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What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew - cold brewed coffee. The ground coffee is prepared by pouring cold water and leaving it to mature for several hours. It can be prepared by yourself without the use of any devices: we pour coarsely ground quality coffee with cold water (in the ratio 1: 5, and if we want to prepare the dilutable concentrate - in the ratio 1: 2). We leave for several hours to mature in a cool place. After that we knock out the thick and we can enjoy it for even a few weeks. If we don’t want to “play with the thicken,” we can purchase a special Cold Brew coffee tool.

Cold brew coffee is especially popular during the warm season because it is extremely fresh, tonic (high in caffeine) and sweet. It is especially tasty to drink just like that, seasoned with ice cream. Cold brew concentrate is also used to flavor desserts.

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Caffeine: What kind of coffee does have the most of it?

Most caffeine is found in robust coffee beans - twice as much as in arabica beans. Therefore, a blend that includes robusta, or 100% robusta coffee, or instant coffee (which is mostly made from robusta) will have more caffeine than 100% arabica coffee.

The amount of caffeine also depends on the method of coffee preparation. Caffeine is soluble in water, so the longer the coffee to water ratio, the more caffeine there will be in the coffee. So comparing a small cup of espresso to a cup of coffee in which water was simply poured on ground coffee, the adviser will have more caffeine. Although in the sense of taste it may turn out the other way around.

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Which coffee beans are best suited for automatic coffee machines?

All coffee beans, except flavored ones, are suitable for use in automatic coffee machines because they damage the mill itself. And then it all just depends on individual taste. Just keep in mind that lighter roasted beans, which are more designed for filter coffee preparation, can be much higher quality when prepared through an automatic espresso machine. However, it would be better to choose medium or dark roasted coffee beans to make the taste more pleasant. Some coffee makers even state on the package that the coffee is roasted specifically for espresso coffee machines or automatic coffee machines.

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What are the main types of coffee?

There are many types of coffee, but the most common and popular are these three: Arabica, Robusta and Liberica.
Arabica coffee trees are much more difficult to grow than Robusta or Liberica. They are particularly sensitive to cold, temperature differences, they need shade and higher altitudes. However, the palette of flavours that develop in ripening Arabica coffee berries is the richest. There are numerous of Arabica subspecies and they all have their own special taste characteristics. Dominated by sweet and sour, fruity berry notes.
Robusta coffee trees are not as delicate as Arabica. They are much more resistant to climatic conditions and pests. Therefore, they are much cheaper and easier to grow. The palette of flavours is narrower. Robusta has twice as much caffeine as Arabica. Mostly used in coffee blends and less often on its own. Robusta provides thickness in body, stronger caffeine kick and bitterness to the coffee blend. Dominated by bitter, intense flavour notes.
Liberica is the least popular of these three species because it does not have such flavour characteristics as Arabica or Robusta. Liberica is used to make instant coffee.
How to distinguish Arabica, Robusta and Liberica?
Arabica, Robusta and Liberica beans can also be distinguished visually. Arabica beans are oblong in shape and have a wavy stripe in the middle. Robusta beans are round in shape, smaller, the strip in the middle is straight. Liberica beans are much larger than Arabica or Robusta.

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Tasty coffee has become a part of our morning rituals, related with our life moments: everyday work, passionate hobbies, honest talks. You have to admit, it only makes coffee more important in our lives. Coffee aroma, taste, strength, aftertaste depends not only on brewing method, but also on type of coffee (single origin arabica, blend of arabicas, blend of arabica and robusta), growing conditions, preparation methods, roasting type. Since we take care of coffee lovers, we offer especially wide assortment of coffee based on your needs. For lovers of traditional coffee we offer highest quality single origin coffee beans and coffee blends, also suited for brewing it in a cup. For those in hurry – coffee pods and capsules for semi-automatic and capsular coffee machines. Those looking for iced coffee – frappe blends. Our coffee is made only of highest quality coffee beans and quality as the most important ingredient for an excellent coffee. Cheers!