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Electric kettle Alessi Plisse Red, 1.7 l

– Made of thermoplastic resin. To open the kettle, use the knob on the lid. Under the kettle’s handle, there’s a lever switch for turning the kettle on and off. 

– The power supply base is hidden: at the bottom of the kettle, there’s a small opening used to pull the cable out.

– A light on the lever switch indicates when the kettle is active. Once the boiling point is reached, the kettle switches off automatically and the switch returns to its original position. To switch off the kettle before water starts boiling, simply lift it from the power supply base.

– A filter hidden inside the spout prevents limescale particles from finding their way into your drink. The filter can be removed, rinsed under running water and placed back in the spout.

– A MAX symbol on the inside of the kettle indicates the maximum level of water that the kettle is capable of holding.

– A safety device cuts off the power supply if there’s too little or no water in the kettle, allowing you to avoid possible damage.

– The handle allows for a firm, comfortable grip, while the shape of the spout facilitates pouring.

– The base of the kettle is thermally insulated, which means that once water has reached the boiling point, the kettle can be placed safely on any surface.

– To clean the inside of the kettle, we recommend using a mixture of water and vinegar. For the exterior and the power supply base, use a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Toaster Alessi Plisse Red

– The outer shell is made of thermoplastic resin, while the internal parts are made of stainless steel.

– One of the six browning levels can be easily selected using a dedicated button.

– The reheat function allows bread to return to the required temperature within as little as 30 seconds.

– The defrost function allows bread to be thawed before toasting begins.

– The bagel function allows just one side of the bread to be toasted.

– The stop function automatically ejects the bread.

– After use, the built-in cable can be wound up and hidden in the base of the toaster.

– The base is non-slip, ensuring safe use.

– The crumb tray is easy to pull out and slide back in.

– Power: 850 W

Blender Alessi Plisse Red

– The base is made of thermoplastic resin, while the mixer jug, handle and cover are made from PCTG. PCTG is a particularly high-quality thermoplastic: it’s shiny and lightweight, yet extremely resilient at the same time. It features superlative thermal properties, is BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

– The mixer jug boasts a square shape and a comfortable handle, which ensures simple and safe handling. The maximum capacity of the jug is 1.5 litres. It’s designed in a way that helps liquids be poured out with extreme precision and without any spillage. There’s also a silicon seal and a convenient measuring cap.

– After use, the built-in cable can be wound up and hidden in the base of the blender.

– Blade rotation can be set at five different speeds.

– A special pulse button can be used to boost the blending speed even further.

– The blender is equipped with two safety sensors that block the mechanism if the mixer jug isn’t positioned correctly or the cover doesn’t fit tightly enough. This ensures that the blender is only ever used under conditions of maximum safety.

– The base is non-slip, ensuring stability during use.

– The blender is particularly easy to clean. To help you ensure hygiene, the mixer jug and blades can be separated. When cleaning the blender, we recommend using a wet sponge and a non-abrasive detergent.

– Power: 700 W


About “Alessi” 

“Truly masterful design must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against the common way of thinking.” – Alberto Alessi

Ever since its establishment in 1921, Alessi has been evolving gradually. It’s now the leading figure in the field of Italian design, known and appreciated for its skilful mediation between intriguing expressions of creativity and the needs of the public. Alessi seeks to translate bold creative impulses into real-life objects capable of fulfilling dreams and satisfying desires.

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