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Capsule coffee machines

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Which is better – capsular or bean-to-cup coffee machine?

We always say - the best is what meets your…
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We always say - the best is what meets your needs. Capsular coffee machines have found their way into the hearts of customers because of their extremely easy usage and maintenance. Also, different types of coffee can be made every time and the machine itself takes up very little space. They are prefered not only at home, but in country-houses, travels and small offices. Bean-to-cup coffee machines will always make coffee from freshly ground coffee beans, will be more powerful and have more functions. Also, the decision can be influenced by the fact that the price of one cup of coffee is relatively lower and the variety of drinks and technologies is much higher.

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Are instant coffee and milk powder used in the capsules?

In our available selection, instant coffee is not used in…
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In our available selection, instant coffee is not used in the capsules that are for making black coffee. Whereas, milk beverages may contain instant coffee, depending on the manufacturer and the type of beverage.

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Are only one type of coffee capsules suitable for my capsular machine?

When buying coffee capsules, you can choose from different manufacturers…
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When buying coffee capsules, you can choose from different manufacturers and types of coffee capsules. It is important to pay attention to their shape. The coffee capsules packaging indicates for which type of coffee machine (Nespresso or Dolce gusto) they should be used. This information can also be found next to the product description in our e-shop. If there are doubts about your choice, you can always ask the shop-assistant and purchase the product you need.

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How to choose the capsular machine?

Capsular coffee machines can be distinguished by the integrated capsule…
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Capsular coffee machines can be distinguished by the integrated capsule systems in them. Some capsular coffee machine producers focus on the quality of black coffee, others on making a wide range of drink options possible. When choosing a coffee machine, it is important to look at the possibility of purchasing the right capsules for them. There have been cases when customers buy a rarer capsular coffee machine model and then can not find the right capsules in local stores. Currently we offer two types of capsular coffee machines: Dolce Gusto coffee machines. Designed for clients that like to have a taste variety and experiments. After purchasing one of these types of devices, you will be able to make black coffee drinks, as well as milk coffee or even cocoa. These machines are especially recommended when there is a preference for milk drinks, but there is not enough space nearby to keep the fresh milk cold. Nespresso coffee machines. If your main preferred coffee drinks are espresso and black coffee (up to 120-140 ml), then this choice is for you. Wide variety of coffee pods, quality coffee and coffee blends - there are no limits for tasting. However, if you are a fan of beverages with milk, then attention should be paid - some systems in Nespresso brand capsular machines use only fresh milk (no milk powder).

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