Buy 1, get 1 FREE
Buy 1, get 1 FREE
Drinking coffee I wonder why I waited so long and did not buy this coffee machine before. I am very satisfied.
Coffee machine De’Longhi “ECAM 23.120.B”
We are satisfied with the purchase of the coffee machine.
Coffee machine De’Longhi “ECAM 22.112.B“
It looks good but most importantly its grind is gives the perfect espresso from the fantastic Lelit Mara X. Both Lelit grinder and Mara X are great value for money.
Coffee grinder LELIT “Fred PL043MMI”
Really like the device, thanks!
Coffee machine De’Longhi “Magnifica Evo ECAM290.31.SB”
I bought the machine almost a month ago. Great! The coffee is delicious and varied. I had to search / understand a bit about the settings- it turns out that the settings buttons are cups (I need the buttons as in the pictures), but the man explained very quickly what and how we adjusted all the settings quickly 😉
Coffee machine De’Longhi “Magnifica Evo ECAM290.61.B”
Good value for money. Lowest price on the market for this model.
Verified user
Coffee machine De’Longhi “PrimaDonna Class ECAM 550.65.SB”

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