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How to clean De’Longhi espresso machine?

To clean your De'Longhi espresso machine, follow these steps regularly: Drip Tray and Cup Tray. Remove the drip tray from the machine. Take out the cup tray and empty any water from it. Clean the drip tray with a cloth. Coffee Filters. Extract the perforated filter by pulling the tab. Rinse the filters under running water. Ensure that the holes are not blocked. If necessary, use a pin to clean them. Boiler Outlet (Every 200 Coffees). Rinse the boiler outlet by delivering about 0.5 liters of water from the boiler outlet. You can do this by pressing the coffee button without using ground coffee. Additionally, remember to descale the appliance when the orange light on the button comes on. Here's how to descale your De'Longhi espresso machine:

  1. (If present, remove the water softener filter). Fill the tank with the descaler solution, which you can prepare by diluting the provided descaler with water (fill the water tank up to the MAX level).
  2. Press the ON/OFF button.
  3. Make sure the filter holder is not attached and place a container under the hot water spout and boiler outlet.
  4. Wait for the one and two cups button lights to come on steadily, indicating that the appliance is ready for use.
  5. Press and hold the steam button for 10 seconds until the all buttons flash in sequence.
  6. Turn the steam dial to the steam/water position.
  7. Press the button marked with a steam icon to start the descaling process.
  8. The descale program will begin, and the descaler liquid will come out of the water spout. It will perform a series of rinses and pauses until the tank is empty.  During descaling, remember to close the steam dial from time to time to deliver small quantities of descaler from the boiler outlet.
  9. The appliance stops operation, and the orange steam button light continues to flash, indicating that the appliance is now ready for rinsing with clean water.
  10. Extract the water tank, empty it, fill it with fresh water up to the MAX level, and put it back in the appliance (If used, insert the water softener filter). Empty the container used for collecting the descaler solution and then position it empty under the hot water spout.
  11. Make sure the steam dial is in the steam/water position, then press the steam button to start rinsing.
  12. When the water tank is empty, the orange light goes out, indicating that the descaling process is complete.
  13. Make sure the steam dial is in the closed position (O symbol).
Your appliance is now ready for use.

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How to use De’Longhi espresso machine?

To use the De’Longhi Dedica espresso machine, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by turning on the appliance using the ON/OFF switch. The machine will go through a self-diagnosis cycle, indicated by the sequential flashing of the three buttons. When the lights stop flashing and remain steady, the appliance is ready for use.
  2. Place the ground coffee filter in the filter holder. For a single coffee, add one level measure of pre-ground coffee (approximately 7 grams) to the filter. For two coffees, use two loosely filled measures (about 7+7 grams) of pre-ground coffee. Ensure the coffee is evenly distributed in the filter and press it lightly with the provided presser.
  3. Attach the filter holder to the appliance. Align the handle of the filter holder with the INSERT symbol, attach it, and rotate the handle to the right until it aligns with the CLOSE symbol.
  4. Position a coffee cup under the boiler outlet and press the one or two cups button, depending on your desired quantity. The machine will start brewing the coffee, and it will automatically stop the delivery when done.
  5. To remove the filter holder, turn the handle from right to left.
For making a cappuccino, follow these additional steps:
  1. Ensure the cappuccino maker selection ring is set to the "CAPPUCCINO" position.
  2. Press the steam button. While the light is flashing, fill a milk jug with approximately 100 grams of milk for each cappuccino you wish to prepare. Wait for the corresponding button's light to remain steady, indicating that the boiler has reached the ideal temperature for steaming.
  3. Position an empty container under the cappuccino maker and briefly open the dial to release any remaining air in the system. Then, close the dial.
  4. Place the milk-jug under the cappuccino maker.
  5. Immerse the cappuccino maker into the milk jug and turn the dial to the "STEAM" position. To achieve a creamier froth, immerse the cappuccino maker in the milk and gently move the jug upward.
  6. Once you achieve the desired temperature (ideal is 60°C) and froth density, turn the steam dial clockwise to stop the steam delivery.
  7. Pour the frothed milk into the cups with the espresso coffee prepared earlier. Your cappuccino is now ready to enjoy.

