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This exceptional specialty coffee from Brazil is bound to be appreciated by the lovers of traditional coffee tasting notes. The balanced flavour of this coffee combines sweet hints of milk chocolate and caramel with refreshing, subtle aroma of ripe fruit. 

“First, José bought a hat, then came the knee-high boots, then a truck, and finally, in 2004, he was able to realise his life-long dream of buying his first coffee plantation. All he ever wanted was to introduce the world to exceptional coffee originating from his native municipality of Campos Altos (located in the Brazilian region of Minas Gerais).” 

José Maria de Oliveira spent his childhood playing in a small coffee plantation owned by his grandfather. José can remember clearly how, as a young boy, he used to pick coffee cherries and run around the coffee trees. However, tough times lay ahead, so his family was eventually forced to sell the farm and move to a different region. When he grew up, José left his home for a big city and pursued a pharmaceutical career, but he was never able to stop dreaming about Campos Altos and the exceptional coffee that grows there. Finally, José made a decision: one day, he was going to purchase some land in the region of Campos Altos and become a coffee farmer. Soon enough, he went back to his native land and set about continuing the coffee-growing tradition that was so sadly broken off in his childhood. 

In 2014, José built his very own dry mill and decided to focus his attention on the quality and maximum traceability of his coffee. In 2015, he established two coffee companies: one, called Cafe Campos Altos-Coffee Export, was based in Brazil, while Our Coffees was located in Northern California. The clients were amazed: a coffee farmer who controls the export of his coffee is an extremely rare sight to behold. 

During frequent trips to California, José developed close relationships with the best experts of the coffee industry and learned about the many innovations of the coffee realm, which he quickly applied in his own farms. José started focusing his attention on the highest quality specialty coffees and the quality of his products soon reached new heights. It is one of his unique farms — the Fazenda Santa Luzia — that this extraordinary Brazilian coffee originates from. 

Due to its exceptional quality and taste, this coffee is marked as Specialty. The SCA has scored it 84 points out of 100.


REGION: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais

FARM: Fazenda Santa Luzia 

ALTITUDE: 1200 m 

VARIETY: Red Catuai

PROCESS: Natural


TASTING NOTES: Milk chocolate, Caramel, Ripe Fruit

Ingredients: roasted coffee beans. 

Storage conditions: keep sealed in a dark, dry and cool place.

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Specialty coffee


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Specialty coffee

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