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Sage coffee machines

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Sage – italian quality coffee machines for home use, but they have a golden standard. According to the Saxon Wright Barista Certification, this golden standard is given to coffee machines that fulfill the following functions: Low Pressure Priming, Optimum Pressure and Steady-state Extraction Temperature ± 1 ° C. Such qualities are characterized by commercial-type professional coffee machines. The Sage coffee machine line is extremely precise. Manufacturers believe that the coffee is the most important perfect tasting. As a result, the machines have an optimal temperature support system that prevents the taste of the coffee from becoming too bitter or acidic. Sage coffee machines have a 15 bar high pressure precision dosing pump, which allows you to make a real Italian espresso coffee. In the assortment of these manufacturers, you will find semi-automatic models that will help you turn coffee beans into a perfect espresso coffee. Simple, aesthetic and stainless steel designs will fit to any kitchen design. Find out your coffee routines with Sage coffee machines.