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What makes the De’Longhi LatteCrema system unique?

The LatteCrema milk system found in some De'Longhi coffee machines can produce both hot and cold milk foam of your chosen consistency, hence enabling you to make a variety of milk-based coffee drinks. In addition, the LatteCrema milk container can be stored in the fridge when it’s not in use to keep milk perfectly cool and ideal for frothing. Some De'Longhi models also boast milk containers that are thermally insulated. By choosing this type of machine, you can be sure that your milk will be kept cool for as many as 5 to 6 hours.

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About Thermo flasks and Thermo mugs 

As coffee culture expands, so does the selection of dishes dedicated to this drink. Alongside various coffee pots, cups and spoons, there are numerous to-go containers, such as thermo flasks and thermo mugs. What these containers are mainly meant to do is maintain the temperature of your drink for longer. Whether it’s hot tea or coffee, cold water or some refreshing juice, a thermo flask or mug will ensure that your beverage stays just as hot or cold as it was when you first poured it into your trusted thermos. This means you’re able to enjoy your favourite drink served at the exact right temperature for hours (or even a full day sometimes!).

One of the key reasons behind the striking popularity of these dishes is the fact that they promote an environmentally friendly approach to drink consumption. More and more people now want their drinks poured into their own flasks or mugs when getting a quick cup of coffee in a coffee kiosk or a service station. Not only does this reduce the number of single-use cups tossed out all over the world every day, but it makes your drink taste better too: there’s no papery aftertaste ruining the flavour of your favourite coffee.

In addition to being extremely handy and environmentally friendly, thermo containers can be surprisingly stylish too. A thermo flask or mug can turn into an excellent accessory, adding a splash of colour and personality to your daily outfits. There are thermo containers of numerous different designs, shapes and colours on the market nowadays, so you’ll have no trouble finding the one that perfectly matches your personal style.

The Best Thermo Flask or Thermo Mug for You: How to Choose the Right One? 

Given the sheer number of thermo flasks and thermo mugs available, it’s definitely no surprise that some people end up struggling to choose. Sure, you can always pick the one you find to be the most beautiful—but there are several other criteria that are also worth paying attention to. Let’s discuss!

Thermo flask or thermo mug? The answer depends on your personal habits, of course. Thermo flasks are generally bottle-shaped: they’re tall and narrow. Thermo mugs, on the other hand, come in the shape of a cup. Simply choose the one that’s more convenient for you to drink from.

What’s the capacity you require? Consider how much coffee, tea or any other drink you’d like to take with you when going out. Thermo flasks come in various different sizes, from 200 to 500 ml. Thermo mugs do too, though the capacity of these containers doesn’t vary as greatly: they generally hold anywhere from 300 to 380 ml of liquid. All in all, a flask is an excellent choice for those of you who want to keep enjoying their drink for longer (or for the whole day even!), while mugs are suited perfectly for single servings.

Tall or short, narrow or wide? Dimensions are important too. If you like to sip your morning coffee when driving to work, make sure that the mug or flask you’re eyeing will fit your car cup holder. Owners of a coffee machine should pay special attention to the height and width of their thermos: to be able to brew some coffee straight into a flask or mug, this thermal container will have to fit under the spout of your appliance.

How long do you want your drink to stay hot for? Different thermo flasks and mugs will keep your drinks hot for different periods of time. Depending on your needs, choose from dishes capable of retaining heat for 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours or even 12 hours. The latter will let you brew a hot drink in the morning and still enjoy it at the exact right temperature in the evening!

