French Press. Coffee preparation guide

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French Press coffee maker is a classic coffee preparation tool. Usually made out of glass and stainless steel, which makes it not only functional, but good looking as well. French Press has a lot of names: press pot, coffee press, cafetiere or cafetiere a piston, but usually you will hear simply French Press. It’s quite interesting that this coffee maker did not actually come from France. Well, at least it is said that the first French Press was invented in France, but the patent for it belongs to Italian designer Attilio Calimani.

French Press coffee maker actually gives a lot of freedom when preparing coffee: you can make a small portion for one person or larger amount for 4-6 coffee lovers, just in case you have more guests visiting. Also, the tool is very simple to use—you just take it and make your coffee. No filters or other extras.

French Press. The Coffee Mate

When prepared with French Press, your coffee will develop rich taste, thick consistency and can be quite heavy, in a way even sophisticated. Steel filter is responsible for coffee oils being extracted during the preparation. The oils help open up extremely subtle taste and full aroma of your drink.

The preparation process is actually very simple. It takes just a few minutes and you have to know just a couple of basic steps.


For the elegant French (or Italian) cup of coffee you will need these tools:

  • French Press coffee maker
  • Coffee beans of your choice
  • Coffee grinder
  • Kettle (to boil water)

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Step 1

Fill up your kettle with water and let it boil.

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Step 2

Once your water is boiling hot, fill up one quarter of the coffee maker. Pop the lid on and push the piston down. Slightly shake it for 10 seconds and pour everything out. This way you will pre-heat the coffee maker so it will keep your coffee hot for longer.

Also, you can do the same with your cup 🙂

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Step 3

Choose the grinding level for your beans a bit higher than medium. Of course, you can also use already pre-ground coffee.

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Step 4

Add ground coffee to the coffee maker and slightly shake it up, making sure that coffee grounds spread out evenly on the bottom.

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Step 5

Pour hot water over the grounds. For now, pour as much as it takes to fully drown the grounds. This is the time when your coffee blooms, it forms something like “crust” on top.

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Wait 10 seconds. During this time your coffee opens up the best qualities.

Step 6

Now add the rest of your water. It depends on how many portions you want to prepare. Pop the lid on and wait around 3 minutes.

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Step 7

Push the filter together with coffee grounds down. All grounds should be nicely pressed at the bottom of the coffee maker.

French Press. The Coffee Mate

Your coffee is prepared!

French Press. The Coffee Mate

French Press coffee maker is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to prepare actually good coffee. Because of the simple construction it’s very easy to use and clean. Of course, in order to find the perfect taste, you have to be ready to try a lot of different things.