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About Sage coffee machines

The four key coffee preparation factors

You can find various semi-automatic Sage coffee machines in our coffee machines assortment. As the company has been involved in the coffee-brewing business for years, this allowed for strong traditions and a unique attitude to form guided by the latter, Sage keeps manufacturing coffee machines today.  The company believes that in order to prepare the perfect cup of coffee, four key factors must be assessed and carefully managed. 

The first of these is the grind and amount of coffee. Most semi-automatic Sage models are equipped with an integrated grinder, which ensures that the first step of coffee preparation is performed smoothly and effortlessly — even if you’re using a coffee machine for the very first time. With the help of the grinder, you can easily select the desired grind level and the size of the ground coffee portion. 

The second factor is water temperature. When preparing the perfect coffee, water temperature of 9296 °C works best. If you want your coffee to be slightly more acidic, choose a temperature that is closer to 92 °C, but if you prefer subtly bitter coffee, go for the higher end of this range. Keeping this in mind will help you use your Sage machine to tip the flavour scales of your coffee beans to one side or the other. 

The third factor is all about the right water pressure. To brew proper espresso, water pressure should be maintained at around 9 bar. Sage allows you to monitor this criterion with the help of a special gauge.  

Last but not least, there’s the factor of proper milk foam. Every Sage machine is equipped with a steam wand that allows you to froth silky-smooth foam for a cup of latte or cappuccino. Because you’ll be doing this manually, you’ll be responsible for the slightest nuances of this process — which will, in turn, enable you to adjust the drink to your individual taste, without any limits placed on you by the manufacturer’s chosen settings. 

The company’s uncompromising attitude towards these criteria ensures that you won’t get lost in the coffee brewing process and will be able to closely monitor every element that has an impact on the final taste of your drink. With a coffee machine produced by Sage standing in your kitchen, you’ll feel like a true third-wave barista! 

The third coffee wave

The third coffee wave started in 2002, in Oslo. This term describes a movement proclaiming that coffee preparation isn’t just  another function performed by a person standing behind the bar — instead, it’s an art form. This movement ultimately turned into the era that we’ve been living in for the past 20 years or so. Thanks to this wave, when we go to a café, we’re welcomed by baristas who do their job responsibly and with great finesse. Not only do they know which beans are best suited for your chosen drink, but they also select the beans carefully and purchase those that are guaranteed to result in coffee of the highest quality. It was this movement that gave rise to the development of micro-roasteries, the concept of coffee tasting notes and the highest level of respect paid to a skillful barista. Seeking to get the sector of home-brewed coffee up to speed as well, Sage started constructing their machines in a way that now allows you to not only feel like a true home barista, but to have all the necessary tools to actually be one. Using a Sage coffee machine, you can unlock and unveil the flavour of any coffee beans. It’ll enable you to easily adjust settings and discover the recipe that is perfect for your favourite coffee. 

The most popular Sage models

Sage “The Bambino” 

The Bambino model is the smallest semi-automatic coffee machine produced by this manufacturer. Despite its modest size, the 54-mm portafilter holds 19 grams of coffee — just the right amount for rich, strong espresso. To ensure even thicker consistency, the machine dampens ground coffee before preparation, hence helping its best qualities to be unveiled fully once the water starts running (otherwise, only the flavour of the middle layer would be extracted). This compact machine will also allow you to froth milk, which means that you’ll be able to prepare every classic coffee drink out there. 

Sage “The Duo-Temp”

The biggest advantage of this Sage The Duo-Temp model lies in its two stainless-steel boilers: one for coffee and one for steam. They’ll enable you to prepare several portions of coffee in a row and froth milk for them without having to refill the machine or losing the required temperature. Thanks to the advanced system of this machine, not only does it maintain the needed temperature with extreme precision, but it also helps water reach the right heat in mere seconds. 

Sage “The Barista Express” 

Sage The Barista Express model is equipped with an integrated conical grinder that will let you grind your beans freshly prior to each preparation of a drink. The finer the grind, the more intense and bitter the flavour of your coffee will be, but the coarser the grind, the more watery and acidic the resulting drink will become. This is not to say that one of these grind levels is the right one — the best coffee is perfectly balanced, and this grinder will help you discover that balance with ease. Moreover, the machine automatically tamps coffee in the portafilter, hence forming a ground coffee tablet. Once espresso is brewed, you can immediately froth some milk and prepare a delicious latte. In addition to saving a great deal of time, you’ll be in control of every aspect of the prepared drink.

Sage “The Barista Pro”

If you’re not a professional barista yet, the Barista Pro model may help you become one! Not only will you be able to change the majority of the settings, but the machine will also let you monitor the coffee brewing process on a large LCD screen. As soon as espresso is brewed, you can start frothing milk — thanks to the modern “ThermoJet” technology, steam reaches the required temperature in as little as 3 seconds. If that’s not enough, the sensors in the water boiler will enable you to track water temperature and ensure that the drink is being prepared using a stable temperature that is in keeping with your needs and wants. The steam wand of this appliance is particularly powerful, so milk foam can be frothed with extreme precision and incredible speed. The functions of this machine prove that it’s not called Barista for nothing — and using such an appliance will make you feel like a full-fledged barista as well.