What kind of lid do you prefer? Some thermo containers feature lids with a special opening that can be opened or closed (this Asobu “Coffee Compact” mug is one of them), while others boast a flip-open neck (like this Asobu “Diva” flask, for example): both of these let you sip your drink without having to remove the lid, so there’s no risk of you accidentally spilling your drink all over yourself. You’ll find thermoses with removable lids too though. Choose from narrower, bottle-shaped ones (there’s the trendy Asobu “Central Park” model) or those with a wider neck (like Fellow “Carter Everywhere”)—whatever you find to be the most convenient.

Classic or modern, monochrome or coloured? As you already know, thermo flasks and mugs can function as an excellent, stylish accessory, so there’s a bunch of designs on offer. There are classic, monochrome ones, as well as modern, colourful models. Choose the one that matches your style and personality!

Best deals. Coffee Friend always has lots of exclusive deals on offer—and when it comes to thermo flasks and mugs, they’re certainly no exception. Take a look at our current deals and discover amazing offers.

Choose from the most popular and best rated. If you’re still struggling to choose, it might be a good idea to try and rely on the opinion of our customers: use the sorting feature to find out which thermoses are currently the most popular or best rated.

Coffee Friend’s Range of Thermo Flasks and Thermo Mugs 

As wide as Coffee Friend’s range of products already is, it’s getting wider by the day still! We want to keep up with the latest trends, so you’ll find both well-established brands and exciting newcomers on our shelves. Whether you’re looking for something well-known and trusted or feel like discovering a brand you haven’t heard of before, you’re bound to find the perfect match here at Coffee Friend!

Asobu is a Japanese-inspired Canadian brand that’s been manufacturing coffee pots, flasks and mugs of various shapes, sizes and styles ever since 1999. There’s a bunch of Asobu thermo flasks and thermo mugs on offer. You can choose classic, elegant models or go for a colourful one if you want to stand out from the crowd. The Asobu “Orb” line is particularly popular: when removed, the lids of these flasks transform into mugs, so you can get the best of both worlds! The Clutch n Go flasks are also worth paying attention to: they feature a secret compartment for your personal belongings, such as keys or some small change. Thanks to a beautiful leather handle, they’re great to carry around with you too. Another hero of Asobu’s range of products will delight fans of music: the brand’s Wireless flask lets you enjoy your favourite drinks while bopping along to your favourite beats thanks to a built-in wireless speaker.

Fellow: located in San Francisco, this product design company is focused on presenting their clients with all the tools necessary for a delicious daily cup of coffee. Fellow thermo mugs have been created with true coffee connoisseurs in mind: their dimensions are suited perfectly for some of the trendiest coffee brewing tools out there, such as Aeropress, Hario V60 and the like. The inside of these mugs features a special ceramic coating that doesn’t affect the taste of your drink in the slightest. The tapered, narrow edge of these travel mugs is inspired by the famous Cabernet glass and designed for maximum enjoyment. Choose from a bunch of different colours and enjoy exquisite drinks wherever you are!

KeepCup is based in Australia and manufactures reusable coffee mugs. Two siblings, Abigail and Jamie Forsyth, founded the company in 2007 once they’d noticed just how many single-use cups were thrown out everyday by the clients of their Melbourne-based chain of cafés called Bluebag. With their double walls and a capacity of 340 ml, these vacuum mugs are suited perfectly for both hot and cold beverages. You can enjoy your drinks with or without the lid. In addition to being super convenient and easy to clean, KeepCup thermoses are also extremely stylish!

Wilfa is a Norwegian company established in 1948 and specialising in the manufacture of premium kitchen appliances. Having managed to find its place in millions of homes, it’s now one of the leading suppliers of small electrical equipment in the whole of Northern Europe. Wilfa‘s thermo mugs are particularly durable and reliable, equipped with ingenious closing mechanisms and drip stop systems. Their bases and handles are made from silicone, which makes these containers slip-proof and pleasant to hold.
To Conclude…
Well, have you already found your new thermo flask or mug? We sure hope you have! If you’re struggling to choose though, no worries: simply reach out to Coffee Friend’s consultants, who are always ready to help you out.

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