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Which ground coffee is the best as a gift?

If you know the person’s, to whom you are gifting the coffee, hobbies - then choosing coffee will be easier. You can choose according to the country of origin or buy the highest quality coffee as a gift. However, If you do not have as much information and want the coffee to be suitable for everyone - pay close attention to the selection and that the dominant flavor would be sweetness, not fruitiness. Especially popular blends for versatiles gifts are from the American or Asian regions. Meanwhile, for coffee gourmets, we often suggest choosing coffee that is grown in Africa or that has the organic coffee certificate. Such coffee has fruitiness, a strong, expressive taste and aroma.

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How to choose ground coffee?

When choosing ground coffee, it is recommended to consider what you expect from it and the way it will be brewed. Each coffee has unique tastes, aromas and depending on the coffee type, the roast level, processing and brewing it can reveal different colors. E.g. for pour-over coffee it is recommended to use medium roast and medium grind coffee, because these coffee grinds will settle easier, and the poured water temperature will not burn it. However, If ground coffee is used with an espresso machine or with a french press brewer, you can choose finer grind coffee. While making coffee in these ways pressure is used, which means that the hot water is forced through compacted coffee grinds quite fast, but still appropriates aromas and flavors. It should be noted that when making beverages from ground coffee, the hotter the water - the more bitterness it will reveal in the drink. Also, the finer the grind is, the slower the water seeps through it, thus the coffee will be more intense, fragrant, and have a stronger taste. If you are hesitant which coffee from the available selection is the best for your preferred coffee brewing method, our employees will always help you pick it over the phone or at the nearest store.

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About Ground coffee

Ground coffee is basically coffee beans ground in advance and ready to be prepared using your favourite brewing method. It’s extremely convenient, as you don’t have to worry about choosing the right grind level and grinding the beans evenly they’re already ground to perfection. Moreover, ground coffee can serve as an excellent gift when going to a house party or meeting your friends. When gifting somebody some coffee beans, you’re always at risk of the person not being able to use them (unless you give them a coffee grinder too!), while ground coffee is absolutely risk-free. 

At Coffee Friend, you’ll find a wide selection of various ground coffees. Coffees produced by different well-known manufacturers or local roasters, coffees originating from various coffee-growing regions, coffees of numerous roast profiles and grinds, organic or decaf coffees, coffees created specially for certain brewing methods… Everyone will be able to discover a variety that suits their palette perfectly. If you want to avoid getting lost amongst numerous ground coffee brands, we recommend paying attention to the following elements (this information is usually available on the packaging of the coffee or in the product description): 

Well-known coffee manufacturers and local roasters 

The Coffee Friend’s coffee assortment includes ground coffees produced by brands known all over the world, as well as various coffees roasted locally. We encourage you to go ahead and give various coffees a try — the realm of flavours is so vast after all! By the way, small local roasters can often surprise you with coffees of the highest quality that are incredibly fresh. Don’t get too attached to names that you’re already familiar with — instead, dive into the world of brands and tastes that you haven’t discovered yet. 

Coffee blends and specialty coffees

If you’re a true coffee connoisseur or a fan of vivid tasting notes, we recommend taking a look at our specialty ground coffees. Drinks prepared using them are so delicious that no additional ingredients, like sugar or milk, are needed — specialty coffee is full of flavour in and of itself. You’ll find the phrase single-origin on the packaging of such coffees, while the very best of them will be marked as specialty. Drinking specialty coffee is like tasting the world’s finest wine! However, if you’re a lover of balanced flavours or you like enhancing the taste of your coffee with the help of various additional ingredients (sugar, milk, cream, etc.), you should give coffee blends a try. The taste of blends will harmoniously merge with any of your chosen add-ins. 

Different coffee regions

Coffees originating from different regions are characterised by different flavours. Of course, saying that all African or Asian coffees are necessarily marked by certain tasting notes would be tantamount to significantly narrowing down the flavour palette of that region. This palette is usually extremely varied and rich. Nevertheless, a typical taste profile can be established. So if the packaging of your coffee states that it originates from Africa, Asia, Central America or South America, keep in mind that the following flavours are likely to be found in it: 

African coffee. It’s fruity, berryish, flowery, characterised by sweet-and-sour flavours and reminiscent of the finest wine or tea. 

Asian coffee. It’s dominated by notes that are “heavier” and more bitter, reminiscent of exotic spices, chocolate, tobacco and wood.  

South American coffee. This coffee is characterised by a balanced taste and natural sweetness. Notes of chocolate, nuts and fruit are often encountered. Compared to African coffee, it’s less acidic. It’s also milder than Asian varieties. 

