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About Siemens Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines are famous for their functionality, innovation and convenience. You can be sure that these German appliances will serve you with drinks of the highest quality brewed at the touch of a button.

Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine series

In our range of Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines, you’ll find solid, elegant models, which differ from each other in some aspects.

Siemens EQ500 bean-to-cup coffee machine

In our store, you’ll find two models from the Siemens EQ500 series. The first one, the classic Siemens EQ500 TP503R09, will allow you to choose between 4 specialities suited best for fans of classic espresso or cappuccino. It’s a quiet coffee machine that doesn’t make too much noise when preparing coffee. Another model from the same series—the built-in Siemens EQ500 TQ505R09—boasts all of the features discussed above, yet offers 3 more coffee specialities: americano, espresso macchiato and the fashionable flat white.

Siemens EQ6 Plus coffee machine

The Siemens EQ6 Plus coffee machines stand out thanks to their wide selection of drinks and offer numerous coffee specialities, including the trendy latte macchiato and flat white. The Siemens EQ6 Plus s300 coffee machine is very easy to use and can prepare 8 different recipes. It also allows you to create 2 user profiles and experiment with recipes on your own. Siemens EQ6 Plus s700 is more advanced than its predecessors. There are 4 user profiles and 9 popular coffee beverages for you to choose from. You can prepare two servings of latte macchiato or cappuccino at the same time and control the machine remotely.

Siemens EQ700 bean-to-cup coffee machine

The Siemens EQ700 series is a true revolution in the world of coffee! Using these Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines, you can brew up to 30 coffee specialities, including caffé crema, koffie verkeerd and caffé XL. Plus, there’s an option of saving up to 20 individual coffee recipes and adapting your drink to your taste by choosing a mild, balanced or distinctive aroma.

Siemens EQ9 Plus coffee machine

The Siemens EQ9 Plus series is unique in its luxury design. The machines from this series boast two high-quality ceramic grinders and separate grinding units for the purest flavour and aroma. Moreover, this Siemens dual-hopper bean-to-cup coffee machine allows you to use two bean containers for two different bean varieties at the same time. With Siemens EQ9, you can create up to 10 user profiles and, thanks to Barista Mode, adjust the strength, size, temperature, coffee-to-milk ratio and even brewing speed of your coffee. All in all, it’s plain to see that these coffee machines with a milk frother are bound to be a real treasure for any coffee connoisseur.

Siemens EQ900 coffee machine

The Siemens EQ900 coffee machine is nothing short of your personal barista! Amongst other things, Siemens EQ900 TQ903R09 offers its users a touch display, full control over the brewing and grinding parameters of each beverage, 29 specialities to choose from, sound insulation, a self-cleaning milk system… Is there anything else a sworn fan of coffee could require?

Features of Siemens automatic coffee machines

All Siemens coffee machines are made with extreme precision and feature intuitive operation, compact design and various functionalities:

Discover the best aroma and flavour

Inside Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines, there’s a unique system—iAroma—that combines different elements to ultimately create the ideal flavour. A Siemens coffee machine with a grinder grinds the beans gently and uniformly. The SensoFlow heating system ensures the optimal, flawlessly consistent brewing temperature. The 15-bar brewing pressure results in an aromatic, delightfully dense drink.

High-quality, silent ceramic grinder

A Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine with a grinder handles the grinding of the beans with close to no noise at all. Unlike steel grinders, ceramic ones are more durable and stay sharp for longer. The quiet coffee machine, in combination with the AromaDouble Shot function, prepares your drink using a double brewing and grinding process. This process allows you to achieve the perfect taste without any bitterness.

If beans ground freshly for each cup is what you’re looking for when choosing a coffee machine, you can find more models of this type in our category of Coffee Machines with a Grinder.

Various drinks

Every Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine can prepare the most popular coffee drinks, including classic espresso or cappuccino, while more advanced series also offer latte macchiato or cortado. Moreover, Siemens has coffee machines for 2 cups. This is particularly convenient when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend.

User-friendly operation

Amongst other bean-to-cup coffee machines, Siemens appliances stand out thanks to their intuitive use created by clear touch icons and colour screens. Some models even allow you to operate them via a smart app straight from your mobile phone.

Easy to clean

Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines have integrated automatic maintenance programs. The brewing unit is easy to remove and can be rinsed under running water. Furthermore, the automatic rinsing program called autoMilk Clean rinses the milk system thoroughly after each preparation of a milk-based drink.

Need any help?

Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machines are valued highly due to their premium quality and flawless performance. This has made them a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts. However, if you’re struggling to choose the exact model for you, don’t forget that here at Coffee Friend, we’re always ready to help and provide you with professional advice. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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