Domestic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines: Myths & Misconceptions

What’s a day without a cup of joe? Most people can’t imagine not swinging by their favourite café or a roadside gas station on their way to work—and those who can tend to rush straight to the office coffee machine as soon as they get there. So why is it that, despite getting our caffeine fix from bean-to-cup coffee machines pretty much daily, some of us are still reluctant to invest in our own bean-to-cup appliance?

While the demand for domestic bean-to-cup coffee machines has definitely increased over the past few years, there are still a bunch of myths and misconceptions floating around out there, creating doubt as to whether such a practical, handy solution is truly worth it. Let’s bust these myths right open, shall we?

Myth No. 1: Bean-to-cup coffee machines are expensive.

A lot of people still believe that a bean-to-cup coffee machine—the kind that’s capable of brewing delicious coffee from freshly ground beans at the mere touch of a button—must cost thousands. There are machines like that on the market, sure! But did you know that, in fact, the most popular models tend to go for as little as £300–500? In addition to producing full-bodied espressos and fragrant black coffees, some of these appliances can serve you with gorgeous cappuccinos and lattes as well. A bean-to-cup coffee machine absolutely does pay off in the long-term, by the way. As time goes by, brewing coffee at home becomes a habit. You can’t get a tastier cuppa anywhere else anyway, so the best solution is grabbing a thermo mug, filling it with your favourite brew, and enjoying it on your way to work. Soon enough, you realise you’ve forgotten all about daily stops at cafés or gas stations!

Myth No. 2: Bean-to-cup coffee machines are suited for heavy coffee drinkers only. 

“There are only two of us in our household, and we’re not heavy coffee drinkers anyway, so there’s no need for a bean-to-cup coffee machine here…” Sounds familiar? Well, domestic bean-to-cup coffee machines are actually designed for a relatively modest number of daily brews. The water tanks on some models hold as little as 1 litre of water, while their grounds containers are good for only 6 servings—which makes these appliances perfect for a couple of coffee lovers who tend to drink a few cups a day each! Keep in mind though that your coffee consumption may increase a little once you discover just how good the drinks your new appliance serves you with truly are… Not to mention that you might find yourself suddenly having more coffee-loving guests over!

Myth No. 3: Bean-to-cup coffee machines take up a lot of space. 

Another common misconception states that all bean-to-cup coffee machines take up a lot of space, so they’re really designed for offices or large houses. The truth is, some domestic coffee machines of this day and age are surprisingly compact and can measure as little as 20 cm in width! In addition to a variety of sizes, there are numerous different styles and colour schemes to choose from. By the way, if you’re in the process of revamping your kitchen, you might want to consider getting a built-in coffee machine (another great way to save some precious countertop space!).

Myth No. 4: Bean-to-cup coffee machines are difficult to use.

This myth is probably rooted in some of the very first bean-to-cup coffee machines on the market: they did pose a serious challenge with their numerous buttons, complicated operation and dozens of obscure settings. On the contrary, modern bean-to-cup machines rely on the principle of intuitive operation: if you can figure out how to use a smartphone, you’ll find a coffee machine like this just as easy to control. It’s all very straightforward: just select the desired drink, and let your coffee machine do the rest. If any further actions are needed, your smart appliance will let you know. This is done using indicator lights, special icons or clear-cut display notifications.

Myth No. 5: Bean-to-cup coffee machines are difficult to maintain.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are often associated with long, complicated cleaning procedures. It’s certainly true that earlier models used to require a great deal of care and attention, but this isn’t the case anymore: when it comes to modern bean-to-cup coffee machines, they’re truly designed to get you from bean to cup with as much ease as possible. Automated maintenance programs play a huge role in making this a reality. All you have to do every day is simply empty the grounds container and drip tray. Well, okay, you may have to fill the water tank and the bean container from time to time too, but that’s about it. If your bean-to-cup coffee machine is equipped with a milk system, it’s likely to boast an automatic milk system rinsing program as well, so there’s no need for you to worry about that either. You’ll also need to run the descaling and cleaning programs every couple of months, but these generally don’t take long. Just press a couple of buttons and keep on brewing!

Myth No. 6. Bean-to-cup coffee machines cannot serve you with café-quality coffee.

A bean-to-cup coffee machine can absolutely serve you with coffee that’s just as good as the one you’d get at a café—in fact, your home-brewed drinks are likely to be even better! First of all, you’re free to choose your own beans. You can ensure they’re always fresh too (nothing matches the glorious aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, right?). The type of milk you’re using is yours to select too, be it regular cow’s milk or your favourite plant-based drink. You can adjust the beverage settings to match your personal preferences as well. Not to mention that a well-maintained coffee machine produces consistently delicious drinks day in and day out (unlike your local barista, who may happen upon a bad day from time to time, just as we all do!).

If any of these myths got in the way of you taking the plunge and purchasing your first bean-to-cup coffee machine, they’re all now hopefully busted! There’s a huge variety of domestic bean-to-cup coffee machines on the market, so you’re bound to find the one that meets each of your needs and wants. We’ll be here, ready to help if you need us!