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Coffee machine Siemens “TQ505R09”

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Preparable recipes

Americano Caffè crema Cappuccino Espresso Espresso Macchiato Flat white Hot water Latte Macchiato Milk foam
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About product

The bean-to-cup coffee machine Siemens “TQ505R09” prepares up to 7 coffee drinks just at your fingertips. Due to the integrated One Touch Double Cup mode you can prepare 2 servings of every coffee beverage at once. The iAroma system ensures a perfect taste. Intuitive and simple operation, automatic maintenance programs make it easy to enjoy coffee every day.


The coffee machine prepares classic coffee drinks: espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and recently very fashionable ones – espresso macchiato, flat white and americano, just at one touch of a button.


Prepare two servings of latte macchiato or two servings of cappuccino at once!


The coffee machine has an extremely convenient milk system. The integrated milk container can be comfortably stored in the refrigerator (when it is not in use). The unique automatic milk system rinsing program autoMilk Clean effectively rinses the milk system after each milky beverage prepared. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to do it manually every day.


Easily understandable touch icons and a colourful screen make it easy to operate the coffee machine.


Thanks to the “AromaDouble Shot” function, you can enjoy a cup of strong coffee without any bitterness. Your coffee will be prepared in two steps – double coffee grinding and double coffee preparation will provide the most optimal flavour. This automatic process ensures no unpleasant bitterness in the drink.


iAroma system combines different elements making them work together, so that your coffee would have the most perfect aroma and taste. High performance, reliable ceramic grinder mildly grinds coffee beans to an even consistency preserving its best aroma and taste qualities. SensoFlow intelligent heater system ensures the optimal and equal beverage temperature. 15 bar pressure for the maximum coffee flavour extraction and density. High quality brewing unit is very quick and easy to clean.


Easy maintenance and quick cleaning are ensured through the easily accessible service door from the front of the coffee machine. Combined Calc’n’Clean program allows to run both maintenance programs at once (thus saving your time).

For the first cup of coffee

Delicious coffees for your new coffee machine! Here are some coffees that will go well with both black and milk-based coffee drinks.

Technical characteristics

General features

Warranty24 months
Coffee machine usesCoffee beans, Ground coffee
Milk system typeIntegrated milk tank
Type of coffee grinderCeramic
Adjustable beverage amountYes
Does coffee machine prepare hot water?Yes
Does coffee machine prepare hot milk?Yes
Adjustable coffee strengthYes
Programmable water temperatureYes
Power (EU and UK conversion plug)1500 W
Water pump pressure15 BAR
Country of OriginSlovenia
Preparable recipes - OtherHot water, Milk foam
Coffee temperature (levels)3
Preparable recipes - CoffeeAmericano, Caffè crema, Cappuccino, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Flat white, Latte Macchiato


Coffee machine's screenColourful
Coffee machine's menu languageCzech, Danish, Dutch, english, finnish, French, Italian, polish, russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish


Water tank1.7 l
Coffee bean tank270 g


Number of black coffees prepared at once2
Number of coffee with milk recipes prepared at once2
Adjustable grinding level3
Portion sizeProgrammable
Cup lightingYes
Coffee strength (levels)5

Maintenance programs

Descaling programYes
Milk system cleaning programYes
Cleaning programYes
Automatic rinsingYes

Dimensions and weight

Depth42.8 cm
Height37.3 cm
Width24.9 cm
Weight8.74 kg

For coffee machine's maintenance

Proper care can increase the lifespan of your coffee machine. You will need these maintenance products to keep your machine preparing the best coffee.

Coffee machine's extras

These accessories will make coffee preparation process even more convenient and pleasant, and prepared coffee will surely be tastier.

Frequently Asked Questions

After removing the drip tray and before putting it back, water appeared inside the coffee machine.

The drip tray may have been removed too early. After preparing the last drink, wait a few seconds before removing the drip tray.

The coffee machine prepares hot milk but is not frothing a good milk foam.

1. Rinse the milk system and clean it thoroughly by hand (see user manual).
2. Check that all parts of the milk system are connected correctly.
3. Make sure there is enough milk in the milk container or milk package.
4. Use only chilled milk of suitable fat content (3-3.5%).
5. If the first steps did not work, perform an additional descaling program. The limescale residue may have reduced water/steam supply (this has a direct effect on milk frothing).

The coffee brewing unit can not be removed.

Possibly the brewing unit has not fully returned to its position where it could be removed. Switch the coffee machine off and on again (via the button on the back of the coffee machine).

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  1. Kinga
    July 28, 2020
    Fantastic coffee machine! Looks great, easy to use and makes delicious drinks! Thank you @TheCoffeeMate
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  2. Katarzyna Pieta
    Verified purchase
    June 17, 2020
    The best coffee machine I've ever seen. it looks beautiful, coffee is delicious, nothing else you need to be happy. I recommend
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