Milk frothers


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About Milk frothers

Most modern kitchens boast a milk frother nowadays. This tool is used to heat and/or froth milk that can then be added to various milk-based beverages: from the classic cappuccino, latte and latte macchiato to the trendy flat white, espresso macchiato, coffee cocktails, chai latte, cocoa or hot chocolate. Milk foam can even be used to prepare a variety of dishes.

There are lots of different tools a sworn fan of milk-based drinks can use to froth some delicious milk foam: for example, those who value maximum convenience can go for a bean-to-cup coffee machine capable of producing milk foam at the touch of a button, while true coffee connoisseurs with some serious barista skills might choose an espresso machine instead and froth their milk foam manually. If you prefer a different brewing method though, or if you don’t feel like investing in brewing equipment that’s more complex (and more expensive), a stand-alone milk frother may just be the ideal choice for you. Frothers like these are often purchased by owners of coffee machines without an automated milk system: this might be a bean-to-cup coffee machine that doesn’t froth milk at all or a capsule coffee machine dedicated to brewing black coffees only. Users of various coffee brewing tools also tend to choose stand-alone frothers for their milk-based drinks.

Coffee Friend’s range of products includes a variety of milk frothers produced by some of the world’s best-known manufacturers. Feel free to explore our assortment and choose from different manual, semi-automatic or fully automated options!

Manual Milk Frothers 

If you want to froth milk affordably, conveniently and with no need for complex maintenance procedures, a manual milk frother is your best bet. Plunger-style milk frothers are especially popular nowadays. Using a milk frothing tool of this kind, you first have to pour some milk into the frother and heat it. It’s important to pay attention to the kind of hobs your frother is suited for—that’s especially true for those who use induction plates. To obtain foam that’s particularly sweet and yummy, heat milk to a temperature of no more than 65 °C (a special milk thermometer will come in handy here). Once the milk’s been heated, start frothing it by moving the plunger up and down. When the foam reaches the desired texture, pour it straight onto a cup of coffee. Frothers of this type are usually made of aluminium or stainless steel, so they’re particularly durable and easy to maintain. A plunger-style frother is also a great choice for those who tend to enjoy their milk-based beverages in a group of friends: thanks to how capacious these frothers are, they can be used to make enough milk foam for several servings. 

Manual milk frothers can also take the shape of shaker-like utensils. These tools froth milk without heating it. All you have to do is fill one of the cups with milk all the way up to the special mark, connect the lower and upper cups, then shake. If you’re making an iced drink, you can go ahead and use the cold foam as is—and if you’re planning on brewing a hot beverage, feel free to heat the foam in a microwave (make sure to use a microwave-safe container though). 

It’s interesting to note that French presses can very well double up as manual milk frothers too. While they’re primarily used for brewing coffee or infusing tea, you can also pour some pre-heated milk into your French press and then move the plunger up and down to make some delicious milk foam. 

To sum up, a manual milk frother is a great choice for those who value convenience and are currently on a budget. They don’t require electricity, by the way, so you can even take a manual frother with you when going on a trip!

Semi-Automatic Milk Frothers

A semi-automatic milk frother is an excellent tool too. These frothers are handheld and usually powered by batteries. A special nozzle helps you produce delicious, stiff milk foam easily and quickly. High-end devices of this kind often feature a switch for speed adjustment, so you can obtain the exact texture you desire. Semi-automatic frothers are particularly compact, and the fact that most of them don’t require electricity makes them even more convenient to take with you on a trip. 

Automatic Milk Frothers 

If you’re going for maximum speed and convenience, an automatic milk frother is the device for you. Compared to other types of frothers, it’s more expensive, yet its astounding ease of use keeps this tool at the top of the bestseller list. Simply fill the frother up with milk, press a button and watch it do the rest for you! The milk’s automatically heated to the right temperature and frothed using special mixers. Most models let you choose between different kinds of mixers based on the amount of milk foam you plan on making. You can have your milk heated, or heated and then frothed. High-end automatic frothers are often capable of producing cold milk foam and usually feature temperature adjustment options along with other novel functions, such as an integrated hot chocolate program. If that sounds tempting, take a look at Bialetti “Choco & Milk”: as its name suggests, it can serve you with both yummy milk foam and delectable hot chocolate.  

Best-Known Milk Frother Manufacturers

When selecting our products, we focus on presenting you with the very best the coffee world has to offer. We make sure to follow the latest coffee trends and cooperate with some of the best-known manufacturers. Our assortment boasts premium milk frothers produced by numerous different world-famous brands:


This acclaimed Italian company manufactures excellent coffee machines, coffee makers and other small kitchen appliances. “Bialetti” offers a particularly wide selection of milk frothers of all kinds, from the manual “Tuttocrema” and “Cappuccinatore Acciaio” to this semi-automatic model or automatic milk frothers of various different colours


Inspired by age-old Japanese traditions and combining them with modern technological solutions, this company manufactures what is probably the best-known manual milk frother in the world. It’s called “Latte Shaker” and produces excellent, stiff milk foam.


Undisputed leader in the coffee filter and coffee machine market, this German company also manufactures the trendy automatic “Cremio” milk frothers. These tools are capable of serving your milk foam both hot and cold.


Adhering to strict quality standards prevailing over in its native Switzerland, this manufacturer, known mainly for its wide selection of premium bean-to-cup coffee machines, also offers the famous JURA automatic milk frother. Using this frother, you can select one of the three available temperatures for your milk foam, and have it served cold, warm or hot. 


Amongst numerous other kitchen appliances, this European brand of an Australian origin also offers the highly functional frother “The Milk Cafe”. It’s based on the principle of induction heating and lets you select the desired frothing temperature. Thanks to several available mixers, you can produce milk foam that’s just as stiff as you like. 

Now go ahead and enjoy your coffee—or any other drink of your choosing—topped with some velvety, exceptionally delicious milk foam!

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