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Nespresso coffee machines


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About “Nespresso” coffee machines

Established in 1986 by a team of five people seeking to introduce portioned coffee into the market, the “Nespresso” company didn’t take long to start towering over all others. Nowadays, this 35-year-old business is still at the top of its game and placed firmly amongst the global coffee capsule leaders. Since the very start, what set “Nespresso” apart from the rest was its innovative attitude both towards its business model and towards its products. Having begun their success story as manufacturers of large, restaurant-style coffee machines and capsules, the creators of “Nespresso” soon started employing the latest technologies, which helped them become a favourite in people’s homes too. The biggest leap forward came in 2004, when “Nespresso” introduced the extremely compact “Essenza” model its capsule release system has been an indispensable part of all “Nespresso” models created since. Later on, the “Lattissima” capsule coffee machine with a milk frothing system became the new standard for the lovers of milk-based coffee drinks. Once all of the most life-changing technologies have been employed by the company, “Nespresso” embarked on a mission of changing the world without their help. For a decade now, its efforts have been focused on creating recyclable capsules, making its products environmentally friendly and protecting the environment.  Over the years, “Nespresso” initiated several campaigns targeting these problems. To contribute even more to the preservation of our planet, the company has remodelled three of its factories in a way that now allows them to use energy obtained from renewable sources. 

The art of coffee-making

“Nespresso” believes that coffee-making is an art, capable of blessing us with the most beautiful of emotions. Informed by this belief, the company acts in accordance with certain principles. First, it does its best to keep providing its clients with something new. In order to make this happen, “Nespresso” constantly generates standard-breaking ideas, which don’t take long to turn into reality. As a result, people have started expecting more from this company which, in turn, pushes “Nespresso” to continue moving forward. Secondly, the company views coffee as a genuine force for good. According to “Nespresso”, coffee farms protect the fields from urbanisation and encourage local communities to come together in pursuit of  a noble goal. The company fosters this idea by growing the world’s rarest coffee beans, processing them carefully and so making the everyday coffee-drinking ritual even more special. “Nespresso” is certain that perfectly balanced flavours can bring harmony into our surroundings this principle is what lies beneath the unique features of the brand’s coffee. 

Groundbreaking solutions

The innovative attitude of “Nespresso” has led the company to equip their machines with the latest technologies — they are the reason behind the continued popularity and unquestionable reliability of these capsule coffee machines. There are numerous variables involved in the coffee-making equation, but none of them have gone unnoticed by the creators of “Nespresso” appliances. While brewing coffee, these machines select the correct amount of water, as well as the required temperature, preparation speed and pressure, in order to provide you with the best possible version of your chosen drink each and every time. The capsules produced by this manufacturer contain real ground coffee whose grind level has been carefully selected to reveal the best characteristics of the beans. The models with a milk system use fresh milk when preparing milk-based beverages. “Nespresso” has been using this technology for quite a while, but even nowadays, such milk systems are rarely encountered in capsule coffee machines. It’s important to add though that functionality isn’t the only advantage offered by this company. “Nespresso” values beauty, so it pays special attention to the design of its coffee machines. The appliances produced by this brand are amongst the most stylish capsule coffee machines on the market, while their timeless look ensures that your coffee machine will stay fashionable throughout the entirety of its service life. 

Unique technologies and features of “Nespresso” machines

“Nespresso” machines are designed for true fans of espresso. These appliances employ pressure of 19 bar when brewing coffee, which is why the resulting drinks are particularly thick and extremely flavourful.

Ever since it was established thirty years ago, “Nespresso” has continued to broaden its assortment. Nowadays, even the biggest connoisseurs who are constantly searching for truly exceptional flavours are able to discover their favourite capsules amongst the numerous different coffee varieties offered by “Nespresso”. Nevertheless, the biggest advantage of these capsules lies not in their impressive variety, but rather in their remarkable quality. According to the company, such quality cannot come by accident. It can only ever result from a series of conscious choices, which ultimately lead to the heights of excellence occupied by “Nespresso” capsules. Having picked out the farms that produce the best coffee, the “Nespresso” coffee experts evaluate the beans themselves to ensure that they meet the company’s standards. The brand’s roasting gurus, armed with years of experience and bent on unlocking the potential hidden in each coffee bean, know exactly how these beans must be roasted. Once that’s done, the beans are combined to create signature “Nespresso” blends or packaged separately as single-origin coffee varieties. The attention paid to every detail of this complicated process makes this company truly unique. 

