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About Nivona coffee machines 

Nivona is more than just a bean-to-cup coffee machine manufacturer. It combines premium quality with affordable prices, and provides you with reliable, intuitively operated brewing appliances. This was our goal right from the start.” That’s how Nivona—one of the few companies in the world focusing exclusively on the production of bean-to-cup coffee machines—introduces itself. 

The story of Nivona began in Germany, when the company’s founders—Peter Wildner, Thomas Meier and Hans Errmann, who all worked for a famous Nuremberg household appliance manufacturer at the time—noticed a lack of universally affordable high-quality bean-to-cup coffee machines on the market. Driven by their passion for coffee and a wish to share their knowledge with the rest of the world, the three friends established a company called Nivona in 2005. This name is now known and loved by thousands of coffee connoisseurs worldwide.  

What sets Nivona coffee machines apart from the rest are innovative brewing technologies, simple operation, attractive design, easy maintenance and excellent value for money. There’s a wide selection of models available, so you’re bound to find something that’s suited perfectly to your needs and wants. Coffee Friend’s range of products includes every Nivona model out there. To find out more about each of them, scroll down to the last section of this post.

Features of Nivona Coffee Machines

When working on further improving its appliances, Nivona focuses on two key aspects: these are exceptional coffee taste and ease of use. It’s all reflected in the unique features of these coffee machines too: 

“Aromatica System” for maximum aroma extracted from each and every bean

  1. Grinding: all Nivona machines are equipped with premium stainless-steel conical grinders that successfully produce the selected grind level and then transfer freshly ground beans straight to the brew unit. It’s important to note that every Nivona model out there will enable you to make drinks using both coffee beans and pre-ground coffee
  2. Tamping: once in the brew unit, coffee is properly tamped. It’s then ready to be infused.  
  3. Brewing: using a vibratory pump, water, which has been heated close to 100 °C in the thermoblock, reaches the brew unit. This water then seeps through the tamped coffee in a manner that ensures maximum aroma extraction.  

Aroma Balance System for bold flavour experiments

This technology is like your personal barista! There are around 800 different aromas hidden in every coffee bean, and each of them can be modified using various brewing methods. Aroma Balance System lets you decide for yourself what kind of flavours you’d like to highlight in the resulting cuppa. 

Coffee beans are crammed with hundreds of aromatic substances, lipids, bitter compounds, acids and minerals, all of which are unveiled in the drink using water and pressure. By changing up the way you brew your coffee, you can get these substances to distribute differently and hence create unexpected flavours. This is exactly what the three flavour profiles created by Nivona engineers are based on. Choose between the Dynamic, Constant and Intense options to have your coffee brewed using different pressures, throughput speeds and time periods allowed for the circulation of hot water within freshly ground beans. 

The Dynamic option will endow your drink with some light acidity, fruitiness and a particularly balanced taste. The Constant profile will result in bittersweet, piquant, rich flavours. If you prefer your coffee particularly rich, vivid and pleasantly bitter, the Intense mode will work best for you.

Outstanding milk foam for delicious milk-based drinks

All Nivona models are capable of whipping up some dense, yummy milk foam. They do that with the help of one of these milk frothing systems: 

  • The Spumatore technology provides you with a milk frother that you can activate by pressing the steam button and turning the knob; 
  • The Easy Spumatore technology is tied to the built-in cappuccino recipe and is activated by turning a special selector; 
  • The OneTouch Spumatore technology lets you enjoy perfectly creamy milk foam prepared at the touch of a button.  
  • The Cappuccino Connoisseur feature can be found in models belonging to series 7 and above. It enables you to choose the order in which coffee and milk are added to your drink, allowing for truly authentic preparation of various milk-based coffees. 

“My Coffee” feature: create your favourite

If none of the built-in recipes sound particularly appealing at the moment, you can go ahead and create your own using the innovative My Coffee feature. The exact number of individual recipes you can create depends on the chosen model. 

Operation via smart app: enjoy maximum flexibility 

In addition to boasting convenient displays of different types (graphic, colour TFT or touch-sensitive colour TFT), most Nivona models can be operated straight from a smart device. Simply download the dedicated Nivona smart app and connect your phone or tablet to the coffee machine via Bluetooth.  

Simple maintenance

The maintenance of these machines is fully automated: they’re equipped with automatic programs for descaling, cleaning the brew unit and rinsing the milk system. All you have to do is select the desired program, then follow the steps displayed on the screen. When running these programs, use special Nivona maintenance products or Coffee Friend’s universal maintenance products designed for all kinds of coffee machines. The simplicity with which Nivona milk systems are rinsed deserves a separate mention, of course. Just put the milk tube in the drip tray, select the rinsing program, then watch the machine use hot steam and water to rinse the milk system all by itself. 

Wide variety of coffee machine accessories for even more comfort

To make using your appliance even simpler, take advantage of Nivona coffee machine accessories. A Nivona milk container, for example, will help you use the milk system with ease. You’ll also be able to store the container in a fridge or even wash it in a dishwasher. If you’re looking for maximum convenience, consider purchasing a Nivona milk cooler too. It’s designed to hold a single 1-litre milk carton and will keep your milk perfectly cool. 

