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About Miele Coffee Machines

Miele coffee machines embody the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and practicality. Investing in a Miele coffee machine is a smart decision for your kitchen, as it promises a long-lasting, high-quality appliance that will consistently deliver the best coffee experience. With Miele, you’re not just getting a coffee maker; you’re acquiring a symbol of refined taste and long-lasting reliability, ensuring that your daily caffeine rituals are exceptional.

Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines features

Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines, known for their smart features and durability, will give you an outstanding coffee experience without leaving the comfort of your home. What makes these models exceptional?

Wide variety of coffees and teas

Depending on the model, Miele coffee machines can produce up to 20 different hot drinks. In addition to a wide range of Italian coffee recipes, you can choose from a number of teas as well. Whether it’s black, green, fruit or herbal tea, a Miele coffee machine is always ready to dispense water at the exact right temperature for your chosen beverage.

OneTouch for Two feature for those who like to sip coffee in good company

Many bean-to-cup coffee machines are capable of brewing two servings of espresso or black coffee at once, while two servings of any milk-based beverage have to be prepared separately. With Miele, it’s different though. Absolutely all Miele coffee machine models offer the extremely convenient OneTouch feature, which means that two servings of any drink can be brewed at once. Yes, even the delicious latte, cappuccino or latte macchiato!

Coffee and tea jug function

With just one touch, the coffee machines from the Miele CM 5 series can brew up to 6 servings, while the appliances from the CM 6 series are capable of preparing up to 8 cups of coffee at once.

Perfect milk foam for milk-based beverages

Countertop bean-to-cup Miele models can be also found in our category of coffee machines with a milk frother. If you end up going for Miele though, you won’t be frothing your milk manually using a steam wand. All Miele coffee machines are equipped with an integrated, ultra-convenient automatic milk system that froths and warms milk with just one touch.

AromaticSystem for a truly unique taste experience

The AromaticSystem feature ensures an intense and delightfully pleasant aroma. It does so by expertly mixing freshly ground beans with water to create particularly rich flavours.

DoubleShot feature for fans of intense brews

When this feature is selected, coffee is brewed in two separate, shorter brewing cycles instead of a single long one. As a result, the drink has fewer bitter particles and boasts more flavours and aromas.

Expert mode

The expert mode found in coffee machines from the Miele CM 6 series allows users to conveniently change settings during the brewing process. You can adjust the amount of coffee to be ground while the grinder is running, or select a different serving size while the coffee is being dispensed.

Remember: coffee machines with a grinder bring out the best flavours and aromas hidden in your coffee beans, as they’re only ground once you’ve selected the beverage you want to brew.

Personal user profiles

Every Miele coffee machine offers the possibility of creating personal profiles. Depending on the selected model there can be anywhere from 2 to 10 of them. Each profile can be used to save a personal menu with individual settings.

Separate compartment for ground coffee

Every bean-to-cup coffee machine has a built-in grinder—but did you notice that lots of them let you brew drinks using pre-ground coffee as well? The Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines offer this feature too, hence opening up a wider range of possibilities. This feature is particularly useful if, for example, there’s a single fan of decaf coffee in your household. It’s bound to come in handy if your family likes trying out different ground coffees as well! 

Ease of use

You can control each “Miele” coffee machine with modern touch buttons or a convenient touchscreen. Just tap on the chosen feature or drink, and watch your wishes get fulfilled instantly!


All Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines boast a child lock feature. You can activate this lock function with just one touch. This ensures that your child remains protected from the risk of burning their fingers with hot coffee or tea water.

Automatic milk system rinsing program

Maintaining your coffee machine will also be easy. After preparing a milk-based drink, a Miele coffee machine rinses the milk system automatically using water from the water tank. 

Automatic rinsing and cleaning programs

All Miele coffee machines boast automatic maintenance programs. However, do not forget to use special cleaning tablets for the cleaning program. This way, you will ensure maximum hygiene inside the coffee machine.

Miele coffee machine cleaning

Miele coffee machines would certainly not be called modern if they did not boast automatic cleaning systems. These machines are easy to maintain because they incorporate automatic milk system rinsing and cleaning programs, an automatic cleaning program for the brewing system, and an automatic descaling program too. Easy-to-remove components, such as the milk system and brewing unit, go a long way towards ensuring perfect cleanliness as well.

From time to time, all users have to descale Miele coffee machines using special products designed to protect these appliances from limescale and prevent the flavour from getting ruined. If you’re a fan of milk-based drinks, you’ll need to clean the milk system regularly too. You can find all the necessary tools in the category of coffee machine cleaning products.

To learn more about cleaning your Miele appliance, read the article “How to Clean a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine?“.

Professional help when choosing a coffee machine

We hope you’ve found this information about Miele coffee machines useful! However, if you still have questions, or if you’d like to receive personalised advice on which model might be the right one for you, reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants. They’ll be happy to answer all of your questions or suggest other types of coffee machines you may want to take a look at.