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Rocket Espresso coffee machines


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Rocket Espresso coffee machines

Rocket Espresso manufactures some of the world’s finest coffee machines in the tradition of Fatto a Mano — which is Italian for “made by hand”. Behind the name of the company, there’s a small team of artisans from Milan, who work tirelessly on producing domestic and commercial semi-automatic coffee machines with painstaking diligence and attention to detail. 

Rocket Espresso semi-automatic coffee machines are designed to serve the finest espresso day in and day out. To create some of the best espresso machines on the market, the New Zealander Andrew Meo and the Italian Daniele Berenbruch combined philosophies from opposite sides of the globe in their Milan factory. Each model is intended to satisfy the needs of the most demanding espresso fans out there.

Domestic Coffee Machine Models by Rocket Espresso

Rocket Espresso “EPICA”

With its vintage body panelling and manual lever, the semi-automatic coffee machine Rocket Espresso “Epica” combines the best traditions and latest technologies with flawless operation. The model boasts a fully saturated group, pump pressure adjusted with the help of the manual lever, as well as a boiler with a capacity of 3.6 litres. 

This espresso machine, which can be connected directly to the mains water supply or used with the help of a built-in water tank, harnesses stability and parameter flexibility to ensure exceptional results in your coffee cup every time. 

What “Epica” offers is unparalleled accuracy and the chance for you to be in charge of every step of the brewing process. It’s been created with true professionals in mind — those who value both style and functionality.

Rocket Espresso “R NINE ONE”

The pride and joy of Rocket Espresso, the “R Nine One” model is designed to be used at home or in a small office and boasts all of the latest technologies found in commercial coffee machines produced by Rocket. In addition to lending your chosen space a stylish look, it’s guaranteed to serve you with the perfect cup of coffee. 

Thanks to the fully saturated brewing group and digital PID temperature control, thermal stability is an absolute guarantee. There’s also the innovative pressure profiling system used to adjust the process of coffee brewing, allowing you to control it fully as a result. This can be done using the 5 preset programmes or the manual lever. 

The built-in volumetric pump with permanent magnets ensures precision and silent operation. The option of using the built-in water tank or plumbing your “R Nine One” in is also bound to come in handy.  

Rocket Espresso “R 60V”

The “R 60V” espresso machine boasts two boilers controlled via the PID system, as well as a pressure profiling option. Traditionally, to brew an excellent cup of espresso, pressure of 9 bar is used to extract the aromas and oils hidden in your coffee beans. The unique pressure profiling system found in the “R 60V” model lets you adjust the pump pressure used during extraction and hence enables you to enjoy drinks of an even higher quality. 

The five-step profiling system used by Rocket Espresso divides the entire brewing duration into five equal intervals and allows users to set different pressures for each of them, hence unlocking a much higher number of flavours. A rotary pump, which is often encountered in professional coffee machines, ensures silent operation and lets you choose between using the internal water tank or plumbing the machine in. 

The appliance’s control panel lets you adjust various settings using a remote controller or the machine’s Wi-Fi system. You can keep track of temperature, pressure and extraction duration in real time as well. 

Rocket Espresso “R CINQUANTOTTO”

The “R Cinquantotto” model features technologies adopted directly from professional Rocket machines. Two separate, PID-controlled boilers ensure thermal stability and ideal coffee taste.  A rotary pump an important feature of professional coffee machines ensures silent operation and lets you choose between the internal water tank and the option of connecting the coffee machine directly to the mains water supply. 

When it comes to espresso brewed to perfection, the correct extraction time is absolutely crucial. Thanks to the built-in timer, you can keep track of it with ease. “R Cinquantotto” is operated via a touch-sensitive controller that must be connected to the appliance separately. The latter also features an automatic on/off function, so your coffee machine is guaranteed to be ready to go whenever you are. The panel can be easily removed in order to retain the classic aesthetics Rocket Espresso is known for. 

Rocket Espresso “CRONOMETRO R”

Features borrowed straight from the manufacturer’s commercial espresso machine range endow the “Cronometro” models with premium quality usually seen in bulky coffee machines of a professional kind. With its digital timer, PID temperature control, insulated boilers and 9-mm boiler end plates, “Cronometro” guarantees stability and excellent temperature control. Thanks to the rotary pump (which is what the “R” in the name of this model actually refers to), silent operation and reliable performance are also ensured. You can choose between using the internal tank to draw water from or plumbing your coffee machine in. 

The “Cronometro R” model comes in two different styles: “Giotto” (the famous angular Rocket body with a removable cup warmer) and “Mozzafiato” (an even body with a built-in cup warmer). 

Rocket Espresso “CRONOMETRO V”

Just like “Cronometro R”, the “Cronometro V” model lets you choose between the “Giotto” and “Mozzafiato” versions. The main difference between this model and the one above lies in their pumps: while the former is equipped with a rotary pump, “Cronometro V” has a vibration pump (thus the “V” in its name). Both models boast heat exchanger PID temperature control and a digital timer that enables you to ensure the optimal extraction time. 

A convenient display lets users choose different brewing temperatures for different coffee varieties or roast profiles. The “Cronometro V” machines serve as the perfect introduction to the Rocket Espresso movement for tastier home-brewed espresso with no compromises involved. 

Rocket Espresso “APPARTAMENTO”

Extremely stylish and compact, Rocket Espresso “Appartamento” is designed specially for small spaces and, as such, is one of the most popular domestic models in the manufacturer’s assortment. Rocket engineers managed to optimise the chassis and the layout of the machine’s internal elements without sacrificing the quality and features you’ve probably grown to expect from Rocket Espresso. The model comes in several different colour combinations, so it’ll suit a variety of tastes.

Rocket Espresso “PORTA VIA”

“Porta Via” is the first espresso machine in the world to be actually portable. Placed conveniently in a suitcase, this coffee machine comes ready to hit the road. Moreover, you won’t even have to take the machine out in order to start using it! The suitcase can be opened with ease, the machine is simple to use and the set includes anything you could need to begin brewing delicious coffee. 

Yes, you got that right: travelling has just become even more exciting, while that hotel you’ve booked went instantly from 3 to 5 stars! 

Rocket Espresso brings the highest of qualities straight to your home. If you’re a true home barista or if you can’t stop dreaming about becoming one, these coffee machines are definitely right for you. Coffee Friend’s assortment includes all the domestic coffee machine models produced by Rocket Espresso