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Bosch filter coffee makers

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Bosch filter coffee makers

Nowadays, filter coffee makers, which allow us to enjoy authentic flavours and high coffee quality with no grounds in our cups, are making a triumphant comeback. The world’s most well-known baristas and coffee experts use these coffee makers to prepare their home-brewed drinks — that, of course, has nothing to do with how affordable filter coffee makers are and everything to do with their ability to brew truly delightful coffee. 

Filter coffee machines are manufactured by big brands and smaller businesses alike. Below, we’re going to introduce you to the filter coffee makers produced by the German company called Bosch. Read on if you want to learn more about these coffee machines and their key functions! 

“Bosch”: innovative solutions designed to make every day easier

Known all over the world, this manufacturer of household appliances (and more) has been around for well over one hundred years — it was established by Robert Bosch in 1886, in Stuttgart, Southern Germany. At the start, however, the company wasn’t named after its founder. Instead, it was known as the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. Unlike the name of the business, a couple of things haven’t changed ever since its establishment: it’s the attention the company pays to various innovations, as well as its social responsibility. 

The appliances manufactured by Bosch serve as representations of the company’s uncompromising attitude towards quality, technical excellence and reliability. While Bosch weren’t able to eliminate the daily routine of household chores completely, they decided to make it as simple and short as possible. As one of the leaders amongst the manufacturers of household appliances here in Europe, Bosch offers maximum efficiency while keeping a single goal in mind: to make every day of their clients easier. 

Bosch coffee machines are no exception — nor are Bosch filter coffee makers. We’re going to discuss their key functions and most popular models below.  

“Aroma+” function

By pressing the Aroma + button, you can enhance the flavour of your coffee — the appliance will adjust the flow of water to your wants and needs. This feature will enable you to enjoy gorgeous aroma that’s just the way you want it to be: for example, you can make it stronger in the mornings and weaker in the evenings. 

Removable water tank

Using a coffee machine that’s equipped with a non-removable water tank isn’t very convenient. This isn’t a problem in Bosch filter coffee makers though: the water tanks of these appliances can be removed quickly and easily, as well as filled straight from the tap. Putting the tank back into the machine is no harder than taking it out too.

“DripStop” function

If you’re a fan of filter coffee, you’re probably so eager to enjoy that delicious first sip sometimes that waiting for the jug to fill up completely just isn’t an option. Thanks to the DripStop function, you’ll be able to remove the jug from these coffee makers anytime, without worrying that the coffee might continue dripping for a while and leave stains on your working surface. No cleaning is required, so go ahead and take a sip anytime you wish!

Pivoting filter holder

To prepare your Bosch appliance for the brewing process (i.e. to insert a new paper filter and fill it with ground coffee), you won’t even have to take out the filter holder — simply turning it to the side will suffice. One, two, three, and a cup of delicious coffee is on its way! 

“EasyDescale3”: an extremely practical descaling feature

Regular maintenance will not only prolong the service life of your coffee maker and help you save some energy, but it’ll also ensure delightful coffee taste. The EasyDescale3 function found in Bosch filter coffee machines provides your appliance with flawless protection. It has three separate components: a water hardness setting, a signal prompting you to perform the descaling program as soon as it becomes necessary, and, of course, the descaling program itself.  

The Bosch model called ComfortLine is equipped with all of the above functions. Meanwhile, its older brother of a slightly different design, the Styline coffee maker, boasts a few additional features: 

“DualHeating” system for the ideal coffee aroma

Great coffee taste requires the right temperature: thanks to the DualHeating system, the temperature of the water used for brewing coffee is around 9296 °C in Bosch filter coffee makers, while the temperature of the prepared drink is normally around 8085 °C. Two separate boilers ensure the right brewing temperature and the ideal temperature of the resulting coffee. 

“Aroma Sensor”: same taste, regardless of how much coffee you brew

By automatically adjusting the duration of infusion, the AromaSensor feature guarantees that even the smallest amount of coffee will be characterised by the optimal taste. Here’s how it works: to ensure that the flavour of three servings of coffee brewed at once is as gorgeous as the taste of ten servings, there’s a sensor located in the water tank — it identifies a low water level, then automatically adjusts the brewing duration and optimises the process involved in extracting the aroma of your coffee. More information is provided on the LED display.

Automatic shut-off

Another reason why using Bosch filter coffee makers is so easy and convenient is the fact that once the brewing process is over, after some time (the exact duration is indicated in the user manual of each Bosch model), the coffee machine switches off automatically. 

Steel thermos

Instead of a glass coffee jug, some Bosch filter coffee machines that belong to the Styline range are equipped with a double-walled stainless-steel thermos jug — it helps the drink maintain its pleasant warmth and aroma long after preparation. The lid of the jug can be opened with ease, so you’ll be able to serve multiple cups of coffee using one hand only. 

The Bosch filter coffee makers in our assortment will help you enjoy flavours that are truly authentic. Depending on your individual needs and wants, you’ll be able to choose a coffee machine of your desired size, capacity and design. To find out more about each model, read the description of the filter coffee maker that interests you. And if making a decision on your own is still too difficult, you’re welcome to reach out to the Coffee Friend’s consultants, who are always ready to help you pick out the filter coffee machine that suits your needs perfectly.