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Saeco, a producer of coffee machines of Italian origin, has started its activities in 1981 and is focusing only on experience-based solutions. Founders Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schme called the company after their own initials. These Italians first invented the fully automated coffee machine in 1985. The Saeco coffee machine will make you feel great in the production of coffee. Interestingly, these Italians first invented an integrated frother. Manufacturers want to preserve the authentic Italian coffee taste in each different cup. Since the founding of the company, Saeco has been developing coffee machines and was aiming at providing people with esspresso coffee at home, with just one push of a button. But since 2009 Saeco has joined the Dutch Philips group – a new brand – Philips Saeco – was born. Saeco has a wide selection of Vending machines. These Vending coffee machines are great for people with high turnover rates. Saeco coffee machines are fully automatic espresso coffee machines controlled by wireless communication through the application. In the assortment list you will find not only mass-produced and professional-use coffee machines, but also pad machines or semi-automatic machines for home and office. Specialized care products ensure that Saeco’s coffee machines work extremely well. Although the brands merged, they retain the values of the Italian approach and the traditions established by Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schmed.