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About us

Coffee Friend is an international omnichannel retailer of coffee and coffee machines, operating in Europe under a variety of names in different local markets. We focus on an extraordinary sales experience and high-quality production.

Our journey to success began in 2010 in Lithuania, when two friends decided to pursue their dreams in the coffee business. Their passion for coffee and circle of friends grew rapidly. Now, according to a "Business Research Center Group" study, we’re one of the leading retailers of coffee and coffee machines in the Baltic states. We won't stop here - we dream of sharing good coffee with the rest of the world.

We stay abreast of the most cutting edge information on coffee and coffee preparation. We know how to prepare an excellent cup of coffee. If you desire, you can do the same—with a single press of a button. We don't speak the language of instruction manuals. We’re here for a friendly conversation: simple, precise and warm. We're here to help you find everything that's needed, so you'll always be able to rely on a great cup of coffee at home.

Monetize your audience

Join Coffee Friend affiliate marketing program and generate additional revenue. All you need to do is add Coffee Friend offers to your website and every time a visitor to your site buys from us, you earn a commission on the sale.


  • Earn a competitive commission per sale
  • Exceptional offers for your customers
  • No monthly targets to achieve
  • Average order value of around £350
  • 45-day cookie period

Joining our affiliate program

Who can join?

Anyone can become a Coffee Friend affiliate, as long as your site is suitable for advertising. We reserve the right to decline any application that we feel is improper. Please do not use the name ‘Coffee Friend’ without the appropriate permissions

How to join?

Joining is free and very simple: all you need to do is sign up here and you’re ready to start! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact via the following e-mail address [email protected]