Central American coffee. Such coffee has a vivid taste and a strong character. Numerous tasting notes can be encountered, from tropical fruit to various nuts.

Armed with this information, you can successfully guess the flavour of most coffees based on their packaging alone!

Various roast profiles

Different coffees have different roast profiles — but how do they impact the taste of the prepared drink? More often than not, the following scale of roast profiles is used: light, medium light, medium, medium dark and dark. It’s enough to keep in mind that the lighter the roast of your coffee, the fruitier, more berryish and marked by pleasant sweet-and-sour notes the resulting drink will be. Coffee of a lighter roast is suited perfectly for the filter brewing method. It also works great when prepared and enjoyed straight from the cup. On the other hand, the darker the roast of your coffee, the more bitter it will be. It’ll also be characterised by notes of chocolate and coffee liqueur. Coffee of a darker roast tastes better when prepared using the espresso brewing method.

Why is it so important to consider the grind level of ground coffee?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing ground coffee is its grind level. The grind of your coffee can be extremely fine, fine, medium, a tiny bit coarser or extremely coarse. Different grind levels are suited for different coffee brewing methods. Keeping this in mind is absolutely crucial: for example, if you purchase coffee that’s been ground extremely coarsely and try to prepare a drink using an espresso coffee machine, all you’ll get is a cup of lukewarm water — this is because coffee machines require a finer grind. However, if you choose coffee that’s been ground extremely finely for the filter brewing method, the prepared drink might taste unpleasantly bitter or acidic. When searching for that perfect ground coffee, you can make use of our recommendations: 

Extremely fine grind. It’s perfect for brewing coffee in a Turkish coffee pot.

Fine grind. It suits semi-automatic and bean-to-cup coffee machines best. 

Medium fine grind. Ideal for moka pots.

Medium grind. It works great when brewing coffee in an AeroPress or a filter coffee maker. It can be used to prepare coffee straight in a cup too.

Coarser than medium grind. Perfect for the Chemex coffee maker or brewing coffee straight in a cup. 

Coarse grind. Choose this grind if you’re a fan of the French press, cold brew coffee or drinks prepared straight in a cup. 

Coffee ground specially for a certain brewing method

To make choosing the right coffee easier for the lovers of this drink, manufacturers and roasters often specify the brewing method that a particular coffee is suited for on the packaging of the product. All you have to do is take a few minutes to read the label! Keep in mind that in 99% of cases, if there’s a word espresso on the packaging of your coffee, it’ll be created specially for the espresso brewing method. If neither the grind level nor the brewing method are indicated on the packaging, such coffee will most likely be suited for the filter brewing method or for preparing coffee straight in a cup. 

Freshness of ground coffee

The freshness of ground coffee cannot be overestimated too. Make sure to pay attention to the roasting date indicated on your coffee. Once the beans have been roasted, the process of oxidation starts, which means that the flavour of the coffee begins changing bit by bit. Grinding the coffee speeds this process up even more. Sure, the manufacturers of ground coffee then seal it in airtight packaging, but the slow loss of taste has already started. The fresher your coffee is, the better its flavour will be! 

Organic ground coffee

As organic products continue to grow in popularity, coffee farmers have started paying more and more attention to organic coffee production too. Organic certification ensures that the products labeled with this word are indeed environmentally friendly, so pay attention to such labels when buying coffee. In addition to being grown sustainably and without the use of chemical fertilisers, organic coffee is usually of an extremely high quality. 

Caffeine-free ground coffee

If you don’t tolerate caffeine well, are trying to steer clear of it for a while for whatever reason or simply like to enjoy a cup of coffee late in the evening, we recommend giving decaf ground coffee a try. The Coffee Friend’s assortment includes various high-quality decaf ground coffees — caffeine has been removed from them using natural methods. 

How should you store ground coffee to ensure that it stays fresh for as long as possible? 

Once you’ve opened a packet of ground coffee, we recommend using it up as soon as possible. This is why ground coffee is best purchased in smaller packets (unless, of course, there are numerous coffee drinkers in your household). What impacts the flavour of ground coffee the most is air, sunlight and moisture, so it’s definitely a good idea to store ground coffee in an opaque, airtight, maybe even vacuum container. However, if you really want to protect the freshness of your coffee, your best bet would be purchasing a special coffee canister.

You now have all the necessary information, so go ahead and choose the right ground coffee for you! If you’re still struggling to decide, however, the Coffee Friend’s consultants will be happy to help you out — you’re welcome to write or call us!

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