot water through the coffee grounds, yielding espresso-quality brews. This simplicity and efficiency make portable coffee makers an essential tool for coffee lovers seeking quality brews in the great outdoors or while traveling.

Refurbished coffee machines

Our selection encompasses a diverse range of machines, including espresso, bean-to-cup, and drip coffee makers, all refurbished by our skilled service technicians. Refurbished coffee machines, having served as demo units in stores, returns, or unsold inventory, undergo rigorous testing and preparation before being listed for sale. This meticulous process allows us to offer machines in top condition at discounted prices, providing an excellent opportunity for customers to acquire high-quality coffee equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Commercial coffee machines

Commercial coffee machines are designed for the high-volume production required in settings like cafes, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Our selection is divided into two primary categories: professional espresso machines, exemplified by the  Rocket Espresso range, and bean-to-cup models like those from Saeco, catering to different needs and expertise levels.

For cafes and restaurants where quality and volume are paramount, machines like  Rancilio or  La Marzocco are operated by skilled baristas. These professional espresso machines enable establishments to offer top-quality espresso, balancing cost with the expectation of excellence. They require expertise in grinding, dosing, and tamping coffee grounds, ensuring that each and every single cup meets the high standards of coffee enthusiasts.

In contrast, offices might prefer the convenience of bean-to-cup machines, such as those from  Dr. Coffee. These fully automatic machines are designed for ease of use and high capacity, making them ideal for environments where manual brewing isn’t practical. They allow any user to select from a variety of coffee specialties easily, ensuring a quality cup without the need for own barista skills. This category simplifies coffee preparation, meeting the needs of busy office settings with an appreciation for good coffee.

Coffee machine by colour

Selecting a coffee machine that complements the interior of your kitchen is essential, making colour a significant consideration when buying a coffee machine. While some brands maintain a classic palette or offer limited variations, others, such as Moccamaster or Ascaso, boast an extensive range of colours for their coffee machines. Delonghi is another example, with its Dedica model available in diverse hues like red, silver, black, and crema, providing ample opportunity to match or accentuate your kitchen’s colour scheme. It’s advisable to assess the colour themes in your kitchen meticulously and choose the right coffee machine colour that harmonizes with your space, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Coffee machine by size

The coffee machine you select should align with your kitchen’s colour scheme and fit within its spatial constraints. Given that kitchens vary greatly in design and countertop space is often limited, it’s crucial to choose a coffee machine of a suitable size. Consider your coffee preferences and streamline your decision-making process by selecting a machine that accommodates both your spatial limitations and brewing desires. For example, if you have very little countertop space, a small coffee machine would be a smarter choice. This approach ensures that your new coffee machine enhances your kitchen’s functionality without compromising on style or your coffee experience.

Coffee machine by price

Every person planning to buy a new coffee machine sets a budgetary limit. Some people are willing to expend more given the machine fulfills the exact function needed, others look for a quick and easy option that is cheap like a Nespresso with pods which is a Coffee machine under 100ÂŁ. Such machines usually have less features, yet they are still a popular choice in the UK.

If you are willing to raise your budget, you will see the range of feature-rich machines expand. Coffee machines under 500£ will most certainly broaden the range of selection. Here you can find bean to cup and espresso models that cater to various needs. You must always try to strike a balance between the amount willing to expend versus the functionality you want to get out of your coffee machine. All options must be weighed. 

Need any help?

If you’re unsure which coffee machine type is the right one for you, our Coffee Friend consultants are always ready to help you make the best decision!

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