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About Melitta coffee machines

The Melitta brand was established in 1908, when the German-born Melitta Bentz, inspired by her love for coffee, created a device for the brewing of filter coffee. Even though the technology that the first appliance was based on has since become outdated and was replaced by numerous renewed models, the experience gained over this long period of time came in handy when creating particularly innovative, modern coffee machines. After close to 100 years spent creating filter coffee machines (the best models of which can also be found in our coffee machines assortment), Melitta decided to apply their extensive knowledge of coffee in the field of bean-to-cup coffee machines too. Still burning with passion for coffee and having taken advantage of their German precision, the company didn’t take long to occupy the position of one of the best bean-to-cup coffee machine manufacturers out there. This can be seen clearly in the durability of their appliances and the quality of the prepared coffee. Moreover, the coffee machines produced by Melitta are characterised by minimalist design and compactness, so they’re particularly beloved by people who don’t have much space in their kitchen, but still want to enjoy delicious coffee. 

Functionality of Melitta

Wide selection and high quality of coffee recipes

Even entry-level Melitta models are marked by a myriad of classic drink recipes — however, what’s the most surprising is not their quantity, but rather their quality. The manufacturers only add a recipe if they’re absolutely sure that the machine will be able to brew it properly. This is particularly evident in coffee machine models of a higher class, which include such exceptional recipes as red eye or dead eye Melitta has chosen to add them to their selection not to make the number of recipes more impressive, but because the company’s appliances are capable of brewing them according to the highest possible standards. 

Bean Select function

In premium-class models, the bean container is divided into two separate sections, so you can prepare drinks using two different types of beans. This is a huge advantage, as one bean variety can be used to prepare milk-based drinks, while another one can be employed when brewing black coffee recipes. The flavour of the latter beans can be a bit more delicate and subtle, as black coffee will allow you to experience all the nuances of their taste. On the other hand, if you choose beans characterised by a stronger flavour for your milk-based drinks, you’ll be able to feel their taste clearly even after pouring thick milk foam on the beverage. 

IntenseAroma function

If you select this function before brewing coffee, the machine will prepare a thicker and richer drink while using the same amount of water. Use this function when brewing espresso. It’ll also come in handy when searching for the perfect beans, as a more intense flavour will allow you to experience all the nuances of your coffee, which could have gone unnoticed without the use of this technology.

Authentic coffee preparation function

Once this function has been activated, the machine will prepare milk-based drinks according to their authentic Italian recipes, pouring the ingredients in a certain order. When preparing latte macchiato, the milk is frothed first and then espresso is added, while in the case of cappuccino, this order is reversed. True Italian beverages prepared with German precision are guaranteed to keep surprising you every single time — having a coffee machine produced by this manufacturer at home will make you feel like you’re in possession of your own personal barista. 

Silent grinder

More often than not, what makes coffee machines so noisy are the burrs, spinning loudly and crushing the coffee beans. In Melitta appliances, this component is operating extremely quietly, so you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of coffee early in the morning, without worrying about possibly waking your loved ones up. In addition to silent operation, the grinder is also extremely speedy — there’ll be enough time to brew a cup of your favourite drink even if you’re in a rush. 

Separate user profiles

The most innovative Melitta models will allow you to create as many as 8 separate user profiles and save your favourite recipes on them, without changing the settings chosen by other users. The road to delicious coffee will now be even shorter! To brew your favourite coffee recipe, simply switch on your profile and select the desired drink with the touch of a button. 

Convenient cleaning system

Melitta machines are equipped not only with automated descaling and coffee cleaning programs, but also with an extremely convenient milk rinsing function. The milk suction tube can be connected directly to the tray, hence creating a closed system for the rinsing of the milk system. At the same time, this will ensure that the surrounding surfaces won’t be splattered with milk or water during the rinsing. The milk container can be easily washed both under a tap and in a dishwasher.

Melitta Connect app

Premium-class Melitta machines offer you an opportunity to control them straight from your smart device by downloading a special app. The smart app Melitta Connect enables you to brew coffee remotely. In addition, this technology will allow you to create your own profile and save the recipes that are on there, as well as adjust the subtleties involved in the brewing of your favourite drink and choose the order used to add the ingredients. You won’t have to remember your favourite recipe by heart and select the same settings each and every time — instead, you’ll have the recipe in your phone and will be able to prepare a cup with a single touch even while sitting in a different room. 

The most popular Melitta models

The bean-to-cup appliances produced by Mellita are divided into three main coffee machine lines: Premium, Comfort and Standard. Every lover of coffee, depending on their personal needs and wants, can find the coffee machine that is just perfect for them. 


The Standard line is designed for those who are searching for a compact coffee machine and love enjoying a cup of high-quality espresso or black coffee most of all. This line includes coffee machines of the Solo® and Purista® series.


The bean-to-cup coffee machines Melitta Solo® are as little as 20-cm-wide, 32.5-cm-high and 45.5-cm-deep these are one of the world’s smallest coffee machines, so they’re perfect for those who don’t have much space in their kitchen. Controlling the flavour of your coffee is extremely simple: to change portion size, simply rotate the controller on the left-hand side, and if you want to adjust coffee strength, all you have to do is press the button with a bean icon on it. Three coffee machines are included in this series: Solo®, Solo® & Milk and Solo® & Perfect Milk. The first machine is designed for the lovers of espresso and black coffee, the second appliance is meant for those who want to feel like true baristas and froth their own milk from time to time, while the third one is perfect for the people who wish to enjoy milk-based beverages sometimes, but want to do that in a way that is a little bit simpler. The Solo® & Perfect Milk model is equipped with an automatic milk frother, which froths milk foam on its own. Those who appreciate minimalism are sure to fall in love with the minimalist design of these coffee machines. 


