Specialty tea Arti Unici Artisan Da Hong Pao, 20 g



This Da Hong Pao dark oolong tea originates from the legendary Wu Yi mountain forest reserve in Fujian province, China. Luxiourious, rich and deep tea for the tea lovers who appreciate sophisticated flavours. In the scent you can sense the notes of roasted nuts and caramel; and sweet fruitiness in the flavour. The aftertaste is especially longlasting and pleasant.
The cliffs of Wu Yi mountains are well known for producing delicious specialty teas that are appreciated widely around the world. In the Wu Yi forest reserve, in order to protect the land it is even forbidden to use any materials that are unnatural, because the soil is rich with minerals, vitamines and microelements. Almost everything that grows on these mountains is recognised for benefitial properties and used in Chinese medicine. The oolong from this region is the most cherished by the true tea lovers. Hand picked, hand processed and roasted four times they can be matured for decades; with every year gaining richness and depth in flavour. This tea can be brewed even 6 times, each time allowing to achieve unique flavour notes that hide in the leaves of this tea. This tea is made following the oldest Chinese tea making traditions, supervised by the Arti Unici tea master Xiang Jinmao.
The package contains: 4 tea bags of 5 grams (when brewing 6 times you will prepare 24 cups of tea, 200 ml each)
Tea making ritual: 
– Use only filtered or spring water
– Pre-warm the dish you will use for brewing (simply pour hot water before you start and pour it out after a few moments).
– Take 5 grams of tea leaves from a package and gently put them in the brewing pot. Pour some water over leaves of 100 °C and pour it out in a few moments. 
– Add 200 ml of water (95 – 100 °C) and let it rest for 30 seconds. You can serve prepared tea into cups (make sure the leaves are as dry as possible, all the water going to your serving cup). 
– You can use same leaves to brew 6 more times, just extend the brewing time just a little bit each time. You will notice same rich flavour, but new taste notes appearing after each brew.

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