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When ground coffee selection is very wide, it may be difficult to find you favourite taste. In order to choose right you need to know a few things: ground coffee and coffee beans can’t get too warm, this way coffee may loose strength of their aroma. Real coffee taste and intensity depends on grinding level. There are two types of ground coffee: course grind coffee that has bigger coffee particles and medium-coarse grind coffee, also called espresso, which is more refined and soft. In our shops you will find not only well known and widely like brands as Café Liégeois, but also our unique coffee blends. Main strength of our blends is freshness – these coffees are roasted and ground in small quantities

How is decaffeinated coffee made?

Caffeine - is a water soluble material, thus its extraction…
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Caffeine - is a water soluble material, thus its extraction from coffee is very simple and natural. Green (unroasted) coffee beans are soaked. For that, steam and water is used. Later on, with the help of activated carbon filters caffeine stays in the water and the dried beans are roasted. However, the end result might still have a little bit of caffeine left - up to 0,1 pct. (3mg). It is important to mention that caffeine itself is tasteless and odorless. Thus, its extraction from coffee does not have a significant effect on its taste. Those who are looking for their favorite decaffeinated coffee should know - like all other coffee types, they can be grown in different countries, be of different types or roasting levels.

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Which ground coffee is the best as a gift?

If you know the person’s, to whom you are gifting…
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If you know the person’s, to whom you are gifting the coffee, hobbies - then choosing coffee will be easier. You can choose according to the country of origin or buy the highest quality coffee as a gift. However, If you do not have as much information and want the coffee to be suitable for everyone - pay close attention to the selection and that the dominant flavor would be sweetness, not fruitiness. Especially popular blends for versatiles gifts are from the American or Asian regions. Meanwhile, for coffee gourmets, we often suggest choosing coffee that is grown in Africa or that has the organic coffee certificate. Such coffee has fruitiness, a strong, expressive taste and aroma.

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How to choose ground coffee?

When choosing ground coffee, it is recommended to consider what…
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When choosing ground coffee, it is recommended to consider what you expect from it and the way it will be brewed. Each coffee has unique tastes, aromas and depending on the coffee type, the roast level, processing and brewing it can reveal different colors. E.g. for pour-over coffee it is recommended to use medium roast and medium grind coffee, because these coffee grinds will settle easier, and the poured water temperature will not burn it. However, If ground coffee is used with an espresso machine or with a french press brewer, you can choose finer grind coffee. While making coffee in these ways pressure is used, which means that the hot water is forced through compacted coffee grinds quite fast, but still appropriates aromas and flavors. It should be noted that when making beverages from ground coffee, the hotter the water - the more bitterness it will reveal in the drink. Also, the finer the grind is, the slower the water seeps through it, thus the coffee will be more intense, fragrant, and have a stronger taste. If you are hesitant which coffee from the available selection is the best for your preferred coffee brewing method, our employees will always help you pick it over the phone or at the nearest store.

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