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About Stone Espresso machine

Stone Espresso machines are created with the ever-changing modern environment in mind. They not only deliver excellent coffee taste but also become a unique interior detail. All coffee machines from this Italian manufacturer are handpicked to ensure the highest quality. The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly materials such as metal, with no plastic parts, and fully recyclable packaging for appliance production.

Features of Stone Espresso coffee machines

Espresso machines allow you to feel like a barista in the comfort of your own home. Stone Espresso makes the coffee preparation process exceptionally enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look at what sets these machines apart from other models offered by manufacturers in the market.

Unique design. Customize the colors of your machine to suit your preferences – Stone Espresso machines feature magnetic panels that attach to the sides of the body. So, if you want to match your coffee machine to a new kitchen design, you can do it with ease. Stone Espresso changes with you.

Warms up in no time. Thanks to special heating technology, Stone Espresso machines heat up to the right temperature in just 10 minutes. And for those who enjoy milk-based drinks, it is possible to make espresso coffee and use the milk frother at the same time. Start your morning with a fragrant cup of espresso or perfect milk foam cappuccino without worrying about time.

Designed for the perfect cup of coffee. The manufacturer ensures that these espresso machines will allow you to prepare flawless-tasting espresso and milk-based drinks. Stone Espresso machines maintain the optimal water temperature during the coffee preparation process to bring out the best flavor characteristics. Additionally, many will appreciate the use of a professional 58mm portafilter in these machines.

Compact design. With a width of just 225 mm, the Stone Espresso will fit in the smallest spaces. Whether you’re going to use it in the kitchen or the living room, this coffee machine will find its place in your home.

Wide range of colors. The Stone Espresso Plus model is perfect for those who prefer a classic design – the sides of this model’s body and the magnetic accents are black. The Stone Espresso Mine model features classic grey metal sides and black or dark green accent plates. The Stone Espresso Pure model has dark grey sides and matching accent plates, while the Stone Espresso Mine Premium offers chrome-plated sides and a wood or classic grey metal finish.

Without a doubt, every Stone Espresso model will become an interior detail that will delight for many years. And the daily coffee preparation ritual will be enjoyable and simple enough for every user.

Stone Espresso machine maintenance

Like any espresso machine, Stone Espresso needs to be regularly cleaned to ensure the best coffee flavor and optimal machine performance. It is important to clean the coffee machine group from coffee residue and protect it from limescale deposits. For removing coffee residue, a special cleaning sieve is used, which is included in the package by the manufacturer. Special cleaning tablets are also required for this cleaning procedure, and the procedure itself is described in detail in the user manual. The manufacturer does not recommend home descaling of this espresso machine, as the machine has sensitive parts that can be damaged by more aggressive descalers. Moreover, it is recommended to use filtered water in the Stone Espresso machine. If you want to perform preventive descaling, we recommend contacting Coffee Friend service, where the interior of your machine will be professionally cleaned by service technicians.

Assistance in choosing

Coffee machines have become an integral part of every home. You may have doubts about whether the coffee machine model you have chosen is suitable for you. Or perhaps you are selecting your first machine and don’t know where to start. Coffee Friend consultants will advise and help you choose a model that meets your expectations.