Ground specialty coffee Black Crow White Pigeon Ethiopia Burtukaana, 250 g

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Chapter 4

The White Pigeon presents: 

The aroma of juicy forest blueberries envelops the air, with sweet notes of rhubarb and vanilla dancing in the background…

Flying high over the Ethiopian region of Guji, the eye stumbles across the rapids of the river Turo, as well as the nearby “Anasora” washing station. Around a thousand local smallholder farmers belonging to the Oromo ethnic group rely on this station to have their coffee processed. Israel Degfa, the owner of “Anasora” and a highly respected member of the community, not only turns the local coffee cherries into some of the world’s finest beans, but also supports those who help this wonder of the coffee world come into existence. 

Your White Pigeon


Country of origin | Ethiopia

Region | Guji

Producer | Israel Degfa’s estate “Anasora”

Altitude | 1600–1800 m

Arabica varietal | Heirloom

Process | Natural

Roast profile | Medium

SCA score | 88 out of 100

Flavour palette | Rhubarb, blueberries, vanilla

Recommended brewing methods: all manual brewing tools (V60, Chemex, etc.) and brewing straight in a cup.

Ingredients: ground roasted coffee.

Storage conditions: store sealed in a dark, dry and cool place.


“Black Crow White Pigeon” is here to regale you with extraordinary coffee stories. The main characters in this tale—the Black Crow and the White Pigeon—embody the remarkably varied flavour palette of specialty coffees: from dark, deep, earthy notes to light, subtle aromas. Every possible wonder of taste fits onto this lengthy scale, starting with inscrutable darkness and transforming slowly into the sort of white that takes your breath away. Each coffee, along with its unique story, hides inside a beautiful package that may remind you of a new chapter in a book you’re reading: carefully numbered, these chapters go all the way from 1 to 24. Dive deep into new experiences with “Black Crow White Pigeon”: discover the tales that each chapter tells you, immerse yourself in unique flavours, and set out on a journey so fragrant it’s bound to be impossible to forget. Feel free to start your own personal voyage from any chapter…

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Where is this coffee roasted?

This coffee is roasted by our partners in Lithuania, in one of the finest local roasteries.

What's the difference between specialty coffee beans and regular ones?

Specialty coffee includes only the world’s best-rated varieties. Who rates it and how do they do that, you wonder? Well, the rating is in the hands of certified coffee tasters. They evaluate the quality of the coffee they’re presented with based on the scale created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Four criteria are assessed: origin, the appearance of green beans, the aroma of the prepared brew, and its flavour characteristics. Only coffees that end up scoring somewhere between 80 and 100 points can be rightfully referred to as “specialty”.

How does the natural processing method affect the flavour of coffee?

The natural process involves drying the coffee bean whole, that is, together with the pulp. Coffee processed in this way is sweeter, juicier and particularly full-bodied.

How much acidity is there in the flavour of this coffee?

“Ethiopia Burtukaana” is one of our finest African specialty coffees. Like most coffees from this region, it boasts some vivid acidity, which is valued by coffee connoisseurs all over the world. Keep in mind that this sort of acidity has nothing to do with the overly acidic taste of low-quality coffee. Unlike the latter, this one’s pleasantly sweet, fruity and deliciously berryish. Give it a try and see for yourself!


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