Coffee beans Caprisette Italiano, 1 kg

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Coffee beans Caprisette Italiano, 1 kg
Coffee beans Caprisette Italiano, 1 kg
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About product

Your favourite coffee with a new, fun name, packed in an upgraded, modern bag. 

Straight from an Italian roasting house, this is the perfect choice for sworn fans of Italian coffees! 

This 100% arabica blend combines beans from Brazil, Mexico, India and Ethiopia. Treat your palate to sweet notes of caramel, hints of gourmet liqueur and a sprinkle of the finest cacao. 


Designed for a delicious daily cuppa, this is Coffee Friend’s best-selling range of coffees. Blends of various different flavours are suited well both for regular black coffee and your favourite milk-based drinks. 

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans.

Storage conditions: store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Taste guide

Coffee passport

Coffee origin region
Africa, Asia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, South America
Coffee kind
Roasting level

Frequently Asked Questions

What adjustments should I make to the settings of my bean-to-cup coffee machine when brewing this coffee?

Each of us has our own personal taste, so just do whatever seems best to you! We suggest starting from standard settings, that is, choosing the medium option wherever possible. Afterwards, simply adjust the flavour to your liking: if you’d prefer your brew stronger and more intense, increase the amount of ground coffee and/or select a finer grind; but if you’d like your coffee to be a bit subtler, decrease the amount of ground coffee and/or select a coarser grind.

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Can I infuse this coffee straight in a cup?

Yes, you can. This coffee works well with all brewing methods.

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Is there a hint of acidity in this coffee?

Notes of cacao, caramel and liqueur dominate in this coffee, so you’ll feel no fruity or berryish acidity in it.

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Is the taste of this coffee particularly intense?

“Italiano” is a 100% arabica blend of a medium roast, so its taste is extremely well-balanced: it’s neither too subtle nor too intense.

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Where is this coffee roasted?

“Italiano” is a true Italian coffee that’s been roasted in Italy!

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10 review(s)
  • January 9, 2023

    I was sent this for free and I’m considering sending it back.
    Tastes like cigarette ash and nail polish.

    1 star because of the long finish, unfortunately that finish tastes like acetone.

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  • Verified user
    September 22, 2022

    Best tasting coffe I’ve had for a long while will be buying again.👍👍👍

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