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KRUPS is a German company focusing on the mornings – it realizes that breakfast is the most important part of the day, which makes the kitchen appliances of this company a guarantee of productivity and quality. History of KRUPS lasts from 1846 – The company under this name was founded in Solingen (Germany), a town famous for the masters of high quality metal. The KRUPS products used by most professionals at the time was accompanied by a steady increase in success. This success has been achieved through the efforts of the founder of the company, Robert Krups. Based on the main principle of its activity: “My greatest desire is always to strive for the highest technical perfection.” This is seen in the design: fulfilled by the usual static angles, retro style, inspired by the 20th century industry, different lines and connections designed for maximum compactability. KRUPS entered the coffee machines market in 1961, when the legendary coffee maker T8 saw the daylight. Since then, the company has successfully supplied coffee machines to the global market that meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding buyers and experts. Each KRUPS coffee machine is designed to suit different people’s habits. KRUPS coffee machines are individual inventions with different functions. You just have to choose the one that was created according to your lifestyle. You can choose either semi-automatic or fully automatic coffee machines or Nespresso coffee machines. Fully automatic KRUPS coffee machines are designed to enjoy the quality of the barista’s coffee at the touch of a button. The semi-automatic KRUPS units are fully balanced to produce professional home-made coffee, even if you only make one cup a day. Nespresso coffee machines are exceptionally ergonomic and small. KRUPS believes in the magic of unique and delicious moments, realized in details.