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About Krups Coffee Machines

Although the first Krups coffee machine was created back in 1980, the company has continuously improved its devices and incorporated innovative solutions to meet the needs of coffee lovers in the present day. Now, Krups coffee machines are widely used both in households and businesses, and they are highly appreciated for their intuitive controls, easy maintenance, and durable build.

The range of Krups coffee machines

Everyone has their own favorite type of coffee, and can spend different amounts of time preparing it. For this reason, like many other manufacturers, Krups coffee machines offer several different types of devices to cater to various coffee brewing methods and preferences.

Krups bean-to-cup coffee machines

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are currently among the most popular types of coffee brewing devices. The integrated coffee grinder, speed of coffee preparation, and convenience set this category apart from other types of coffee machines. Krups bean-to-cup coffee machines allow you to enjoy barista-level drinks with just a press of a button. The manufacturer’s extensive experience ensures that each cup of freshly ground coffee will be characterized by its aroma and excellent taste. Moreover, each model differs in both design and features, so even the most discerning consumer will find a suitable model for themselves.

Krups espresso machines

The manufacturer offers entry-level espresso machines that are suitable for beginner baristas and those who want to enjoy a richer tasting espresso drink. The Krups espresso coffee machine with its exceptional design will not only serve as an excellent assistant in coffee preparation but also become an exclusive piece in the interior. The ability to manually control the entire coffee brewing process will allow you to experience the pleasure of the brewing process and achieve your desired flavor. Currently, the most popular series of espresso machines from the manufacturer is the Krups Virtuoso.

Krups Nespresso machines

Among the most commonly chosen coffee machines, we can also find pod coffee machines. These machines are known for their incredibly easy maintenance and user-friendly operation. That is why Krups coffee pod machines are often chosen not only for home and office use but also for travel purposes. Despite being one of the smallest-sized machines available on the market today, the Krups Essenza Mini is powerful enough to deliver perfect-tasting espresso and lungo drinks.

Krups filter coffee machines

Those who like a milder coffee taste will love Krups filter coffee machines. With this type of machine, you can prepare up to 12 cups of coffee at once. The coffee is brewed into a special carafe, making it convenient to pour into cups. The carafe keeps the coffee warm for up to 4 hours, allowing you to enjoy a cup even after some time has passed since brewing.

These Krups coffee makers also feature programmable brewing start time, which is especially appealing to those who want to wake up to the aroma of coffee in the morning. Additionally, the built-in auto shut-off function helps save energy.

Cleaning and descaling Krups coffee machine

To maintain a good coffee flavor and ensure the smooth operation of the coffee machine, it is essential to perform the necessary maintenance programs using Krups cleaning products.

The cleaning of Krups bean-to-cup coffee machines consists of three main programs: descaling to remove limescale deposits, cleaning to remove coffee residue, and cleaning of the milk system. To protect the machine from limescale deposits, use Krups water filters. It is also important to regularly descale the machine using a descaling agent specifically designed for removing limescale. Each Krups automatic coffee machine indicates when the coffee residue cleaning program is needed. To perform this program, it is necessary to have cleaning tablets for removing coffee residue and follow the instructions displayed on the machine’s screen. In order to ensure proper milk frothing and prevent clogging, the milk system should be rinsed after preparing milk-based drinks as instructed in the manufacturer’s instructions. Cleaning other types of coffee machines is even simpler – regular descaling is enough.

Help in choosing

The manufacturers offer a variety of coffee machines to cater to different needs, which can make it quite confusing for first-time buyers. When choosing a coffee machine, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions: What kind of coffee flavor do you expect – strong or milder? Do you prefer the “ritual” of coffee preparation, or do you want to make coffee with just a touch of a button? How many people will be using the machine? By answering these questions, it becomes easier to understand which type of machine is more suitable for you. If you have any doubts or questions about a specific model, the Coffee Friend consultants will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose a device according to your needs.

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