The Melitta Purista® model is not only just as compact as the Solo® models, but it’s also equipped with additional functions and improvements that are sure to be appreciated by lovers of coffee. One of such improvements is extremely quiet operation, which is the result of a whisper-silent grinder. Moreover, Melitta has improved the surface of the drip tray: it’s been covered with special anti-scratch coating, so the tray won’t get scratched by cups even if you use the coffee machine for years. For even more convenience, there’s a built-in My Coffee recipe button, which allows you to program and save a drink thanks to this button, you’ll be able to access your favourite coffee at the touch of a button every time you want to enjoy a cup. Ease of use is ensured by a separate Service button located on the front panel of the machine. By pushing it, you’ll access all maintenance programs. Those who love to experiment with the flavour of their coffee will be pleasantly surprised by finding even more grinding levels in this appliance — there are as many as 5. 


The Melitta Comfort coffee machine line is designed for the people who appreciate convenience and want to brew delicious coffee as conveniently and simply as possible. This line includes the Avanza® and Passione® models. 


From the looks of it, Avanza model is similar to the Purista® one, but what makes it unique are larger containers, which definitely come in handy when preparing more coffee drinks during the day. In addition to brewing espresso and black coffee at the touch of a single button, these coffee machines are equipped with an automatic milk system. All you have to do is immerse a tube in a milk carton and the machine will froth milk foam that is as soft as a cloud all by itself. By placing a cup under the height-adjustable spout, you’ll be able to add the foam to your espresso. The Avanza Plus has the additional milk lance, which makes preparing milk-based drinks even more convenient. 


Add a colour TFT display, a universal spout with a built-in milk frother and authentic recipe preparation to the Melitta features listed above, and what you’ll get is the Melitta Passione® OT model. When it comes to the integrated coffee recipes, there are as many as 10 in this model, including ristretto, espresso, lungo, black coffee, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, café latte and café au lait. Thanks to the universal spout, you won’t have to shift your cup from one spout to the other when preparing milk-based drinks: both milk and coffee are poured from the same dispenser. The colour LED display will prevent you from getting lost amongst numerous coffee recipes and will allow you to observe the coffee brewing process from start to finish. You’ll also find built-in authentic drink preparation in this coffee machine. All beverages are prepared according to authentic Italian recipes, adding the ingredients (coffee and milk) in a certain order. All of these coffee brewing advantages are crowned by easy, automated maintenance. The regular version of the Passione® series (without the OT One Touch function) is geared towards the lovers of black coffee who tend to enjoy milk-based drinks only occasionally. The latter model prepares milk foam separately, i.e., this isn’t done with the touch of a button. Once the foam is prepared, you must push your cup under a separate coffee spout. This coffee machine also has a simpler LED display with icons.  


The coffee machines belonging to the Melitta Premium line are designed for those who aren’t willing to compromise and are always searching for nothing but the best. This line includes appliances of the CI®, LatteSelect® and Barista® series.


There are two models in this series: Melitta CI® and Melitta CI Touch®. What makes them special is the bean container above the grinder that is divided into two sections, which allow you to store two types of beans in the coffee machine at once and choose one of them for the preparation of your favourite drink at the touch of a button. Both of these models are capable of preparing not only two portions of black coffee at once, but also two milk-based beverages simultaneously! You’ll find 4 integrated user profiles in these appliances, designed for creating and saving personal recipes. The Melitta CI® model is equipped with a text LCD display, while the CI Touch® has a touch colour TFT screen. The CI® version can prepare four of the classic, most popular black coffee and milk-based drink recipes, while the CI Touch® offers as many as 10 different beverages. The CI Touch® Plus appliance is equipped with the additional milk lance, which makes preparing milk-based drinks even more convenient. 


Thanks to LatteSelect®, the coffee brewing process is now even more satisfying: the coffee drink icons have been changed into colour ones that look exactly like the real beverages. This coffee machine includes even more recipes, which can be selected with a single touch — there are as many as 12 different drinks to choose from! Moreover, the drip tray is covered with anti-scratch coating, so it’ll remain scratch-free for much longer. There are 2 additional user profiles here — the total number amounts to 6. Just like in the case of the CI® models, you can choose from two different types of beans (2 bean containers) and prepare 2 milk-based beverages at once. 


This is the most innovative coffee machine series from Melitta, designed for those who want their coffee machine to act like the world’s best barista. At the touch of a button, these appliances prepare as many as 1821 coffee recipes. The latest and best Melitta technologies listed above are all integrated in Barista® machines. The most cutting-edge of them all, namely the Barista TS Smart model, allows you to choose from two different types of beans and prepare your coffee using any of them, as well as assign a certain bean variety to a specific drink and save your choice in the settings. Take advantage of as many as 8 user profiles and operate the coffee machine via a smart device. All maintenance programs are fully automated, so all you’ll have to do is enjoy delicious coffee.

You can find out more details about each of these models in their dedicated product page — and if choosing the one for you is still too difficult, the Coffee Friend consultants are always ready to provide you with advice and help you find a coffee machine that is no less than perfect for your needs.

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