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About Built-in Coffee Machines

Built-in coffee machines are immensely popular at the minute, a key part of the growing trend of modernising our home interiors with sleek built-in household appliances that offer discretion and convenience in one. If minimalism and coffee are your two favourite things, then a built-in coffee maker should be on your radar!

Built-in vs Free-Standing Coffee Machines

Built-in coffee machines differ from the classic free-standing models in several key ways. Countertop machines are more compact and commonly available at affordable prices, typically starting at only a few hundred pounds. Keen to see what we have? You can explore Coffee Friend’s entire range in our ‘Bean-to-cup coffee machines‘ section. 

On the other hand, the price of integrated bean-to-cup coffee machines is considerably higher- starting at around £1200. Replacing a built-in coffee machine in a kitchen can also be challenging, requiring either a similarly-sized replacement appliance or modifications to the built-in space to accommodate something new. Nevertheless, they offer clean, discrete lines and the same advanced customization of freestanding machines, allowing you easy control over your coffee strength, water temperature, and brewing time.

Find the Best Built-in Coffee Machine for You

Looking for the perfect built-in coffee machine? We’ll guide you through some top picks and features to look out for in the best integrated coffee machines on the market. Let’s find you an ideal new addition to your kitchen!


Coffee beans start to lose their flavour and aroma shortly after being ground. By having a coffee machine with a grinder, you can grind your beans right before brewing for the freshest cup of coffee possible. Some manufacturers (like Siemens and Bosch) offer built-in coffee makers with exceptionally quiet and durable ceramic grinders to keep noise levels low, too. Meanwhile, the Miele integrated coffee machine features an innovative conical grinder positioned directly above the brew unit, ensuring residue from prior brews can’t contaminate your fresh cup.

Milk System

Make sure to consider the milk system of your chosen built-in coffee maker, too. You’ll find a diverse assortment of styles throughout our ranges, including coffee machines with milk frothers, milk pipes, milk tanks, and frothing nozzles. Integrated models usually use either a container or a hidden tube. 

In the first case, you have an external milk container that can be connected to the machine. It will need refrigeration when not in use. For example, Coffee Friend offers the Miele built-in coffee machine, with a premium glass container. In the second case, you will immerse a concealed tube in your milk container or even put it straight into a milk carton. These tubes are hidden inside the machine itself, so they’re not visible from the outside. However, you will still need to store your milk in the fridge when the machine is not in use! You can see a great milk pipe design on Bosch built-in coffee machines if you’re keen to know more.

You will also find models that offer other milk-frothing methods, too. For example, Electrolux built-in coffee machines come with an integrated milk frother/steam wand, so you can froth your milk yourself like a true barista, or you can connect it to a milk container that will automatically froth the milk for you. 

Before making your final choice of machine, be sure to consider which milk frothing method is best for your needs.

Coffee drinks

Most built-in coffee machines can brew a variety of milk-based drinks and classic coffee recipes, like espresso and black coffee. However, you should still make sure that the integrated coffee maker you’re keen on purchasing can whip up your favourite drinks! For example, beloved brands like Bosch and Siemens can prepare traditional coffee classics in a single click, and offer an additional 17 recipes through their smart app, too.

Additional Features

Integrated coffee machines also have their own, unique features. If you’re a fan of strong coffee, for example, you’ll love the Aroma Double Shot function in Siemens built-in coffee machines. It lets you brew extra strong coffee at the touch of a button and with no added bitterness. If you want the convenience of controlling your device through a smart app, options like Siemens, and Bosch built-in coffee makers have what you need


Last but not least, there’s the design of your built-in coffee maker to consider. Select a style that complements your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Most models come in a range of colours to ensure you get the best possible match. Perhaps a traditional black built-in coffee machine would look best in your kitchen? Or maybe your home is best suited for a black integrated coffee machine with silver or white details for some extra flash? Whatever you love, you’re sure to find it on offer.

How to clean a built-in coffee machine?

Cleaning your integrated coffee machine is crucial to maintaining its performance, keeping things hygienic, and ensuring you get consistent, delicious coffee every time. After each use, remove and clean the drip tray, coffee grounds container, and any other removable parts (like a milk carafe). Most built-in coffee machines come with dishwasher-safe components for added convenience. If your integrated coffee machine has a removable brewing unit, be sure to take it out and rinse it under warm water, too. Regularly empty and clean the water tank using warm, soapy water to prevent bacterial growth.

If you don’t want to mess with maintenance, some integrated coffee machines offer automated descaling, cleaning, and rinsing programs! 

Need help choosing?

If you’ve already looked through the Coffee Friend’s coffee machines range, but still feel plagued by questions and doubts, feel free to reach out to our consultants. They’re always ready to help you create your own perfect built-in coffee station!

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