The minimalism of “Nespresso” machines is evident not only in their design, but also in their operation. This definitely improves the user experience: the principle of operation is easy to figure out even if you’re using a capsule coffee machine for the very first time. All components of these appliances, such as a water tank and a milk container, are extremely simple to remove, while the design of the capsule holder ensures that you’ll always insert the capsules correctly.  

Another important advantage of “Nespresso” machines is simple maintenance. The appliance can be disassembled with ease, allowing each component to be washed separately under a tap. The automatic descaling program makes maintaining your coffee machine even easier! 

The compactness of “Nespresso” appliances comes in handy not only when looking for a suitable place for a coffee machine in your kitchen, but also when going on a trip.  If you want to continue drinking your favourite coffee even when you’re away from home, you can take a “Nespresso” coffee machine with you and place it in your hotel room. With the help of “Nespresso”, you’ll be able to enjoy great coffee wherever you are. 

The most popular “Nespresso” models

Nespresso “Essenza Mini”

Essenza Mini” is a tiny, yet extremely powerful, capsule coffee machine designed for the lovers of black coffee drinks. Thanks to its simple operation, you can easily choose between espresso or espresso lungo, which is dispensed over a longer period of time. The modern design of “Essenza Mini” fits seamlessly into any interior, while its compactness means that this appliance doesn’t require much space in the kitchen. When it comes to the maintenance of this coffee machine, it couldn’t get much simpler: the appliance can be disassembled with ease and its plastic components can be washed in a dishwasher. Fans of traditional espresso will love the precision involved in the brewing of this drink, while coffee connoisseurs will be able to discover their favourite drink amongst numerous “Nespresso” capsule varieties.  

Nespresso “Atelier”

Atelier” capsule coffee machine will enable you to start each day with a cup of delicious latte: simply froth milk straight in your favourite cup, use a capsule to brew a portion of espresso and add it to the prepared milk foam. Those who prefer black coffee drinks will discover a variety of recipes too, while true coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the full potential of the ground beans unveiled in the prepared beverage. Although this model is extremely compact, its water tank has a capacity of 1 litre — this means that you won’t have to fill it up prior to each preparation of a drink. This coffee machine is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a particularly compact appliance, yet still want to enjoy various recipes, including those of milk-based beverages. 

Nespresso “Lattissima”

The predecessor of “Latissima” appliance has forever changed people’s view of capsule coffee machines: thanks to the integrated milk system, it was able to prepare drinks with freshly frothed milk foam. Like all other “Nespresso” machines, this model is extremely easy to operate. Three illuminated buttons will guide you along the process and allow you to prepare espresso, espresso lungo and various milk-based drinks with a single touch. The innovative cappuccino system will froth the perfect milk foam, as well as detect an empty milk container with the help of special sensors and prompt you to fill it up. The machine also uses pressure of 19 bar to prepare coffee. In addition to all of the other advantages, this appliance is easy to maintain. The removable milk container can be washed in a dishwasher. There’s a built-in used capsule container as well, with a capacity of as many as 11 capsules. This coffee machine is perfect for those who value high quality and want their drink to be brewed with extreme precision. “Latissima” is also popular amongst people who lead busy lives and don’t have much time for coffee preparation.  

Nespresso “Creatista Pro”

If you want your home-brewed coffee to taste just like the drinks prepared by professional baristas, this “Creatista Pro” model is for you! A modern colour touch screen makes the operation of this coffee machine extremely simple. The “Creatista” model will allow you to prepare espresso, ristretto, lungo and americano with a single touch, as well as froth milk foam for your milk-based drinks with the help of a professional steam wand and a special milk jug. Milk frothed in this way can even be used for latte art, while its consistency and temperature is perfect for both latte and cappuccino recipes. The appliance is equipped with a hot water function, so you can prepare americano by diluting your espresso or even use this function to make a cup of tea. The containers of this machine are larger than usual: the water tank has a capacity of 2 litres, while the used capsule container can hold up to 14 capsules. The design of the “Creatista Pro” model is made particularly impressive by the modern stainless-steel body of this coffee machine. Its metal shine symbolises both luxury and reliability. 

Fans of “Nespresso” — what are they like?

Fans of “Nespresso” machines believe that the coffee brewing ritual should be simple and easy to control, yet they’re also convinced that this shouldn’t diminish the quality of their coffee. For them, coffee is an art, a form of beauty. Not only should the drink taste good, but it should also provide the drinker with a feeling of contentment — every cup must function as a reminder that the world is beautiful simply because there’s coffee in it. These coffee machines are valued by people who appreciate high-quality, specialty coffee and want to brew it with the help of a reliable appliance that never fails to unlock the full potential of the ground beans. 


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