Nivona Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Selection 

You’ll find the entire Nivona assortment amongst Coffee Friend’s range of products: from the 5th all the way up to the 10th series. Series 5 and 6 are made up of entry-level models designed for sworn fans of black coffee who like to treat themselves to a delicious milk-based beverage from time to time. Coffee machines of the 7th series include the company’s most popular appliances: these are capable of brewing milk-based drinks at the touch of a button. If you prefer a classic look, consider the 8th series, which offers even more convenience thanks to its models serving two milk-based drinks at once. Coffee machines of the 9th series are aimed at those who are always on the search for maximum comfort: these models boast all of the latest technologies and features offered by Nivona. Nor has the company forgotten to consider larger households and smaller offices too: the 10th series has been created with such spaces in mind. 

5 series (NICR 520)

The bean-to-cup coffee machines of this series are aimed at those who prefer black coffees, yet still want to treat themselves to a delicious milk-based drink once in a while. These appliances brew coffee at the touch of a button. You can have two servings brewed at once too. Turn the selector to set the desired portion size quickly and easily, or press the same selector to choose one of the three available coffee strength levels. Using the manual milk frothing system called Spumatore, you’ll be able to top your drinks with some yummy milk foam: simply press the steam button, turn the knob and watch your appliance froth milk for you!

6 series (NICR 660, NICR 675)

The appliances in this series will surely please sworn fans of black coffee who want to feel like true home baristas: this is thanks to the built-in Aroma Balance System, which enables coffee lovers to discover different flavours hidden in their coffee beans. These Nivona machines will serve you with espresso, black coffee, hot water and milk foam. You’ll be able to brew yourself a delicious cappuccino using the Easy Spumatore system, or enjoy a serving of americano with the help of the hot water function. Using the My Coffee feature, you can create up to 4 recipes of your own (the exact number depends on the model), then save them for later use. The models in this series are also easy to use: both of them boast two convenient rotary knobs, a colour TFT screen and an option of operating the machine via Bluetooth with the help of a smart app. 

7 series (NICR 790, NICR 795, NICR 796, NICR 799)

This series combines all of Nivona’s latest, best-known innovations, including Aroma Balance System, OneTouch Spumatore, Cappuccino Connoisseur and My Coffee. You’ll be able to brew the trendiest beverages at the touch of a button or create 5 recipes of your own. Enjoy perfectly dense espresso, classic black coffee, fragrant lungo and rich americano, or take advantage of OneTouch Spumatore to prepare the popular cappuccino, latte and latte macchiato. The built-in Cappuccino Connoisseur feature lets you choose the order in which coffee and milk are added, allowing you to brew cappuccino that’s no less than perfect. You’ll find the milk system extremely easy to maintain: to rinse it, simply insert the milk tube in the drip tray. These models are operated with the help of modern colour TFT displays and rotary knobs—or you can download the Nivona smart app onto your smart device and control your coffee machine directly from it via Bluetooth.

8 series (NICR 820, NICR 825)

Characterised by an elegant, classic look, coffee machines of the 8th series feature the company’s latest innovations, are capable of brewing espresso, black coffee, americano, cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button, and enable coffee lovers to create up to 10 individual recipes using the My Coffee function. The One Touch Spumatore Duo Plus technology is bound to enchant sworn fans of milk-based drinks: it produces delicious, velvety milk foam and froths enough of it for two servings with one touch of a button. A wide colour TFT screen and two-coloured cup illumination lend these models a unique look. You can choose a model with a built-in cup warming function too if you wish.

9 series (NICR 930, NICR 960, NICR 970)

The coffee machines of this series boast a particularly wide scale of adjustment when it comes to various parameters: you can modify drink temperature, coffee strength, serving size and milk consistency. With one push of a button, these appliances brew espresso, black coffee, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato and latte, while the My Coffee function lets you create 9 additional recipes of your own. You can prepare two servings of each drink at once. The “NICR 930” model ensures ease of use with the help of a wide colour TFT screen.  “NICR 960” and “NICR 970”, on the other hand, are equipped with new-generation 5” touch-sensitive TFT displays that let you observe the brewing process, while the unique Flying Picture system provides you with an opportunity to upload any of your favourite pictures from your smart device straight onto the machine’s screen.  The latter two models also boast water tanks illuminated with 8 different colours, so you’ll always be able to see  how much water there is in the tank. Using the dedicated Nivona smart app, you’ll be able to pair the machine with your smart device and brew coffee directly from your phone or tablet. 

10 series (NICR 1040)

The most efficient of all models produced by Nivona, this coffee machine is designed for small offices or large coffee-loving households. Its maximum daily output amounts to as many as 65 servings! Nivona “1040” brews the most popular coffee drinks with the touch of a single button, be it espresso, black coffee, americano, cappuccino, latte or latte macchiato. The My Coffee feature lets you create up to 18 additional recipes of your own. The new Coffee 2×4 option is created specially for larger groups of people and enables you to prepare four double servings with no breaks in between. The One Touch Spumatore Duo Plus technology lets you enjoy two milk-based drinks brewed at the touch of a single button, while the new Easyclean cleaning function ensures perfect hygiene within the milk system by rinsing it automatically after each use. Operation is made extremely simple: there’s a wide colour touch-sensitive TFT display and an option of pairing the machine with your smart device. To keep your coffee from losing a few precious degrees while it’s being dispensed, this model features an active cup warming function so that you can always enjoy beverages served at the ideal temperature.

To find out more about these models, refer to their product descriptions in our online store. If you want to take a look at appliances manufactured by other brands, you’re welcome to browse in the bean-to-cup coffee machine section or get acquainted with all of the coffee machines in our assortment. If you’re still struggling to choose though, no worries: simply reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants and they’ll help you find the right appliance for you!

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