Universal espresso & coffee machine milk system cleaner Coffee Friend For Better Coffee, 500 ml


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The universal milk system cleaner “For Better Coffee”. Made of natural ingredients of the highest quality, this cleaner ensures ideal hygiene inside the milk system: it gets rid of any accumulated bacteria, milk fats and milk residue.


– Bean-to-cup(De’Longhi, Nivona, Philips etc.)

– Semi-automatic(Bezzera, Rocket Espresso, Lelit etc.)

– Capsule(NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®, Nespresso, Krups etc.)

– Pad(SENSEO etc.)

– Built-in(Bosch, Siemens etc.)

– Lever(Flair, La Pavoni, Elektra etc.)

How to use it?

1) Mix 10 ml of the cleaner with 100 ml of water.

Depending on the model of your coffee machine and the milk system type:

1) If your coffee machine is equipped with an integrated milk system cleaning program, simply follow the required procedure. If there’s no integrated milk system cleaning program in your appliance, see the following instructions. 

2) Coffee machine with a steam wand: make sure to regularly remove the steam wand, disassemble it and let it soak in the mixture for a while/wash it using the mixture.

3) Coffee machine with a milk tube: pour the mixture into an empty container, immerse the tube in it and activate the hot steam/milk function. Repeat the procedure using clean water. 

4) Coffee machine with a milk container: pour the mixture into the milk container and activate the hot steam/milk function. Repeat the procedure using clean water.

Ingredients: contains carbonates, potassium hydroxide. 

Storage conditions: store in a place inaccessible to children.

Additional information:

May cause severe skin burns and eye damage. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not inhale steam. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/use eye (face) protection equipment. IF THE PRODUCT HAS BEEN INGESTED: rinse the mouth. DO NOT induce vomiting. IF THE PRODUCT HAS COME INTO CONTACT WITH SKIN (or hair): immediately take off/discard all contaminated clothing. Wash the skin with water/a jet of water. IF THE PRODUCT HAS COME INTO CONTACT WITH EYES: wash carefully with water for a few minutes. Remove contact lenses if there are any and if this can be easily done. Continue washing the eyes. Immediately call the POISON CONTROL AND INFORMATION CENTRE or contact your doctor. Keep locked away. Pour out the contents/throw out the container in accordance with current legislation.

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  1. verena gregg

    Good to have a milk cleaning system cleaner, appears to do what it says on the bottle

  2. Robert evans

    Great product works fine and quick delivery.

  3. Justin Smith

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