Buy 1, get 1 FREE
Buy 1, get 1 FREE
Bought this coffee machine as a refurbished item. The team was very helpful and with my decision. The machine is in great conditions - as far as I can tell it works as good as new apart from a few cosmetic scratches. I mostly drink espressos and flat whites, and I like darker roasts. After 2-3 days of getting used to it, I got cafe' quality espressos using relatively pedestrian Lavazza beans and am able to texture milk for flat whites or cappuccinos very quickly. I find it very forgiving even if going above the ideal pressure, provided it doesn't trigger the OPV (12 bar). A solid 8/10 quality average is very easy to get to. The extraction is never bitter or sour and with good body, and lots of crema. The user experience is satisfyingly analogue, I love the switches instead of buttons. The grinder works well, set to 2.5 for mid-deep roast; It coped well with occasional lighter roasts too as the output is uniform and fluffy, but I had to be extra careful to avoid channeling. My feeling is that Italian style roast is the sweet spot, it's very easy to use then. The grinder is a bit messy - I have been using a cutout yogurt pot to catch the ground coffee until I find a more permanent solution. Also, the hopper warms up the beans a bit so I never fill it completely, but these are very minor issues. You'll notice a drop in temperature as you brew coffee, but this is the boiler temperature and is expected (Lelit have videos on YouTube to show how the PID works). However, after a couple of double espressos you will need to wait 30 seconds or so until the temperature goes up again. On that subject, the machine is ready to brew after a minute, but group and portafilter are fully heated after roughly 10 minutes - and hold the heat very well. Going into this purchase, I also considered the Barista Express and the DeLonghi La Specialista Arte. I think that if you're a beginner like me wanting to learn, this will be more fun. Once calibrated, it is easier to use than I thought, and being manual you can do slight adjustments as you go and save an imperfect brew. Very impressed - may need to buy some good quality decaf to avoid caffeine addiction.
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Coffee machine “Lelit Anita PL042TEMD”
Have used the machine for 4 years at our small hotel. We provide an average of 12 cups per day (Cappuccino, Late, Espresso) Machine has been reliable and easy to use. De-scaling (frequent as we live in a very hard-water area) is no problem but you need to follow the instructions exactly or it can take some time. If I need to purchase again in the future I would purchase the exact same model.
Coffee machine Saeco “Lirika One Touch RI9851/01”
Excellent product. You can buy a Senseo coffee duck online that enables you to use fresh coffee instead of pads, lots more cheaper.
Coffee machine Philips Senseo “Original Plus CSA210/60”
You can buy a Senseo coffee duck online that enables you to use fresh coffee instead of pads, lots more cheaper.
Coffee machine Philips Senseo “Original Plus CSA210/50”
The machine was delivered as promised 5 star service congratulations
Coffee machine Philips Senseo “Original Plus CSA210/60”
Drinking coffee I wonder why I waited so long and did not buy this coffee machine before. I am very satisfied.
Coffee machine De’Longhi “ECAM 23.120.B”
We are satisfied with the purchase of the coffee machine.
Coffee machine De’Longhi “ECAM 22.112.B“
It looks good but most importantly its grind is gives the perfect espresso from the fantastic Lelit Mara X. Both Lelit grinder and Mara X are great value for money.
Coffee grinder LELIT “Fred PL043MMI”
Really like the device, thanks!
Coffee machine De’Longhi “Magnifica Evo ECAM290.31.SB”