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Which coffee machine is the best?

There is no single answer to this question. When choosing…
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There is no single answer to this question. When choosing a coffee machine, statistics can help - people buy this purchase for about 5-7 years. Why is this fact important? Because for such a period it is important to purchase a reliable and, most importantly, a model that meets all the needs. In addition, every client has different wishes and expectations, so we say frankly - what works the best for your colleagues or neighbours, will not always be the best option for you and your family. We always recommend telling the shop-assistant openly about your expectations. To make it easier to understand and name your wishes, consider: What kind of coffee do you like the best - black, espresso or do you always choose one of the milk coffee drinks? There are brands whose technologies are designed to make the perfect espresso drink. There is also a possibility to choose from different milk systems that are customized for different needs. How much space do you plan to allocate for the coffee machine in your home? It may seem like a detail, but in some cases, when customers choose the coffee machine that meets their expectations the best, they have to face the dilemma of fitting it in the intended niche. What do you expect from your new coffee machine? If you have already researched a specific model online or used one at a friend's house, mention it to the shop-assistant. If this is not your first coffee machine, then we have no doubt that you already know what features are important to you, to what the attention should be paid. The latest technology, very quiet operation, exceptionally simple maintenance - everything is possible!

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Which milk system is the most convenient?

When choosing a bean-to-cup machine, we suggest considering how often…
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When choosing a bean-to-cup machine, we suggest considering how often milk beverages will be made, what is your budget for the coffee machine and what quality of milk beverages do you expect? According to these criteria, each milk system meets a specific customer need: Manual frother. It is often used in mid priced coffee machines. Making a milk foam in this way is not difficult, however it requires some knowledge and practice. Coffee machines with manual frothers are chosen by clients that want to purchase coffee machines for a lower price and have the ability to make milk coffee. Automatic milk pype or integrated milk tank system. This milk system is one of the most popular and preferred. Its peculiarity - the ability to make milk beverages without any particular skills, often, just with one or two button presses. Automatic milk pype system is preferred by clients who want very simple maintenance and good quality milk foam. Meanwhile, the integrated milk tank is useful for those that do not have free space for milk next to the coffee machine and want to enjoy great milk coffee. Latte go system. It is the newest milk system with exceptionally easy maintenance. Just rinsing is enough for the milk tank to stay clean. This system does not have a milk frother, so those who avoid spending too much time on a coffee machine maintenance - this system might be the most convenient.

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What is the difference between ceramic and stainless steel grinder?

There are various opinions when it comes to the question…
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There are various opinions when it comes to the question which of these grinders is better. However, all grinders are designed for the same purpose, i.e. to grind the beans and to perform it properly. If you use the coffee machine at home and make up to 20 cups per day, then the choice of the grinder is not that important. Still, each grinder has several differences. Ceramic grinder::

  • Can be more silent depending on the placement in the coffee machine
  • Heats up less when being used constantly and does not additionally heat (burn) the beans.
Stainless steel grinder:
  • Is considered to be more durable when large amounts of coffee are being made
  • Can be less sensitive to the waste that got into coffee (unroasted coffee beans, pebbles etc.)

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When is a coffee machine considered to be a bean-to-cup?

A bean-to cup coffee machine is a coffee machine that…
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A bean-to cup coffee machine is a coffee machine that has an integrated grinder and coffee brewing mechanism.

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