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How to choose a coffee machine that is right for me?

We’ve written an informative article about choosing the best coffee machine for you. Click the link to find out more: Still can’t decide? We’re here to help! Our customer support team can provide you with valuable advice and help you choose the best model for you. Contact us at [email protected] or +441202029699

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Are the prices different for legal entities and individuals?

No, our prices are the same for both legal entities and individuals.

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Where is your company based?

We’re an international company that has physical stores and online shops in multiple countries across Europe. Our head office is located in Lithuania, but we have offices in various countries. The items are shipped from our European warehouses.

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Are there any additional discounts for my goods?

Yes! A special price applies for our coffee sets or when purchasing larger quantities of coffee beans. Additionally, you can find all of our current deals under the PROMOTIONS category!

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How long have you been in business?

We’re an international company established throughout Europe and armed with 10 years of experience. We launched our UK branch in 2016 and have been working successfully here ever since!

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What kind of a plug will my appliance have?

We make sure that the devices shipped to the UK are ready to be used by our UK customers straight away. To find out if your item will come with a UK plug or an EU plug and a certified plug adapter, check the “Technical Specifications” section on the product page.

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