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About refurbished coffee machines

Refurbished coffee machines are both sustainable and budget-friendly. Before reaching the user, they undergo a lengthy process, which includes inspection, repairs and quality checks to ensure that the appliance meets the highest performance standards. By choosing a used coffee machine, not only will you be able to enjoy high-quality beverages, but you’ll also contribute to the promotion of eco-friendly consumption practices.

Types of refurbished coffee machines

Refurbished or, in other words, reconditioned coffee machines come in a diverse range of types and configurations. Some are intended for home use, while others are designed for larger businesses or cafés. Based on the features they offer, you can select the one that’s suited best for your needs:

Refurbished bean-to-cup coffee machines

Bean-to-cup coffee machines offer the convenience of a cup of coffee brewed with a single touch, all while combining it with the pleasure of freshly ground coffee beans. Whether you prefer a rich espresso or a frothy cappuccino, reconditioned bean-to-cup coffee machines are ready to deliver excellent flavour in every sip. They’re an excellent choice for those seeking the perfect balance between automation, artisanal coffee craftsmanship, and a sustainable, eco-friendly approach to consumption.

Refurbished built-in coffee machines

For those looking to integrate their coffee machine seamlessly into their kitchen, refurbished built-in coffee machines are an excellent choice. These machines are designed to be installed directly into your kitchen cabinetry, providing a sleek and space-saving solution. Additionally, they can brew a variety of drinks, from rich espressos to frothy lattes, all served at the touch of a button.

Refurbished espresso machines

Sworn fans of espresso are bound to appreciate refurbished espresso machines. These appliances provide an excellent balance between affordability and premium coffee brewing, making them a great choice for both home baristas and small businesses. By choosing a reconditioned espresso machine, you’ll both save money and contribute to greater sustainability by giving a second lease on life to a well-crafted appliance. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a cafĂ© owner, these machines are bound to offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to craft your favourite espresso-based beverages. 

Refurbished filter coffee machines

Refurbished filter coffee machines offer a reliable way to enjoy the comforting simplicity of a flawless cup of coffee. Carefully restored to their original functionality, these machines make the brewing process both efficient and hassle-free. Straightforward operation means they excel at producing large quantities of consistently delicious drip coffee, making them ideal for social gatherings or busy mornings.

Refurbished commercial coffee machines

Commercial coffee machines, whether bean-to-cup or espresso, are vital in the coffee industry. They’re at the very heart of cafĂ©s, restaurants and businesses serving top-notch coffee. Whether it’s the ease of a bean-to-cup machine or the precision of a refurbished espresso model, they ensure peak performance and reliability. Additionally, opting for a refurbished appliance not only is cost-effective, but also serves as proof of your commitment to sustainability.

Why is it worth choosing a refurbished coffee machine?

Choosing a refurbished coffee machine embodies both practicality and sustainability. In an age where conscious consumption is becoming more and more important, opting for a refurbished appliance comes with many advantages.

Cost-effective solution

Refurbished coffee machines offer significant cost savings compared to brand-new models. By choosing a refurbished option, you can enjoy the quality and performance of a new machine at a fraction of the price. These machines are typically the result of returns, small defects or in-store displays. Each one has been carefully restored, repaired and tested to ensure it meets the quality standards of their brand-new counterparts.


A reconditioned coffee machine is an eco-friendly choice. By opting for a refurbished machine, you’re helping reduce unnecessary waste. Instead of adding to the growing pile of electronic appliances that are past their prime, you’re giving a second lease on life to a coffee machine that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. This contributes to a more sustainable, greener planet.

Warranty and quality assurance

Here at Coffee Friend, refurbished products are provided with a warranty of up to 24 months. You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your coffee machine is protected and that any possible issues are going to be resolved. Additionally, these machines are rigorously tested and repaired at our authorised service centres, hence ensuring excellent condition.

Can’t find the right model for you?

Refurbished coffee machines offer an affordable and sustainable way to enjoy your favourite brews. If you can’t find the model you want, however, you’re welcome to browse through the general category of coffee machines, or seek assistance from Coffee Friend’s consultants, who are always ready to help you discover the option that suits you best.

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