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What is so special about the Latte go milk system?

Latte go is an innovative and extremely easy to maintain milk system. This, explicitly by Philips brand designed milk system uniqueness is the high-speed mixing of milk and air in a rounded milk container. Due to this principle of frothing, the production of milk foam does not require a complicated milk frother mechanism. Since machines with the Latte go system do not have milk frothers - cleaning the milk system is one of the easiest ways there is. It is enough to rinse the milk container under running water.

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What is the difference between Philips coffee machines?

Phillips filter coffee makers are used for making coffee with coffee pads. These coffee machines take up little space, are easy to use and maintain. Also, the coffee will be light and quite soft (mild taste). Meanwhile, for those who want to drink freshly ground bean coffee and have the opportunity to adjust the strength of coffee and choose from several possible types, we recommend purchasing a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Another key difference between Phillips coffee machines is different milk systems. The simplest bean-to-cup coffee machines will have a manual steam frother, so to make milk coffee you will need to improve your milk frothing skills. However, for coffee machines with an integrated automatic milk system, a press of a button will be enough to make a delicious cappuccino.

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When is it worth choosing a Philips coffee machine?

With Phillips coffee machines coffee can be made with the touch of a button for a relatively low price. So, if you are looking for an economical option for daily use at home, this manufacturer's coffee machines might meet your needs. Philips manufactures both filter and bean-to-cup coffee machines, thus there is a variety to choose from.

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Would you like your coffee machine to have a long service time and make delicious coffee cup after cup? To achieve this, you need to take the greatest care of it and do not forget to regularly clean it. Keep the coffee machine’s impeccable appearance and cleanliness.

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